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Samsung Galaxy S3 also available on prepaid for Globe and Smart

Last week we saw the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Then Globe and Smart also launched the phone for their postpaid plans. Smart can give you the Galaxy S3 for free on Plan 2000 while Globe has it for free on Plan 2400. However, Globe has other plans where the phone will be available whereas Smart only has it on Plan 2000.


Anyway, if you’re not the commitment type when it comes to choosing a telco for your phone, Globe and Smart will also be offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 under a prepaid subscription.

Samsung is pegging the unlocked Galaxy S3 at Php32,990. Once all pre-orders are fulfilled, Smart will also be offering it on prepaid at Php31,500. For Globe, their prepaid kit for the Galaxy S3 is priced at Php32,990, but comes with 6-months worth of PowerSurf 99 which gives you 50MB worth of consumable data per month.

Like the Galaxy S3? Which one’s you’re going for? Unlocked? Postpaid? Prepaid?

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  • Griswold

    Sa smart walang nakabundle na service sa prepaid? discounted lang sya?

    • wala pang news as of now. even availability on other plans hindi pa nila nirereveal.

      • co.c

        kailan release niya from globe?

  • Mica

    Can I just say… This blog entry is by far the most fair I’ve seen. A lot of tech blogs are more obvious in promoting their preferred service network but this entry provided both data. Kudos!

  • Sinned

    @Sir Calvin
    sana magkaroon kayo ng review ng 4G network, mobile (SMART & GLOBE) and broadband (Wi-Tribe and other brand). Then ung application nito d2 sa GALAXY SIII. on my opinion, using 3G, mas maganda service ng smart pagdating sa mobile internet (at least sa area namin) unlike sa GLOBE na sobrang bagal.
    Thanks btw

    • the problem with that is totally dependent sa place eh. for example, dito sa MOA area where I am right now, Smart HSPA+ can only give me up to 100kBps download speed, throttled pa pag torrent.. while a Globe HSPA+ user sitting a few feet from me is getting 300kBps download speed. That’s in MOA only, at a certain time. pagpumatak ng 11PM bumabagal lalo si Smart dito while Globe maintains its speed.

      So in effect, you can’t have a concrete comparison of these networks. kanya kanyang conclusions na lang.

  • Emer

    Do you think Samsung PH will implement a price adjustment on the Galaxy Note once S III is released on June 9?