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Running out of IP addresses by 2012?

According to consulting company Frost & Sullivan, the Web will be out of IPv4 addresses by the year 2012. The company streesed that the growing number of portable devices and smart phones connected to the internet, there will not be enough room left in the next 6 years.

At the moment, IPv4 has a capacity of 4.3 billion IP addresses, with almost a third of it is now already used up. The company suggests moving up to IPv6 soon:

Compared with IPv4’s 32bits, IPv6’s address reads 128 bits long. Imagine the number looking something like this ““ 360,382,386,120,984,643,363,377,707,131,268,210,929. Although few have made the move, challenging companies migrating to IPv6 are migrating application, network management and performance, and educating staff to make the transition.

And how much will this migration costs — $25.4 billion between 1997 and 2025 ($1.4 billion of the burden remains on infrastructure vendors, $23.3 billion for users, $593 million for application suppliers, $136 million for Internet service providers).

I’m not completely convinced about moving to IPv6 but I don’t know if the study took into consideration that most networks right now uses routers and with NAT and DHCP, a single public IP can serve up to hundreds of terminals or computers.

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  • so thats why they are called addresses..

    we have to move eventually coz we’re running out of lots and numbers

  • ip address dsnt take much into account actually when it comes to web.. they can make it as long as they want to but as long as there is a domain to cloak it, it wouldnt be a problem, i think..

  • reactor

    During the boom of the Internet, they have already seen the depletion of the IPv4 address space. During those times, they’re using classful allocations to ISP, this is a very wasteful practice. As a temporary solution to the problem, they introduced CIDR or Classless Inter-Domain Routing. They also devised Network Address Translation to further retard the depletion of the space. Right now, a lot of our IPv4 is still reserved by IANA and will probably be put to use in the near future. NAT is good but it doesn’t provide end to end connectivity per se and gives problems to applications such as VoIP.

    There’s no need to worry for now, but eventually, migration will start slowly. Here in the Philippines, DOST-ASTI, Mozcom, PLDT, Globe and BayanTel already has IPv6 allocations from the APNIC registry. It will still take time before most of these providers will offer commercial quality IPv6 to it’s subscribers.


  • alfmor

    The problem with IPv6 is that it was designed to replace and not to complement the existing IPv4. I am not out of my mind to replace my existing network.

  • there is still time to find ways in solving this problem

  • reactor

    It will complement IPv4, you can run them hand in hand with each other. You can do dual-stack or native.

    Just got to have the guts to start it out, it just needs proper planning and testing of all equipments if it is IPv6 ready.

    You also need not memorize the IPv6 address space, unless you want to lose more hair.

  • # bloggementarist » May 12th, 2006 04:52

    ip address dsnt take much into account actually when it comes to web.. they can make it as long as they want to but as long as there is a domain to cloak it, it wouldnt be a problem, i think..

    now now now…. hahahahaha! You’ve insulted me on the other post just because of my simple comparison between 1st yr nurse students. Now you.. YES YOU! You can’t even understand how important an IP address is. Just imagine a 128bit IP address… oh wait… you don’t know that. >_

  • @bloggementarist:
    may i suggest changing your alias into MISTERKNOWSALL, keep up the good work of making us laugh! thanks! ^_^

  • bloggementarist, I thought you know CISCO? What the hell are you talking about? Does wacking yourself produce that uberly high IQ of yours?

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