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Samsung Galaxy S3 in the Philippines now gets Jelly Bean update

It was just last month that Samsung began rolling out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to their Galaxy S3 device. It started in Poland but Filipino users of the Galaxy S3 can now also enjoy the benefits of the new update as well.


Here are just some of the things Galaxy S3 users will be getting from the Jelly Bean update:

  • Better performance thanks to Project Butter
  • Resizable Pop-up play window
  • Pause and resume while recording video
  • Reorganized settings menu
  • 2 Homescreen modes
  • New notifications bar including Blocking mode
  • S Note instead of S Memo

To upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S2, make sure you install the latest version of Samsung Kies and update it from there. The update should already be available on Smart (SMA), Globe (GLB) and unlocked Galaxy S3 (XTC) units bought from Samsung PH.

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  • Chin Reyes

    HI, bakit S MEMO pa rin ung sa S3 ko after the jelly bean upgrade ? thanks !

  • makk anthony

    bakit hindi ako makapag update =(

    after check update ito lumalabas

    “access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. try later”

    • baka maraming umaaccess… OTA ba ginawa niyo? try niyo maghanap ng external download link para yun ang gamitin ng kies.

    • Anonymous

      Experienced that too. Try the update using Samsung Kies. 🙂

    • jamesjavier

      Bakit sakin wala pa ding update same store lang pinagbilhan namin ng pinsan ko pero sa kanya nakaka dalawang update na.ICS padin skin sa kanya JB na.help naman ano ba ung KIES?Dunno how to do it..is it safe?

      • Kies yung parang iTunes ng samsung. safe yun. download mo sa internet. plug mo S3, tapos dun mo icheck kung may available download.

  • Enzo

    Hi guys, tanong ko lang baka may naka-experience, hindi ko magamit yung Google Now, I dunno why, pero kapag binubuksan ko yung google now (after long press ng home button), nagiging search lang siya.

    anyone with the same issue?

    • sam

      Cards don’t seem to be loading up on Google Now. There are also no options to enable them in the settings.

      • Enzo

        ^ yeah medyo confused lang, baka wala palang google now para sa jb update sa philippines? anyway, salamat sa reply 🙂 hopefully ma-ayos ‘to ng samsung soon.

        • sam

          Been comparing it to my N7 and Google Now is limited on the S3. You can ask for the weather or for a location but you won’t get any voice replies. You can’t also set an appointment using voice commands. There are no cards and there’s no way to enable them.

          It seems Samsung is crippling this feature in favor of their own (S Voice, etc).

          • sam

            Updating Google Search

          • sam

            Finally made it work! Updating the Google Search app enables setting appointments by voice command. Setting the language to “English (United States)” enables voice replies.

            To enable the cards, click the Google logo in the Google Search widget. It will then then take you to a wizard where you can opt in to use Google Now.

          • leo

            this helped alot. thank you. I’m enjoying my google now, now. lolz

  • comicks

    how about the other devices?? :(( like galaxy tab? 🙁

  • AREN

    bkit nakasafe mode p din ung aken aftr mg’upgrade.nreboot ko n dpa dn nawala ung safe mode.s3 po gmet ko.help nmn

  • Paulo

    I got mine this afternoon… Everything was ok except the orange rectangle flashing on my screen everytime i unlocked in the home screen. So i went to samsung service center that there’s no official update here in the Philippines. I asked the technician yes there is.. I received it through OTA.. But still he insisted no official update…

    • Aidan Tadena

      ganito din po yung sakin, may rectangle na lumabas everytime I unlocked the screen and sometimes when opening something. how to fix this?

  • available na ba ang JeallyBean update for S2?

  • Ralph

    hi… i wonder why there is no update on my s3… what will i do.. thanks

    • Chin Reyes

      san mo ba binili S3 mo ? baka sa ibang country yan nanggaling kaya wala pa 🙂

      • comic

        kung sa ibang country binili phone nya, edi mas mabilis at mas maayos sana yung update nya. 🙂

  • uninstall your old Kies in PC. download the latest version and install. It should work.

    I am upgrading my S2 to JellyBean now. Upgrade in progress. 🙂

  • JOHN

    Sir Calvin, is it true that there will be a Samsung Galaxy S4 in Feb/March 2013? The price of Samsung Galaxy S3 keeps on dropping, from 33,000 plus it is now 28,000 plus. Hmmm, I wonder… Maybe there will also be a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 next year.

    • zoidian

      I have seen one of the stores in Megamall Cyberzone selling S3 16gb for P25,900 while 32gb at 28,900 only..I just forgot the store name..

