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Leaked: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to come with S Pen and Keyboard

Earlier this month tech World Leader Samsung released teasers for the upcoming Mobile World Council. It has been known for a while now that the Samsung S8 won’t be debuting at the MWC. Samsung has confirmed this, and is partly due to the concerns with the Galaxy Note 7. However, what is being rumored to be at the MWC is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Here now is another Samsung Galaxy Tab s3 leak.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s3 leak S Pen

We previously reported on the specs of the device as well as a possible price. But, new leaks have images of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with the pressure sensitive S Pen. Also another leak has the device sporting a keyboard. The image with the S Pen came from German language site WinFuture.de. In the image it can be seen that the stylus is beside the table.  It is implied that unlike the Note series the S pen will not have a built in holder with the S3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s3 leak Keyboard

Another image then surface of the tablet docked on what looks like a Samsung QWERTY keyboard. No information is known yet as to how it will connect. But, speculation is that it will be through Bluetooth instead of pins. Looking closely at the image an LTE symbol is on the screen which is in line with previous leaks. The MWC will kick off at February 27, and everyone is anticipating Samsungs unveilings at the big event.

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