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Samsung Galaxy SII reaches 5 million mark, still not yet done

Samsung recently announced that their latest flagship phone, the dual-core Galaxy SII, just passed the turning point of 10 million global sales. It has marked the accumulated global sales of 5 million units only 85 days (on July 22) after its release.


It took the Samsung Galaxy SII 40 days faster than the original Galaxy S to reach the same sales mark. It acquired 56% of the mobile phone market in Korea last month and topped mobile market share in 10 European countries. And get this, it hasn’t even reach China yet which we all know is the world’s largest market.

“œIn just a few months the Galaxy S II has led the way in driving Samsung’s unmatched performance in the smartphone industry” said JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business. “œSince being launched into the retail market in late April, the Galaxy S II has seen tremendous growth. This reflects the strong support from carrier partners globally, who in choosing the Galaxy S II as their flagship device have reaffirmed the device’s status as a premium, market-defining Smartphone”.

Makes you feel good about getting the phone don’t it?

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