Samsung Champ C3303 Review

The Samsung Champ (C3303) is a fun, affordable touchscreen phone. I don’t know why Samsung named it Champ since it doesn’t really do any one thing that good aside from being cheap for a touchscreen phone.

If you’re interested with the Samsung Champ, you might want to read what we think about this little phone that could.


First thing you would notice with the Champ is that it looks like a toy phone. It’s a bit smaller than the Corby and is made of plastic. It’s a phone that you would expect a keypad to slide out from underneath. It has rounded corners and a curved backside.

samsung champ

The 2.4″ resistive touchscreen with a 240×320 QVGA resolution occupies the front along with three physical buttons for Call, Back and Cancel/Power On/Off. What’s interesting here is that there are two speakers, one above and another below the screen.

samsung champ samsung champ samsung champ

On the top side is your standard audio jack and microUSB port for charging or connecting to your PC. On the right is the Sleep/Wake/Unlock button typically found in Samsung phones. On the left is the volume control.

samsung champ

At the back of the Champ is your 1.3 megapixel fixed-focus camera. There’s also a stylus compartment beside it that you probably would forget about.

It only weighs 80g which you can easily forget that you’re carrying it. I did.


The 320×240 QVGA display is typical of your cheap colored phones these days. It has a resistive touchscreen which doesn’t feel quite right for those who are used to capacitive screens (like that of the iPhone).

samsung champ

The 2.4″ screen is very limiting especially when browsing through your list of contacts. I find it frustrating scrolling through my contacts and accidentally hitting a different tab so I had to scroll down again.

Homescreen Panels

samsung champ

What’s nice about this basic touchscreen phone are the panels on the home screen. You can use up to 7 panels which is adequate for the different type of widgets/shortcuts you want to put. Buddy list, Shortcuts and Clock are the most useful widgets for me.

Text Messaging

samsung champ

Composing messages may pose a challenge to those who are new to touchscreen phones and Samsung’s keypad. The “œSpace” button is located on the right side underneath the “œDelete”. People who are new to resistive touch screens may find it a bit unresponsive at first but here’s a tip, use your fingernails.

You can also view messages in threaded format which they call Conversations. It’s a bit of a surprise coming from a basic phone.

What I don’t like here is that there’s no smart search for Contacts. You have to key in the first letters of a name but I’m used to typing a fragment of a name and the phone will search for it.

FM Radio

samsung champ

I want to highlight the FM Radio capability of the Champ. Unlike other phones with FM Radio, the Champ doesn’t require you to plug in a headset just to use it. You can place it on the table while the radio is blaring from its two speakers. Kinda nice for radio lovers. Oh, you can also set a sleep timer on the radio so you can also use it to fall asleep.


Now I kind of understood why it’s called the Champ. It has a lot of features that you probably won’t find on a cheap, touch screen phone which I didn’t highlight anymore.

samsung champ

It can take shots with it’s 1.3 camera, it has some sort of social networking integration which you can access via EDGE. It can also act as a mini MP3 player that you can easily stash in your pocket. Oh yeah, the battery lasts a very long time. Mine lasted almost a week with your average texting and a few calls.

It’s truly a “œChamp” among small, affordable touchscreen phones.

Samsung Champ C3303 Specs:

  • Network: GSM, EDGE (850/900/1800/1900)
  • Display: 2.4″ 262K TFT LCD (240×320)
  • Camera: 1.3 Megapixel
  • Video: H.263+AMR, MPEG4 + AMR
  • Audio: MP3 Player, Wireless FM Radio
  • Value-added Features: TouchWiz Lite, Embedded Stylus Pen, SNS Link, Image Editor, Fake Call, SOS Message
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, USB v2.0
  • Memory: Internal memory: 25MB / External memory: MicroSD (up to 8GB)
  • Size: 96.3 x 53.8 x 12.97mm, 80g
  • Battery: 1000 mah, Talk time: up to 3 Hours, Standby time: up to 250 Hours
  • Colors: deep black, espresso brown, sweet pink and chic white
  • Price: Php 4,980
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  • jb

    would they release the non camera ver here?

