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Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich update finally hits the Philippines

Last week Samsung released the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for their Galaxy S2 phone which first arrived in some European countries as well as South Korea.

galaxy s2 ics

If you were out over the weekend, you’ll be glad to know that the update for Philippines has finally arrived. Some Filipino Galaxy S2 owners are enjoying the overall performance upgrade brought by the Ice Cream Sandwich. There’s also the new redesigned widgets and the facial lockscreen. It won’t, however, give you Android Beam because the phone simply doesn’t support NFC.

galaxy s2 ice cream sandwich

To upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S2, make sure you install the latest version of Samsung Kies and update it from there. The official firmware build for the Philippines is LP7. If your phone is not officially acquired here then you might not be able to see the update yet.

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  • JmBalicano

    Any news on Flash support? From what I’m aware, ICS still can’t play Flash. I’m also hearing the ICS update for the Note got delayed. I’m fine with waiting until April or May if it means they get it stable enough. Flash isn’t all-important when surfing on my phone but it’s still nice to have it on there too.

  • Paul

    Normally adobe flash would be bundled with the phone but as i have upgraded to ICS, i dont see it anymore but still you can download it from the Google Play (Android Market)

    So far so good for me, btw i did a factory reset on my Galaxy SII (stock DXKL3 Gingerbread) before i updated through KIES. Once done everything works fine.

    Face unlock is so cool lol. We do have a data monitor now, we can even disable most of the bloatware that comes with the upgrade, simply go to applications, choose all and visit those unused apps one by one and disable them

    Battery life, currently i have gone 50 hours with 46 percent battery left. With 3g turned on from 8am to 8pm for Whatsapp, a few text messages, the rest the usual daily stuff plus playing around with ICS LMAO.

    with 3g on the battery drain is decent but using wifi…MATAKAW ahahaha. oh well no such thing as perfect

    Overall, its so smooth, got a brighter 0 percent screen even.

    So far so good

  • There is no flash for ICS but I believe you can still access flash websites.

    If you happen to be an Android 2.3.6 is the best firmware when it comes to power management but the recent Android 4.0.3 LPQ or LP7 build is quite a power hungry.

  • Cesar

    Please help, after updating from the locally seeded ICS update, my “ics browser-stock” does not open. It is broken. Also, Chrome beta, what is regarded now as the best browser, is “not supported in your country”. Some widgets also fail to update. Please help on how to make everything work as intended, especially the browser. Thank you!

    • Paul

      its best if you do a factory reset. A lot of people who simply upgraded from GB to ICS do experience a lot of problems.

      On my experience i did a factory reset first before i upgraded. Browser works fine, all widgets work fine

      its a pain to re install apps but hey its worth it since they will all run perfectly after

  • mike c

    has this become available in uk yet? if not when will it

    • It will begin rolling out from today to unlocked users.

      And for those carrier locked, you’ll have it before the end of March.

      T-Mobile have said they are looking to launch it as close to Samsung’s release date, so hopefully next week

  • Gec

    I tried updating however kies said my “device doesnt support firmware upgrade via kies”. what should i do?

    • Gec

      I believe mine is XLT. will this still work?

      • Paul

        Check your firmware, if you have DXKL3 (Latest Gingerbread,2.3.6) or DXHI2, the old gingerbread then you can update to ICS (DXLP7)

        But if your firmware does not start on DX, then you will not be able to update it through KIES sad to say if you are here in the Phil.

        Your only option is flashing the new LP7 through ODIN

        • Gec

          Mine is Gingerbread 2.3.3 I1900DXKG1

          How to flash thru ODIN? I’m kinda noob here. 🙂

          • Paul

            your firmware is good. you better try updating KIES, better get the latest. DXKG1 is for our region so your phone should get updated. I guess you have not even tried updating to 2.3.6

            DXKG1 is the firmware of the first units of the Galaxy S2, your problem is with KIES. Get the latest one

          • Gec

            Paul, I already updated kies, downloaded new installer, tried reinstalling it several times but to no avail.

            How to upgrade to 2.3.6?

            It won’t get any update. Geez.

          • Gec

            I tried switching pc. it still won’t work. baaad.

            I’m thinking to do a factory reset, but i can’t afford to lose my data games. hehe

  • blaze

    got the upgrade , no restoring to factory default done, finished in less than 15 mins…will now observe battery performance…the last gingerbread upgrade i got made the battery really last longer but also slowed down my unit…

  • currently on Gingerbread 2.3.6.
    baseband: I9100DXKL1

    installed latest kies: v2.2.0.12014_18

    When I open kies – firmware info: “There are new components for Samsung Kies. Some of the components of Samsung Kies need to be updated for firmware management. Do you want to update now?”

    When I click “OK” it downloads update file and restarts kies. Then the same component update message appears again and again.

    How do i resolve this problem?

