Safari 3 for Windows slower than Firefox & IE7?

The recent Apple WWDC 2007 had Steve Jobs introducing the 3rd version of Apple’s Safari browser to be available on Windows PC. The Public Beta release can be downloaded here. A quick demo and benchmarking on stage showed Safari to be far more superior than any other major browsers out there, including Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7. His charts shows as much:


Wired news did their own benchmarking and found out something different. Their results showed that Safari for Windows is still slower than Firefox and IE7.

browser speed chart

I did my own crude testing by timing a fully loaded Netvibes account:

IE7 – 19.28 secs
Safari – 13.7 secs
Flock – 15.72 secs
Firefox 2 – 15.45 secs
Opera 9 – 12.93 secs

Testing was done 5 times for each browser, eliminating the highest and lowest recorded load times and taking the average of the remaining figures. Opera 9 emerged the fastest of them all, followed by Safari 3 with IE7 being the slowest.

I also tested Javascript Speed Test using this tool and got the ff. averages:

IE7 – 2,047 ms
Safari – 344 ms
Flock – 2,281 ms
Firefox 2 – 1,063 ms
Opera 9 – 1,625 ms

This time, Safari led the pack way ahead at less than half a second total load time while Flock is at last place with 2.2secs. From the looks of it, Safari seems to be a good contender for the top spot. And the 3rd version is still just a Public Beta.

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  • By default it is, with my own experience, that’s why it uses so much RAM to cache the pages for faster loading. However if you tweak Firefox that’s a whole different story.

  • Apple may have released a beta version too quickly, but they have also been very, very fast in fixing known issues. Within 24 hours on most!

  • I’m not surprise that safari beats firefox. I’ve tested it and it does load web pages much faster but loading the application was slow like itunes and quicktime.

  • just downloaded opera 9, and it beats the hell out of my tweaked firefox. i also have safari for checkin’ other websites. based from my experience, i’d rank opera as the fastest, with firefox and safari behind.

  • tried this one also

    crashed after a while

    abandoned it

    beta still

    wait for the main release