Saitek iFreedom A-250 Wireless Speakers

Most people buy speakers for the power and features; others buy them for the looks. The Saitek iFreedom 2.1 is one wireless speaker that belongs to the latter category. These speakers were not only built for people with mobility in mind, they also make them look good.

Saitek Speakers

Ok, first off, the thing looks like an alien’s head — two huge black eyes sandwiching a small head and a blunt nose. Or an alien aircraft perhaps? How about a praying mantis? Anyway, the smooth and shiny body gives it a really nice finish.The only metallic parts are the two beehive-wires covering the side speakers. The subwoofer, on the other hand, is hidden at the bottom facing down so it can deliver the bass effectively (though not that strong).

Saitek Wireless Speakers

There are two ways to get music booming off this — one is via the wireless dongle which you can plug into your PC or laptop’s USB port or using the 3.5mm audio cable at the back end. The wireless transmitter hooks up plug-and-play and connects to the speakers without problem.

Saitek Wireless Transmitter

The 3 watts (rms) per tweeter and subwoofer churns out good quality music but the bass isn’t that powerful that you’d rarely feel the umph. Basic controls flank the right top side of the speaker for next, previous, volume, power and switching between wireless and wired audio stream. Was able to control iTunes and WMP using the forward and previous buttons but not WinAmp.

Wireless Controls

The speakers can last up to 24 hours of playback using four (4) AA batteries and the wireless connection can reach up to 10 meters although it will degrade once you have barriers in between.

Why not experience high quality outdoor sound from a subwoofer speaker system.

The system is supposed to be A2DP supported by I still can’t pair it with my Nokia 6120 or BlackJack (Samsung SGH i600). At Php7,950, these speakers at a wee bit on the expensive side.

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  • Expensive. But it looks sexy!

  • I have a set of these speakers and they sound great. For the price you can’t complain about the clarity of the sound.

  • joe speer

    my saitek a-250 has stopped working when i got my new laptop xp……..any help u can give would be great