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Samsung Galaxy Note FREE on Smart’s Plan 2000

The Samsung Galaxy Note was officially launched yesterday and we learned that Smart will also be offering it on their data plan.

Samsung Galaxy Note launch

Coco Domingo, Samsung Product Marketing Group Head for HHP, demoes the Galaxy Note during the launch

Starting next week, you will be able to get the Samsung Galaxy Note for free on their Plan 2000. You might want to grab this opportunity early because Smart reps said that this will run for a limited time only. There’s no time frame yet as to when it will end but when it does, it will move up to Plan 3000.

Smart also revealed that their Samsung Galaxy Notes will be having SmartNet built-in which is odd since you are already on an unlimited data plan which renders SmartNet’s free social networking and smart browsing moot. This would only mean that we would be seeing the Samsung Galaxy Note with SmartNet also available as a Smart prepaid kit in the future.

The Galaxy Note is Samsung’s “œtweener” device which is a smartphone and tablet hybrid with its 5.3″ HD SuperAMOLED screen, phone features and also comes with a stylus called the S-Pen. Global units support HSPA+ and LTE networks but we also found out that for our region, we’ll only get HSPA+ support from this device.

If you’re interested in getting the note under Smart’s Plan 2000, stay tuned for their announcement next week.

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  • steelicon


    • eugenrs

      sa browser nakalagay
      Samsung Galaxy Note FREE on Smart’s Plan 200….

      kakagulat nanlaki mata ko, then pag click ko sa link 2000 pala ha ha ha

      • hahaha

      • gaurav

        what are the schemes to get this phone free

  • Doc Harry

    HSPA+ only? But isn’t Smart beta testing their LTE network?

    • yep. pero there’s no clear timeframe yet kung kailan magiging available. besides, i dont think you need LTE speeds with a smartphone/tablet.

      • Mark Rosuelo

        I agree… HSPA+ is, for now, more than enough… until smartphones and tablets get MORE battery life, I don’t think faster networks are feasible..

        I use my smartphone primarily for calls and text. Whenever I browse using the data plan (HSPA+ when available), I notice that the phone heats up more than normal(meaning, it’s really working hard), unlike when I use the WiFi…

        Besides, I would appreciate wider HSPA+ network support than the latest next-generation protocol. May LTE nga, limited area lang. Wala din.

        • well said. i hope Filipinos would understand that our current network should be enough as long as our telcos make them stable and consistent

  • Nigel

    Is the G-Note available this week in any Smart Wireless Centers? I’m eager to get one! Sir Calvin, do you have any idea what are the reaquirements, like a pre-order of the promo, or just the basic stuffs like IDs/Income…etc…

  • Tmcr

    Mr. Calvin, went to Podium last week. They told me that after that event, they will be offering the device at Plan 3000 after that day. So until when ba talaga ang promo? 🙂

  • Nigel

    Sir Calvin, is there an online application for G-Note in Smart? or do i have to go to the wireless center? Got any tips on how i can get one? Thanks

    • better wait for official announcement next week. darating din yan.

  • jepoy

    I called smart customer service two days ago and they told me galaxy note is available on unli data plan 3000.. I hope this post is true.. I really like to have a galaxy note and I even reserved one for the podium event but I can’t attend the said event because I am in mindanao..

    • plan 3000 originally, wait for the plan 2000 promo next week.

  • pay

    sir, calvin available po ba to promo nila all over the philippines? i mean kahit dito sa mindanao?

    • should be… wala namang sinabing restricted to metro manila

      • Nigel

        Tried to apply for Unli data plan 2000 and they said that it’s free on plan 3000, cash out of 7000 in plan 2000 and so on.. it may discourage some but that’s a good phone we have there.. can’t wait to get it.. =/ but a bit pricey indeed..

  • pay

    OMG..galing ako sa smart lim ketkai CDO..they say wala silang Galaxy note..and the biggest shocking thing is that THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT GALAXY NOTE is..i was shocked ng sinabe ng nakausap ko na wala daw nirelease ang samsung na ganun product ..saan kaya ako makakakuha ng galaxy note dito sa CDO or Iligan city…

  • airah

    lol! for real!? thindi nila alam?
    infairness to them updated sila.

  • Cofi

    Any update on the Plan 2000?

    I checked their website and nothing about the promo is posted.

  • Michael

    When will this be posted on their site? parang walang pinapalabas ang smart ahh, mas inuna pa nilang ilagay ang iPhone 4s na hindi naman maganda

    • well i just got word from a friend in Smart na nung monday lang nilabas ng smart yung promo pero till now wala pa rin sa website. baka alam na ng wireless center nila.

      • Michael

        sana ipalabas na sa website.. matagal ko nang hinihintay to

  • airah

    OMG! nsa website na ng smart ang galaxy note hindi nga lang front page..pero makikita sya sa postpaid—-> phone and devices…

    • Michael

      Oo nga.. pero bakit sa plan P3000 ito free? akala ko plan P2000

      • still trying to sort this info out… originally plan 3000 sya pero they’re having it on plan 2000 as promo. di pa lang nila narerelease ang info.

  • Alvin

    called smart hotline last week dec.5, asked them kung free na ang note sa plan 2000, sabi ng smart rep free na daw, last saturday (dec.10), I went to SM north edsa smart wireless center, sabi nila free ang note sa plan 3000, naging free lng dw ang note nung online promo nung nov.2011 sa podium, then right after I called smart hotline again, told them my concern, upon checking dw lumabas tlga sa system nila na free ang note sa plan 2000 nung dec.5-7 lng, napalitan lng nung dec.8, nakakainis ang gulo ng systema ng smart

  • Villain

    Called the hotline just now! Galaxy Note is now under plan P3000.. also I heard about a certain cash-out of P7,000 for availing the plan P2,000 maybe there weren’t suppose to offer it under plan P2000 at all! and for those who want to avail it you can enroll it under plan P2,000 instead of the original plan P3,000 but pay a cash-out of P7,000…..

    • Michael

      well, adding P7,000 for the note on plan P2,000 is better.. I’ll check this out later.. I hope smart center here in cebu knows about this as they are really not in sync with the system.

      • Michael

        by the way, I just want to know if meron bang monthly cap ang unlimited data ng smart?

    • Roy

      G-note is now free at Plan 2000 until December 31, 2011. Go to Greenhills in front of Theatre Mall and Starbucks.

  • Dennis

    Kelangan ba ng credit card para ma avail yun promo?

  • Karl

    may ranong po ako…
    kung available ba ung G-Note sa unli data plan 3000 eh magbabayad ka ng 3000php every month?
    2 years pa rin ba lock-in period?

    • yep

      • Karl

        so 3000php babayaran every month in 2 years…
        72000 lahat lahat ang babayaran?

        • yep… and for two years mabilis internet mo.

          • Michael

            may cap po ba yung unli data nang smart?

  • Nagapply ako kanina ng galaxy note sa sm north. Sabi nila sa requirements kelangan 50k yung credit limit ng ccard ko para maavail yung plan 2000. Eh 25k lang limit ng ccard ko sayang lang pghintay nmin ng mtgal para maasikaso nila kami. Sawi tuloy yung pginquire namin. Ganun b tlga mga plans ng smart sa mga plan 2000 and above?

  • nice phone i want to have that phone

  • Jeeez

    my Pink din sa smart???

  • ge

    hi, if i’ll get the unlimited data plan 2000 for samsung galaxy note II, does it mean that i’ll pay the exact amount of P2000? tnx