      • pfb

        saw an sgs 3 for 21k at greenhills theater mall, grabe just got mine for 23.2k a month ago from the same company though different branch.

    • bonn

      yearly naman nagkakaroon ng bagong galaxy s diba? expected na yan. yung sa feb march announcement pa lang yun. not availability pa.

  • There is a rumor about the S4. check google.

  • zoidian

    Nawala yung A-gps setting (yung gagamit ng sensor ng phone for the gps) just below “Use GPS Satellite” option..bakit kaya?

    • zoidian

      Nawala ung “Use sensor aiding” for the GPS..un pala tamang name..

  • zoidian

    The pic above is not S3 but S duos..

  • zoidian

    Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update key features:

    Project Butter – smoother UI animations with higher frame rate
    Google Now
    Blocking mode
    Offline voice typing support
    Better notification area with expandable notifications
    Two different homescreen modes
    Pop-up play window is now resizable
    Smoother and faster web browser
    Video recording pause/resume functionality
    Easier widgets management
    Reorganized Settings menu

    • Enzo

      ^ nakita mo ba yung bagong features na yan nung inupdate mo iyong sayo? Sa akin kasi walang Google Now 🙁

  • enzo

    matagal ba yung process ng firmware upgrade? or depende sa connection mo?

    • zoidian

      depende sa connection..ang matagal ung downloading ng firmware..sakin inabot ng more than 2 hours..

    • Enzo

      ^ Depende sa connection yung speed ng download ng firmware. Ako personally matagal yung pag-upgrade na ng firmware, around an hour or so.

  • Andro

    JB ang ang s3 ko kaso s memo pa rin nakalagay.. S3 Smart

    • Chin Reyes

      d yata nila pinalitan …ganyan din samin ni Sir Calvin 🙂

  • Sino na ba ang naka update ng S2 into JellyBean?

  • leeo

    I’m not sure, But my Google now is not TALKING. haha, i ask what the weather is, it shows the results but shouldnt it talk and say what it posted?? well, it doesnt on my s3. Bought mine at smart with unlidata plan.

    are you guys having the same problem??

    • sam

      Had this issue. Setting the language under Language and input to “English (United States)” instead of “English (Philippines)” fixed it.

  • macmacoy

    anyone got the link to download the file?

  • Aidan Tadena

    I updated my S3 last friday to Jellybean but after that, everything is good except from the flashing Red/Orange rectangular box appearing on my screen everytime I unlocked my phone or even open some apps. Ako lang ba nakakaexperience nito? Inupdate ko yung S3 ko gamit nung update sa phone thru WiFi. PLEASE HELP.

  • Until now wala pa ding update sa akin. Tried OTA and connecting it to Kies (Mac, updated na yung kies) sinsabi updated na yung firmware. Pero 4.0.4 pa din. I bought it unlocked, baseband nya ngayon eh XXLFB. Pa’no ito? 🙁

    • san niyo binili?

      • Reseller sa greenhills. Fresh unit, unlocked and sealed pa nung nabili ko.

  • Tried connecting it again to Kies, this time sa windows.. wala pa din upgrade.

  • sam

    Anyone having problems with the portable hotspot feature after the update? Doesn’t work now.

  • worried

    updated last monday lang. my problem is that yung stock browser doesn’t keep the tabs for the sites visited. everytime i open it homepage na lang makikita mo wala na yung mga tabs ng site. any one experience it? pa help naman po.tnx

  • gryphonblaze

    I recieved the update installed the jelly bean but when the keyboard is on the screen auto rotating it to landscape itbis slow to transistion tye key board must not be open for it to be smooth anyone else experiencing this???will they fix this where can i complain about this?

  • sydney fabros

    hi there. i have samsung galaxy s3 red garnet. i bought it in one of the stores in greenhills. its international model unlocked so no waranty. i tried to update via OTA but till now no updates parin lumalabas. ang friend ko. sa kanya same day same store namin binili. naka pag update na sia via OTA to jelly bean. whats wrong with my galaxy s3? plss help me.. btw at back of my friends s3 was made sa vietnam. and mine is from china.. dahil ba sa china manufacture wala pa akong updates? help guys

  • darnel

    Wala pb update ng 4.1.2?

    • Catzz

      Tol wla pa yata OTA update ang 4.1.2. Install mo manual via net. Pag dmo kabisado nkakatakot.

  • Mikki Mickae

    I accidentally clicked on ‘SOFTWARE UPDATE” on my S3. It’s unsuccessful and is always notifying me from time to time to get it with a ‘wi-fi connection’. It’s driving me nuts. It’s making my torrent downloads slow.