    • we’ve got no word of it yet.

  • sylv3rblade

    I have this as a backup phone and I must say, I love the ability to record from the radio. I can listen to my favorite radio show anytime I want 🙂

  • chubz esparagoza

    awesome phone. great value for your money. very versatile as is and even more when customized like mine.

    a great entry-level phone for anyone, and may serve a longer lifespan than you think. 🙂

    • u said ur champ is cutomized .. how did u change ur theme ??

  • very useful… although I also wanted to know if this phone is capable of voice recording…

    Tribo’s Cup

  • Metroman

    Yes, it has voice recording.

    This phone i so great from its price you have more features, this is a good music phone because of its 2 speakers in the front, 1 touch lock, radio timer( good when your listening on the radio before you sleep, it will automatically turn off on your desired time). wireless FM radio and recording, CUSTOMIZABLE 7 page widgets on the front and Mp3 message tone like in Nokia phones. Whoa ireally enjoyed this features.

    For those who want to WATCH your MUSIC VIDEOS thru this phone, download the free software at, its “ANY VIDEO Converter” (APPLY Settings; Mobile Phone Mpeg 4 Movie, Video bitrate: 256, Audio 96 or 112) then convert. Send it thru bluetooth and you’re set enjoy quality videos on your Samsung Champ

  • joe

    this is the best damm phone

  • jericofania

    is this phone already equiped with a memory card? what is the capacity?

    • anne

      8 gb

  • i am planning to buy it on december… yeah.. it has a very nice features.. what about when im a heavy texter? is the screen destroy when im always texting? pls help…

    and this is my first touch screen phone soon.. ^^

  • APM

    can’t wait to test this phone.. my sister already bought me this phone just now.. im just waiting for her to test it out..
    ill post my feedback about this phone when i’ve used it

  • apple

    This phone rocks! Superb battery life. it will lasts for 4 to 5 days on normal usage and minimal settings. And the touchscreen response is very very good. A must have phone for those who are in a budget who wants a touchscreen phone, music player, and looking for a superb battery life.

  • obet

    Just acquired it. I couldn’t find from the menu the FM radio and other features. The manual mentions to go to the menu but i can’t expand it to see them. What do i need to do to access it? thx

    • Jay

      just drag from left to right or vice-versa from your Menu Panel.

      I just bought this one from a Premium Reseller at SM Cebu, but i couldn’t find any USB Connector to PC, is it just me or it has no connector at all to begin with?!?!

      • Joelrp

        Mine only comes with the charger and a headset, although the FM does not require the headset to be connected.

    • ariel

      just slide ur finger on the screen from left to right or vice versa..

  • if ur a heavy texter u may be not to choose samsung champ ! because its very little letters especially in qwerty keyboard . its frustating .

    i bought samsung champ as a camera , music player , etc . yeah alot of features have in this phone . i really really love it ! and i can install apps too . i`ve install Opera Mini 4.2 free Internet ! nice samsung champ ~!

    • abcidi

      i will buy my samsung champ nextweek,do you think, it will satisfy my needs, i am a very sophisticate person, but when i saw and reviewed the specifications of this product,i think its really good for me to buy this, specially it has a cheaper price.

      • i don’t know what your needs are but i don’t see sophistication on the champ. hehehe.

    • anonymous

      how did you install apps?

      i’ve read that there are some problems when installing apps.

  • can i use dis phone in surfing net??

  • deb

    Any idea if this phone can support or be installed with an ebook reader?

  • cass

    my dad give me this phone recently because he don’t really like touch screen,he much prefer the normal keypad
    after use this phone,my problem now is how to scroll down with the stylus…very stupid isn’t?
    I can’t scroll page down at all,it won’t budge a bit…at first,my problem is I can’t drag the page to right n left in the main menu but now,it’s ok
    now,I have trouble with scrolling down the page
    there have a bar on the right of the screen,I tap the stylus on that bar n hold down n drag but the page didn’t move down at all
    I already try so many times but it still the same
    what I did wrong? got other solution for this? someone pls help 🙁

  • pawee

    is champ has a theme? a phone theme? thanks!

