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Samsung Galaxy SII, 3 million units sold in 55 days

Samsung is again flexing its muscle with the huge success their flagship phone Galaxy SII is having. In just 55 days, they reached global channel sales of 3 million units making it Samsung’s quickest selling phone. It’s like one Samsung Galaxy SII phone sold per 1.5 seconds.


If you recall, the first Samsung Galaxy S reached the 5 million units sold worldwide in just four months. 3 million in 85 days. That’s quite an accomplishment for Samsung already and now the dual-core Galaxy SII is surpassing it with no sign of slowing down yet.

The pre-order promo they did here in our country was a success that it left a lot of fans disappointed for missing out on the 300-unit limit. We also heard that Samsung already ran out of units and the next month will be on July. That means they already sent out their stocks to their authorized dealers and nothing is coming in till next month. So if you’re really considering getting this phone, you better act fast.

[Samsung | Samsung Tomorrow]
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  • steve

    got a unit from the pre-order promo. i really like the SGS2 but sadly my unit have a thin crack under the glass on the left part of the screen. you can see it clearly on certain angles. really annoying. For those who availed the pre-order promo, anyone got a unit with that weird color on the left screen??? i think i also have that “yellow” screen defect..

    • Mitch

      well i have this black circle on the bottom right side of the screen. gaah i called samsung up, they said it was normal if it weren’t spreading or something. they can’t do anything about it 😐 i have no time to visit the service center tho. really annoying especially with gray/white background.

  • Mark Sebastian

    Hi got my SII last saturday in rockwell sadly my brother didn’t put the sim card in. now we have a problem because the phone cant read any sim card. what to do?

    • that’s real bad and it’s the first time i heard of such problem. maybe you put the sim card wrong? or there’s something blocking the sim card slot? have it checked if you can’t find the problem.

      • Mark sebastian

        I had it checked yesterday in Samsung Megamall, they tried all the simcard from all the networks but nothing worked. they said there might be a problem in the sim card slot. sad thing is that its brand new how come its like that… i hope people from samsung are aware of this problem…
        Thanx Calvin

  • r41n

    iPhone 4 sales was 1.7 million in 3 days and 3 million in less than 25 days. But it includes US sales of course unlike GS2 which i think is not yet sold on US.