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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Have Its Own AI Assistant

Samsung looks to play with Viv’s artificial intelligence knowledge as soon as possible. This stems from an indirect confirmation where the company revealed an AI assistant that will come with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung did not clarify what this virtual helper is capable of, but they did mention that developers can expand on the AI’s functionality. While this may be similar to current efforts from Google and Apple, Viv reportedly contains the ability to create its own program in a way that other AIs cannot.


Other than that, Samsung hasn’t said much. What we do know is a recent Wall Street Journal report that talked about the delayed development of the S8 to prevent a repeat of the infamous Galaxy Note 7 battery problems. This disclosure of future plans is a new occurence for the tech giant, but ultimately not unreasonable. Obviously, Samsung’s doing everything they can to take the market’s mind off of the Note 7 debacle.

If a strong Samsung Galaxy S8 launch can distract the smartphone market as a whole, it can help Samsung bounce back into the good graces of everyone. The question is, if Viv will be one of the key factors in doing that.  Be sure to watch out for further announcements on this upcoming device.

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