  • shaqisnot

    where can i download themes for samsung champ? The phone is an okay phone. Although it’s too small, you may actually treat it as a touch screen mp3 player. that’s boo to you iPod shuffles (nano as well)! HEHE.

    • p00h

      have you already found where to download themes? can you share it with me? thanks in advance.

  • cristina

    I’m planning to buy samsung champ this weekend but i want first to know if i can install the books of the bible, the old and new testament so i can read the bible anytime and anywhere.

    • DontBuyOne

      I bought this phone sometime in February 2011 and surprisingly it broke down. No power all of a sudden. It was sure is fun when it was still operating.

      When it was brought to an autorized Samsung service center, I was told that there was something wrong with its built in memory and some parts has to be replaced.It stayed there for a while only to find out weeks later that it can no longer be restored to its good condition.It was so disappointing.

      So good luck with your new champ.

      • hindi nila ni-replace? wala na bang warranty when buying a phone these days?

    • DontBuyOne

      I bought this phone sometime in February 2011 and surprisingly it broke down. No power all of a sudden. It was sure is fun when it was still operating.

      When it was brought to an authorized Samsung service center, I was told that something went wrong with its built-in memory and some parts need replacement.It stayed there for a while only to find out weeks later that it can no longer be restored to its good condition.It was so disappointing.

      So good luck with your new champ.Hope it won’t end up like mine.

  • rayos m

    wazup!!! why my champ cant download games??

  • clang

    where can i download themes for samsung champ.??please send me one..;D

  • Jammarr

    How can I access yahoo mail through my samsung champ? When I connect to the yahoo,it says my mobile internet does not support my device and if I logged in it always says Secure connection failed and needs SSL. How can I have SSL in order to access yahoo mail? Please give me some tips to fix it. Thanks!

  • p00h

    can someone teach how to download themes. Thanks!

  • i got mine just now . i love it .!

  • ann

    can’t accept call when my phone is in lock mode!! so upsetting!!

  • Varsha

    by mistake i deleted open source announcement in my samsung champ mobile.. and i dwnloaded it from some link. now i’m having that application but the thing is i cant able to instal any software apps or any mp3 songs from mobile internet. there is any solutiion to solve this problm

  • Its good and affordable phone .. but in people who doesnt know how to use it . its useless .. :’) be more creative .. im using this phone as a back-up of my PC and laptop . CHAMPS can manipulate some data by via bluetooth if you know how to use it .. some NOKIA software can be read by CHAMP . and CHAMPS software cannot be read in NOKIA phones unless it have ANDROID . :’)

  • samsung champ rocks

  • Daniella

    Why kaya di ako makaconnect sa internet? Laging network error pero ok naman signal ng network ko. Pero before nakakapag surf ako then suddenly bigla ayaw. May lumalabas na E sa taas ng screen, ang tagal andun nun di ko alam pano tanggalin, then naisipan ko magbura ng mga pics (dahil feeling ko sobra dami na) then nawala ung E, then kala ko may chance na ako makapagsurf sa net kaso ayaw pa din. Please help, ano pede ko gawin para makaconnect ulit sa net. thanks and more power!:)

    • sensei meck

      miss..kaylangan mo ng LOAD bago ka makapag net… 😀 ganyan yung akin eh,, pero.. try mo to.. libre fb..

      try mo yan..yan ung gamit ko.. 😀

  • “Samsung Champ C3303 Review, Specs, Photos, Price | Pinoy Tech Blog – The Philippines’ Longest-running Technology Blog” ended up being a truly good posting, . Keep publishing and I’ll keep on following!

    Thank you ,Jamaal

  • Dea Miguel

    what’s the meaning of the letter “G” displayed next to the signal sign? it just came out of my Samsung C3303 cp, i think it affected my text sending cause the text messages can’t go out though i have load. please advise what to do. thank you!

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