    I’m currently @ home and doesn’t have ‘Wi-fi connection’. I’m only on Mobile Data Network. I want to get rid of the update.

    HELP. S3 owners. :’)

    • go to a hotel with a fast wifi connection and get the update over with. 😛

  • Catzz

    Ako jellybean 4.1.1 na..un kaibigan ko 4.1.2. Na un s3 nya. Nainstall dw nya via net.

  • Totoy

    Mga tol, bakit ung akin lagi no update available via OTA, tpos firware is updated nman sa kies, ICS pa din, sa mga tropa ko Jelly bean na… help!!! 🙁

    • Simon

      Sa akin din. Binili ko sa ensogo hanggang ngayon wala paring available update to jelly bean. Nag restore factory settings na ko. wala pa rin

      • i think yung sa mga ensogo di official PH units yun eh. mga grey market din nagsusupply nun.

        • Totoy

          iisang store lang naman pinagbilhan namin ng mga tropa ko…sakin lang wlang update… 🙁

  • Jill

    Hi, I have the same problem as Bryan… Bought my S3 from a reseller at St. Francis, brand new, unlocked, and sealed. But I haven’t received an update yet. 🙁

    • Simon

      Sa akin din. Binili ko sa ensogo hanggang ngayon wala paring available update to jelly bean. Nag restore factory settings na ko. wala pa rin

      • Totoy

        iisang store lang naman pinagbilhan namin ng mga tropa ko…sakin lang wlang update…

  • anna ria

    paano po mag upload?

  • anna ria

    paano po mag upgrade sa jelly bean?

  • blitzer446

    Hi! Would like to ask if anyone here knows how to unlock my samsung galaxy s3 from at&t? Thanks!

  • zoidian

    I have received an update today for my s3..size is around 152.84mb…its 4.1.2 jelly bean version..yehey!

  • ian

    mga tol, may apps ba sa s3 na kayang i hide ang mga texts na nareresiv ko?

  • ian

    sir calvin, pano ma i- hide ang mga resiv texts ? salamat po

    • zoidian

      try mo ung go sms pro..meron dun private folder na pwede mo assign kung sino o anong number lang mapupunta sa private folder..pwede lagyan ng password..

  • zoidian

    Got an update again today for my s3..size of the update package is 42.03mb..change log shows new added feature but i cannot determine what is it..I just noticed google play music was installed..anyone noticed other changes or features?

    • dJ0013

      Ditto. Haven’t noticed anything yet.

  • Adroid

    Sir calvin, nabili ko yung s3 sa greenhills so i guess grey market din sya galing. concern ko lang is yung father ko naka 4.1.2 din (note) then yung akin naka 4.1.2(s3) din, problem is sa kanya under software update tab may wifi only checkbox. yung saken wala, bakit po kaya ganun? sa greenhills din pala nabili ng father ko yung phone nya. please help, thanks!

    • dapat meron. built in sa android yan and should be the same for all units kahit san pa binili. baka walang update available for you?

  • louella

    please help!! Hindi ako mkapag-update nang software. A pop up that says “Your mobile has been modified. Software is not available.” will appear every time I tap on the software update.

  • Hello po bakit po d gumagana ang camera,sound,even youtube video sa SAMSUNG S3 na nabili ng ate ko sa ka officemt nya ,,yung sa cam po laging warning camera failed,,i try several way of checking the software like updating my device,hard resetting ,even installing 3rd party app like cam 360 ,but still its not working, i also try clearing the cache but still not working ,paulit ulit ko po ito hinawa pero wala parin pong nang yari,hindi po kaya hardware ang problema nito maybe the IC or mother board ,
    Mag kano po kaya paayus nito,
    Add info po pag nag LCD TEST po gumaga ang front cam,pero speaker hindi po and the mega cam or the back cam ayaw po

    Help po punta ako bukas ng greenhills papacheck ko

  • jrbarroga

    Tanong ko lang po, sa Saudi po nabili itong SIII ko. Tapos sa Pinas ko po ginagamit, pag nag update ba ako OTA okay lang ba? yung baseband ba ng saudi ang iinstall nya o yung pang pilipinas na?

  • DjLlem0r

    ser, ung Samsung Galaxy S3 SHV-E210K android 4.1.2 ICS pwede na po ba i-upgrade sa KITKAT agad? Salamat po..

  • Bakit kapag mag vvideo ako hindi ko ma i play? Bakit palaging "cannot be played" kahit na mag download ako ng video di ko pa din ma play. Sana po matulungan nyo ako. Samsung s3 po ang cellphone ko. Salamat po