RUMOR: The Samsung Galaxy S9's 1000-FPS Camera Sensor
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RUMOR: The Samsung Galaxy S9’s 1000-FPS Camera Sensor

Samsung looks to challenge the cameras of IFA’s most exciting devices with the rumored Samsung Galaxy S9. How so? By introducing a camera sensor capable of capturing up to 1000 FPS.

According to reports, this seems to be the case for the upcoming S9. Should this prove true, Samsung will overtake Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium which confirmed a max capture of 960 FPS. For specifics, the rumors point to the use of two layers. Then the device flips the package to add to the DRAM module.

No confirmation exists yet for the Galaxy S9’s ‘new sensor’, but more rumors point to a November mass production stage. Not only that, but these same rumors hint at this flagship launching in 2018. If you’re looking for the direct source, check out this website. Meanwhile, feel free to wait for official word from Samsung.

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