    • Paul

      uninstall kies, reboot pc, re download kies.

      if it happens again try another pc.

      • iamspikee

        what is your CSC? it must be XTC XTE GLB SMA to be able to update through kies in the philippines

  • arturo

    just upgraded my galaxy s2 to ICS. no problems so far except that i can’t find the new feature ‘favorites tray.’ where is it?

  • Davemb

    I tried installing normally and it worked but the stock browser kept crashing. Finally did a factory reset and that fixed the issue. Now my problem is my widget that turns on the hotspot no longer works. does anyone else have the same problem? It’s very annoying because I use the hotspot a lot and going through the settings menus to get to is is very tedious.


  • Danny

    When will Ice Cream Sandwich become available for the Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 in the United States for AT&T. I would GRREEEAATLLY appreciate an accurate response. I have looked everywhere I could possibly think of and no luck.

    Thank you so much

  • adrian

    is it possible to update my samsung gs2 to ICS through my samsung kies apps in laptop? my baseband version is I19100DXKF1. what if my phone failed in updating through samsung kies. can my phone still be fixed? my phone is all in stock. (not rooted) please reply im a newbie in updating sgs2. can anyone help me?

    • Paul

      DXKF1, so you have not upgraded your unit since you bought it. Youre on 2.3.3 right?

      Your firmware is for our region DX

      All you have to do it download the latest version of KIES. Connect your phone to pc, KIES will be able to detect it and tell you that there is a new update which is DXLP7 (ICS)

      Then make sure you have a stable internet connection. Then just let it update.

      PS. Back up your contacts, sms, forget the system settings for it will ruin how ICS runs later

      Its recommended to do a factory reset after upgrade. Well this one is in my opinion only, there are too many users experiencing problems and the only solution was to do a factory reset

  • jihoo

    Hi is it okay to update if my phone was bought on malaysia? but im using it here in the Philippines, any help would be very much appreciated thanks in advance..

    • Paul

      check the firmware

      is it DX? If yes its possible. Or better yet download the latest KIES, connect your phone and you will know if its possible to update that phone since KIES will tell you

      If not then the only option is to flash through ODIN the latest ICS OS

  • Paul

    For those having problems upgrading or are too scared to even try

    You can visit any Samsung Store and they will do it for you for FREE.

    • Rance

      Even with my baseband version saying I9100XXKI4?

      Confusing values… mine says:

      CSC:KJ1 (XEN)

      I’m in the Philippines right now… can the Samsung Store upgrade my firmware to ICS for free?

  • vinz

    Mine is I900XXKI4 (2.3.6) if i reset my phone is it pocble to become DX? I Really want to upgrade mgly phone to ICS. i cant remember the old version of my gs2. Pls help XD

  • peterco

    hi! my sgs2 came from singapore and it was rooted there by my friend. im still on 2.3.4 with baseband version of I9100XXKH3 but my CSC is unknown =( im on villainrom. if i do factory reset, can i update it thru kies? please help me, thank you

  • Nadine Fernandez

    i’m trying to update my s2
    baseband version: I9100XXKI1
    kernel version: [email protected] #2
    build number: Gingerbread.XWKI4
    i can’t update it also to version 2.3.5, no update available was popping up.
    I think something’s wrong with my phone. 🙁
    Can you please help me? I want to have an ICS.

  • Demos

    Just wanted to ask if PDA: I9100XXKH3 is getting ICS. Is there an official date release?

  • kaycee brown

    my version is I9100DXKI1 can i also update this to ICS? can if ever how? im just a new comer interms in ICS. dont have any idea THANKS 🙂

  • Jeff

    Hi Jayce,

    I tried to upgrade the firmware of my Samsung Galaxy S2 via Kies. I have installed the latest version of Kies from Samsung Philippines site. When I clicked upgrade button, it downloaded the components but when tried to install, it says “Failed to run firmware upgrade. Unknown error occurred.” Can you pls. help me on this?

  • Monkeyboner


    My Gingerbread 2.3.6 Galaxy S II’s CSC is I9100GOJPLC1 (OJP is IRAQ!). I read that as a user from the Philippines I can’t use KIES to update my firmware because of the incorrect CSC. Online instructions on how to change my CSC led to a dead end too because the Philippine CSCs (XTC GLB XTE SMA OLB) do not appear on my list of choices.

    Any ideas?

    Note: I’s rather not use ODIN and rooting for fear of bricking my phone.


  • maira hedge

    thats really nice, i hope ICS will add some interesting features into the list. GS2 is an amazing phone without ICS also, but if its going to have it so i would say–great. i own this phone and i am totally in love with this, here is the little article of GALAXY S2 http://howmobile.net/samsung/1853-samsung-i9100-galaxy-s-ii.html hope you guys would like it as i do. pleas share your comments whether you like or not. thanx