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Russian software solutions vendor Noda expands to the Philippines

You know our country’s economy is booming when companies from  not-your-usual countries want to set up shop here. Such is the case of leading Russian software solutions developer Noda who recently announced their expansion to the Philippines.

The company’s interest in the Philippines was immediately announced after the conclusion of the APEC 2012 summit in Vladivostok, Russia. This expansion follows the company’s achievements in the BPO industries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Noda is ranked third when it comes to software solutions used in Central Asia and Eastern Europe (after Cisco and Avaya), and has recently registered positive business growth compared to its rivals. For 2012, Noda has an 8% share in the Russian market for implemented workplaces, and 13% for solutions in outsourced contact centers. Noda has recently registered a 40% growth in the Russian BPO sector, bigger than the registered growth of the entire sector in 2011.


Noda’s CEO, Andrey Zaitsev

Our unique approach for contact centers can really benefit Philippine contact centers. Our solutions can cut operational and maintenance expenses and, at the same time, enable these centers to provide high-quality service,” Andrey Zaitsev, Noda’s CEO, said.

Noda sees the country as rapidly growing and exciting new market to explore and thrive in. According to the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), the country is now ranked second (and projected to be the first by 2016) in voice services, and has come in second for non-voice and complex services, trailing behind India.

The past year saw the Philippine BPO industry rake in US$11 billion in earnings, employ 683,000 individuals, and oversee more than 700 BPO centers and global in-house contact centers. Additionally, the BPI industry is poised to grow up to 20% more by 2016, with an overall value of USD$25 billion.

“All of these things made the Philippines the most attractive option for us,” Zaitsev explained. “We don’t just offer call management solutions to Philippine contact centers; we also provide solutions to help manage the contact centers themselves.”

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  • This is one more proof that the Philipines is the country of choice for many companies looking to expand operations. Hats off to Noda. The Philippines is an excellent choice. And to the folks over in the Southeast Asian country, let’s open our doors to welcome them and make their stay a great one, one which they regret.