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RUMOR: Samsung offering discounts for Note 7 Users on Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 controversy looks to end soon, but not without one final nail in the coffin. While there are a lot of lucky users still holding onto their Note 7’s, there are also others that may be wary of the Samsung brand. Right now, Samsung seems to be persuading Note 7 owners to leave this device behind, while offering something new to everyone else.  With the rumors circulating, this may just materialize into a concrete plan.

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Basically, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be a pivotal product for Samsung. It may be what the brand needs to recover from the Note 7. To start the launch of this device with a bang, rumors say Samsung is offering a huge discount for those who are still holding onto the Note 7. Specifically, in South Korea, customers may be able to trade in their S7 or S7 Edge for the new S8 and get 50 percent off.  It’s a massive discount, all things considered. However, this has not been confirmed.

Samsung might be eager to erase the 7 from everyone’s memory. After all, the 7 brand has unfortunately been mired in bad news. If these rumors prove to be true, and the discount spreads across the global market, Samsung could move on. More importantly, Samsung fans will be able to move on as well.


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