RUMOR: Samsung to Build a Detachable Chromebook
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RUMOR: Samsung to Build a Detachable Chromebook

Samsung is Building a Detachable Chromebook

Apart from smartphones themselves, personal computers have gone more portable over the years. Both mobile and larger-screened devices like tablets and laptops certainly offer different experiences. While less portable and more pricey, the latter definitely runs with more power. Detachables, thus, provides good compromise for professionals on the go. With the slow rise of the $1,000 Microsoft Surface Book 2, then, it’s only natural for competition to arise. Chrome Unboxed reports Samsung began developing its own detachable Chromebook in September.

Codenamed Nautilus, the device will allegedly run on a Kaby Lake Processor. In addition, Jongpil Jung, a Samsung-exclusive industry professional, will be working on the project, reports add.

Portability and Power

To wit, a detachable features a functional, touch-screen tablet and a connected keyboard, giving it the portability of the former, and the power of a notebook computer.

In general, Chromebooks, powered with Google’s own Chrome OS, have been less expensive (at $200-$500), than Windows or Mac laptops. Further news on Samsung’s new detachable Chromebook and its launch date, or whether or not will follow suit, remains to be seen. Some speculate it will be alongside the new flagship, though.

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