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Samsung Galaxy Note and SII will get Android 4.0 update in Q1 of 2012

Good news to those of you who owns a Samsung Galaxy Note or a Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Electronics just announced that these two devices will be the first to get the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update in the first quarter of 2012.

width="500"Aside from new features, Android 4.0 was  made to further enhance and optimize the performance of dual-core Android devices so don’t go asking when the ICS upgrade for your Galaxy Y will come. It most likely won’t. On Samsung’s pipeline is the myriad of tablet that they offer: the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9, the upcoming Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the toned down Galaxy S2, the Galaxy R.

With Ice Cream Sandwich, you can now unlock your device using your face. You can also take advantage of your device’s NFC and the Android Beam for easy wireless sharing and transfers between NFC devices.

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  • JmBalicano

    Whoohooo!! Gonna be getting the Note this January!

  • froyomadness

    Finally an update for the Samsung Galaxy SII!

  • Gman

    With the way Samsung works, I don’t expect to get ICS update until December 2012.

    SGSII for Europe is already updated at 2.3.6 firmware while currently, Philippine SGS2 are still at 2.3.3. It seems that Samsung Philippines is a bunch of incompetent clowns when it comes to these firmware updates.

    • emms

      yeah i concur… wlang update sa s2 kainis…

      • Diesel

        Wrong! My GS2 got updated to Android 2.3.5 last month! :p

    • Teabag Deluxe

      If you think that Samsung Philippines are incompetent, what do you call LG? They’ve been promising Gingerbread for the Optimus Black for months, and still have nothing to show for it. Froyo pa rin ang Black ko.

    • JmBalicano

      Agree with Teabag. The OS on the previous generation phones like the Mini might not be the latest, but at least they got upgraded from Froyo to Gingerbread. LG’s flagships are still stuck on Froyo and will only start releasing the Gingerbread update once new ICS phones start rolling out. Epic Fail.

    • I know. We all have suffered waiting for updates, but I think Google is pushing manufacturers to DO THIS update in the next 6 months.

      Have you guys seen Eric Schmidt’s interview? He is expecting some major changes on how Android is perceived in development and possibly by the public in general.

      I believe ICS in Q1 2012 is possible. I think it would be a global roll-out of the update SINCE the announcement was made through the global channel of Samsung.

      Keep your hopes up, mga bro! This will happen. Google is truly making up from past mistakes.

      • Griswold

        i hope so… and i hope Google will whip the manufacturers to be up to date. ambabagal kasi eh palibahasa nakabenta na.

      • JmBalicano

        The problem with these updates is that even if a manufacturer is serious update supporting their already-released phones with OS updates, it can still take a long time before an actual update can roll out.

        First the manufacturer has to modify the default Hardware Abstraction Layer so that the software interacts properly with the components. Then the software needs to be stabilized. Then the phone has to be certified across 80+ countries. This part can be a b*tch because in addition to the global certifications, there are also country-specific certifications.

        That’s not even mentioning the carriers in various countries that also want to add their own modifications (crappy bloatware) to the OS before the update can be rolled out.

        Imagine Samsung and Sony Ericsson that have both promised relatively quick ICS updates in Q1 2012. That can be as far as March. The ICS source code was released to manufacturers in November. That’s 4 frigging months, more or less.

        And that’s the time frame if a company is serious with supporting their phones after they’ve been sold. A lot of manufacturers can be expected to take longer.

        In conclusion, I have just realized that I have procrastinated from work long enough. Sorry for boring you with this long post 😛

        • so in other words… just root it? 😛

        • JmBalicano

          umm.. yeah.. LOL

        • Gman

          No need to root. We can update using ODIN without rooting.

          I just hope KIES would be of some use. Europe already has updated 3 times to 2.3.6. Why can’t Samsung Philippines just copy it. If we update using ODIN and use Europe’s, SGSII would more efficient; ergo they can be used for philippine sgs2.

          LG is a different animal.

  • Nonoy

    I don’t think bad-mouthing Samsung and LG here will get you results. Hell, bad-mouth them at their Twitter and FB pages, right?

    We want our Ice Cream baaaaaaaad!

  • Edsar

    Dyan nakaka badtrip Android kapag update ng OS. Bakit nauuna pa ang XDA sa pag gawa ng update e ang Samsung for example ang daming programmers. B o B o ba sila or wala lang talaga silang paki sa mga old products nila? They are leaving us no choice but to take the risk of rooting our devices.

    • sobrang BZ cla sa pag gawa ng sang katutak na android phone! check nu kung ilang phone nilabas after SGS2!hahaha…. nasa likod na nag pahina ang SGS2! lolz!

  • …pro masarap parin ang root! being unbreakable SGS2 in terms sa roms… sarap subukan at experience lahat ng rom. 😀

    …baka ito na yun…