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RUMOR: 5.4-Inch LG G6 Mini Already in Development

We’ve written extensively about the LG G6 before, but soon enough, we might be talking about an LG G6 Mini! According to rumors, the company might be considering a smaller version of the device.

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The LG G6 Expanded Features

TechnoBuffalo claims that they saw an internal document depicting a 5.4-inch device with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Sound familiar somehow? Well, that’s because the G6 has the same 18:9 aspect ratio. Unfortunately, the document did not go into further details like specs. Furthermore, the internal document apparently dates back to 2016. This may mean that LG had prior plans to make this alongside the G6 as a budget variant, but gave it up.

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According to TechnoBuffalo, however, the LG G6 Mini may still happen. For now, all we can do is wait.

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