Salary Averages Comparison

From the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics found in the 2005 Philippine Statistical Yearbook, I found some interesting facts regarding the payscales found in the IT sector for 2004.

For companies in the Computer and Related Activities Industry, the highest paid job average belongs to the Computer Engineers. The overall performance is quite good however, as majority of the salary averages are in the 20k mark.

Comparing the programmer’s salary average with a sampling of other job functions in other industries, their pay is quite in the upper echelon of the scale. Considering that they earn more than a University Professor, a Medical Doctor (Employed in a Private Health Facility), a Dentist as well as an airline stewardess. These are of course salary averages, so the deviation might actually be big for the jobs which are historically known to have huge salaries.
Now compare that average programmer salary with a davao programmer from a reputable company who’s starting pay is 9k. Time to outsource to the province where the cost of living is low?

For those whose job profession is as an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer/Technician. The postal and telecoms sector has the highest pay averages for engineers and technicians.

For Customer Service Representatives, the Banking Sector has the highest pay averages. However, with the poaching going on right now for CSR talents I have to assume that this data has to be offset already. I know of one friend who has been promoted to a Team Lead within the span of just 6 months. Then again, she did transfer companies *snicker*.

When comparing unskilled labor employed in each industry, the IT sector pays quite well for unskilled labor. The definition of Unskilled labor excludes Janitors, Messengers and Freight Handlers. It also gives quite an insight as to which industry is making money as they can afford to give higher pay to job functions which don’t directly contribute to their profit.
Based from my experience, the best way to increase your salary is to jump to another company… hehehe

Source : 2005 Philippine Statistical Yearbook

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  • good post Marc. Nice one.

  • Thanks Gabriel! 😀

  • silkshadow

    The numbers are in pesos?

  • yes it’s in pesos

    In 2004 $1=Php 56.040 😀

  • roy

    Are these entry-level payscales?

  • @roy

    I didn’t recall seeing any mention of what specific part of the salary structure they sampled from the source data. So i’d have to say that it would be safer to assume that the average was taken from all levels. (with and w/o experience)


  • very inspiring..

  • But do you really want a career in tech?

    BTW, I have some concerns on the stats above. The better measurement of compensation is always annual salary, mainly because some companies give 13-month pay while some give 14-months or even 15-months pay.

  • Hi Mon!,

    Thanks for the input. 😀

    The source data was averaged from the basic pay of regular workers + their guaranteed cash allowances (meal, transpo etc)… it might be difficult to include the different bonuses and overtime pay since they are based on the performance of the company as well as the individual… not to mention that they are also easily affected by the current state of the economy. In some of my previous work I experienced having our bonuses and overtime cut because the company fared too poorly in the world market during the year…come to think about it, even though my yearly pay went down, so did my tax!… hehehe

    In terms of the annual salary, I think they chose to use monthly because it’s the common nomenclature used when speaking of salary in the Philippines… I myself get perplexed when foreigners mention their salaries to me because they refer to it as an annual sum instead of the monthly that we are so accustomed to.



  • The real tragedy here is the low pay and qualify of life of doctors and nurses, sending them abroad.

  • everybody were trying their luck in abroad.

  • I’m staying in the Philippines. Just go abroad (like now, in Israel) for projects. 🙂

  • Errol

    Excuse me but is the income in Philipine pesos? Or Dollars, or Lire, or dinars, etc.

  • Hi Errol,
    This is Philippine pesos/month, which is the standard measure over here.

  • great!thanks for the info!does the Salary Averages Comparison changed now?



  • kristin

    how about the salary of a computer/network support technician?
    what would be their standard salary?

  • surreal

    it really depends on the industry one is into…in our industry (semiconductor industry), engineeers are paid way high than accountants…and…it really depends on the specific position. i am a licensed ECE and i work here in the philippines (28 years old) and i earn about 70k.

    • Yoan

      Hi, im a graduate of ECE, not licensed, but can you suggest me any jobs where i can apply to?

  • The article is true. I am also a graduate of computer course but until now, I haven’t found a job yet. Philippines salary is really not that high. That’s why, students and people living here in the Philippines always go overseas after their graduations for jobs abroad.They explore the world holding their degrees and looking forward to high salary/compensations.

  • alkre

    surreal What semiconductor you are

  • ADI

    Surreal, it seems your salary is high.. What is your current position? I’m also in semiconductor industry working as design evaluation engineer but my monthly is only 25K.

  • totoy kumag

    naniwala naman kayo dyan as kumag na yan hehehe

  • shinke

    Ahahhah. tama ka nga totoy kumag…well statements here partly gives an answer to my curiosity about the discussed topic.cheers!

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  • pissedoffprogrammer

    nice post…

    do you have any idea of the payscales of 2010 for the IT…

    or for a GIS programmer here in the philippines…

    coz im just receiving what the telco technicians have…


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  • Henry