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Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock plays nice with both Apple and Samsung products

Samsung recently launched their high-end Wireless Audio Speaker Dock, the Samsung DA-E750. What’s unique about this speaker dock is that it’s the world’s first dual-docking system supporting both Samsung Galaxy devices and Apple devices.

width="500"The Samsung DA-E750 is a 2.1 channel wireless audio dock geared towards the enthusiasts. It uses Samsung’s new vacuum tube amplified technology for warmer, and more natural sounds as compared to conventional audio systems that use transistor.

By also combining the vacuum tube with a digital amplifier, the DA-E750 reduces unnecessary, harsh sound distortions””while its 2.1-channel woven glass fiber speakers and powerful built-in subwoofer produce 100 watts of crystal-clear sound with enhanced bass for a quality music experience.

Those who value design will love the sleek high gloss mahogany wood finish of the DA-E750. And while in operation, the vacuum tubes inside emits a warm glow to further accentuate the beauty of this speakers.


The docking component of this speaker supports the Samsung Galaxy SII, Galaxy SIII, and Galaxy Note and also Apple products such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. If you want to go wireless, you can take the Bluetooth 3.0 or DLNA route or go with Samsung’s AllShare and Apple’s Airplay. For other music source, there’s the trusty analog audio input and also a USB port.

So how much will this baby go for? A cool Php29,990 and it should be available in Samsung stores as we speak. Samsung also has other entry-level to mid-range audio docks as well that you might want to check out when you visit their store.

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  • Good lord.. 30k for a speaker dock?

    • welcome to the world of audiophiles my friend… there are other 2.1 speakers out there that costs way more.

  • Cool

    You could have bought a home theater instead.