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Samsung Blackjack SGH i600 Review

I recently purchased a Samsung SGH-i600, commonly called the Blackjack in other parts of the region. It’s one of the few smartphones out there that I think tops the bill for price and functionality. Let me share some of the highlights of this new phone.

samsung blackjack sgh i600

The Blackjack is a tri-band GSM smartphone that supports 1.8Mbps HSDPA, UMTS, 3G, EDGE and GPRS along with Bluetooth connectivity, USB 1.1 and 54Mbps wifi. An auto-focus 1.3MP camera at the back panel has 2x zoom capability and another lens in front allows for 3G video calls. A 2.3″ TFT screen with 65k QVGA colors is comparably large a screen like the regular iPod video. In fact, the SGH i600 is slimmer and thinner than the iPod though about a centimeter taller.

samsung blackjack sgh i600

It’s much lighter too with a rubbery texture so the only place your fingerprints would stick on is the screen. The 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM is a bit short but runs Windows Mobile 5.0 just fine. There’s an external microSD card can support up to 2GB of additional storage space for files and installed applications. There are reports that Samsung will be providing a free WM 6.0 upgrade real soon. The thumb wheel on the side allows for smooth scrolling of the menu and items. I especially love the Vista-like flipping windows interface.

samsung blackjack sgh i600

The QWERTY keyboard is a little too closely spaced but that’s the trade-off of having a much slimmer form factor. Despite that, you can still type with both hands or one hand comfortably. The pack comes with an extra battery which lasts 4 hrs and 45 mins but you can buy a higher capacity battery which fits snugly into the back panel in an elevated position (making it sort of thicker). There’s also a charger case so you can power up the other battery separately and just switch them up when the other is depleted. Problem is, the USB port is also the same port for charging, connecting to your earphones or the laptop or PC, which means you can’t use the earphones while charging the phone.

samsung blackjack sgh i600

Opera Mobile runs quite fast in it but there seems to be no GMail for mobile client available as of the moment. The Push Email however, will only work in conjunction with an MS Exchange server. It was also a surprise to find a built-in RSS reader and a Podcasting client.

At a retail price of Php24,500, the Samsung SGH i600 is a good alternative even compared to Nokia E61i or ASUS M530w. The Palm Treo 750, on the other hand, is just a tad too expensive.

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  • I think the Samsung Blackjack (i607) has one important difference vs. the i600: the Blackjack does NOT have built-in wifi. We’re actually getting a better model. 🙂

  • I think we might have gotten our i600s at the same time, Abe. I wrote a pretty exhaustive review as well:


    And yeah, the i600 does have built-in wi-fi.

  • It feels like Samsung will be successful in taking a chunk of the mobile market by offering cheaper than Nokia and ultra slim cell/smartphones! I see Samsung cellphone ads (the one that becomes an iPod when you flip it over) everywhere: billboards, commercial, movie ads, and along Edsa.

    I wonder why it’s called Backjack? Hmmm… maybe it has something to do with the Blackberry brand.

  • hi,

    im working in a call center and one of our client is samsung, thats why they called it blackjack its because they are targeting blackberry users.. http://www.subzero911.wordpress.com

  • mer

    I think you’ve got good deal in purchasing blackjack…did you buy it here in the philippines..Please tell me where you bought it … I really want to have one. thanks

  • jerome

    hi! can anybody please help me. how can i connect my apple ibook to the internet using my nokia n70 through smart’s 3g service? i have been able to do this with my windows xp pc and laptop, but the ibook cannot read the nokia driver that will install the applications for internet access. any ideas?

  • @ bon, yup the Europe version doesn’t have wifi.

    @ luis, pre, looks like you got yours a little cheaper than mine. To activate 3G, I just use the SIM on my older phone and activated it there, then plug it back to the Blakcjack. Boom, HSDPA speeds!

    @ Marcvill, yup, to directly compete with the Blackberry.

    @ mer, got it at one of the stores in Mall of Asia.

  • JM

    Hey, I’m really satisfied with this phone. I bought mine a little cheaper in the US for around 400$ plus shipping. Any suggestions for applications I can install?

  • Roger

    Hi, have got the samsung sgh i600 a few months and really like all options. There is only one problem, which I hope someone can help me with. I run into storage problems and I don’t know how to delete the files. I already deleted all text messages and pictures etc.. but it doesn’t seem to help. Does anybody know how to clear/delete these files. Thanks so much in advance.

  • SGH-I600 is NOT Samsung Blackjack, it’s Samsung ULTRAMESSAGING. I don’t understand why most people are unable to differentiate the two. Samsung Blackjack (SGH-I607) has a quadband GSM antenna and does not have a second camera for video calling and misses out on WiFi connectivity. Samsung Blackjack is also getting free a WM 6.0 upgrade sooner than Samsung Ultramessaging will 🙂

  • tonti

    hey dude! i want a blackjack too! :] where’d you get yours and how much?

  • Dino

    Anyone tried the wi-fi, any problems? Also has anyone tried roaming outside Philippines, Does it roam seamlessly as I heard a report it has some difficulty
    Any feed abck would be appreciated before I purchase one.

  • marie

    im from california…i just recently moved to the philippines the beginning of july this year…though i bought my blackjack before i moved…when i went to one of the stores in sm dasma i saw the blackjack that is available in the philippines…and i must say that i like version of the blackjack here because of the 2nd camera…that is why im going to ask my mom to buy the philippine version of the blackjack…and i will just give my old blackjack to one of my cousins

  • sandermd

    I’m planning to buy a PDA phone but still undecided what to buy.Have you encountered any major problems w/ the blackjack?how does it compare with the treo 680/750?what are the pros/cons?

  • sam

    Initially, I was amazed on the functionality ( all in ) and reasonable price, after a few days, found that the SPEAKERPHONE is crappy and cause faulty and chappy connections. The Samsung service center even updated the wm and also changed the mainboard, still the same, several service trials took about a month and finally they were convinced on the DEFECTS which I decided for a full original price refund.

  • c00lch1p

    Guys I’m planning to buy one so far based on what I’ve seen it’s much better than any other smartphone with Windows Mobile installed

  • Just talked to the guys from Samsung Philippines. They confirm that the i600 series (i607, i600, etc) are all called Blackjack.

  • How much i600 costs these days? And did you try to install WinMo 6?

  • Mark

    I have a blackjack… but amyoe knows here where i can get new lcd screen of it?

  • Mark

    I have a blackjack… but anyone knows here where i can get new lcd screen of it? i’m located here in the philippines…

  • Absolutely, i think there are many casinos offered online gaming. You must be very internet savvy in order to find one.

  • teryoki

    I have my samsung i600 upgraded at Samsung Greenhills to WM6. it has wifi and i installed some .cab files from windows and other themes from http://www.myblacjack.com (some applications are for i-607)
    it is cool. i can access facebook, twitter, messenger and others.

  • Jim baby

    I have purchased i600 at Greenhills but SMS locked. anybody help me to unlock it so I could send messages again