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Samsung Galaxy Y: Plain or Netphone Edition?

The Samsung Galaxy Y is Samsung’s latest most affordable Android phone (Php5,990) which is suitable for those who want to switch to a smartphone and get more features out of their phone.

For the unitiated, the Y on Galaxy Y means “œYoung” and the younger generation will have a blast when they change their feature phones in favor of this Android smartphone. Games and apps are aplenty, social networking is a given, e-mail and web browsing is easy, 3G, WiFi and even WiFi internet sharing is possible.

Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone Edition

However, there are two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Y, the plain one and the Netphone Edition which is exclusive to Smart subscribers. And now you’re wondering, should you get an unlocked unit or try Smart’s Netphone service?

Here are three reasons why you would want to go with the Netphone Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Y:

1. Free Facebook and Twitter updates. Don’t ask me why Smart is doing this but with only a peso balance, you can check and update your Facebook and Twitter status all the time for free as long as you’re connected to Smart’s SmartNet platform. Don’t worry, when you first turn on your phone you will be asked to create a SmartNet account which is also free.

2. Free Yahoo! and Facebook chat. Don’t want to waste your precious load texting somebody? With the same 1-peso load balance, you can access your Yahoo! and Facebook friends and message them”¦ anytime! Now you can be mobile and chat with your friends from abroad using your phone without spending for data charges or looking for a WiFi spot.

3. Future developments. SmartNet is fairly new and there’s still a lot of improvements Smart is planning for it. I know somebody from the development team inside who told me that they’re thinking of doing free VoIP for SmartNet users. Know what that means? Free calls with your friends and family who also own a Netphone!

There are a lot of other features a Netphone can give you over an ordinary Android phone and you might want to visit Smart’s Netphone page to learn more. You know you want to. Or you can go Like Smart Netphone’s Facebook Page.

The only reason I can think of why you don’t want to go with a Netphone is because you don’t want to switch to another carrier.


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  • JmBalicano

    Damn, this Netphone thing has the potential to be a game changer. I’m a Globe customer, and the only thing keeping me from going over to Smart with their better 3G plans for prepaid customers is that most of my contacts are on Globe.. With the free FB and YM, this would convince a lot of people on Globe to at least try it out. And the phone’s super cheap!

    • until when this smart plan work?

      • the plan 349 and 499 is ongoing and we have no news that Smart will pull it out yet.

        • Cheny

          what are the requirements to apply the 349 plan?

          • JC

            I already applied for this 349 postpaid plan in smart.. and I’m telling you guys… they don’t have a stock for the samsung galaxy Y handset.. They just keep showing on and on the advertisement in the TV but then you have to wait for more than a month to arrive for this unit..

          • There are already stocks since Dec 10..and you can even get the phone within at least 15-20 mins processing time if you use a credit card as your documentation. Note…they will photocopy the front and back of your card..be sure to request that you strike over the 3 digit code at the back and counter sign it to ensure that your card is safe. Its always best to be sure. 🙂

          • good suggestion! thanks carl!

          • hi” i want samsung glaxy y too.. but the problem is i was hired as marketing saft 2months ago.. was it ok to apply a plan 439. even though im not 1year in my job

          • Sarah

            I already have this plan 349 Samsung Galaxy Young
            but i wonder that my current bills is reaching more than 1k in less than a month, I only used the phone in texting and social surfing because the plan is unli tex and unli social surf is any body can explain me why pls need ur inputs.

          • maybe you turned mobile data on? go to settings > wireless and network and make sure mobile data is turned off. or turn on smart browsing. better go to smart center and let them explain it to you so you would know.

          • jhamaica

            hi po!!! nag avail kami nag ka officemate ko sa plan 349 galaxy Y on DEc 15, we give all the req.. but until now po wala pa kami na receive na text or call from smart…

          • mukhang naubusan ng units si smart

          • jj

            oo naubusan na nga bakit pa cla ngppaapply kung wla nman pla clang stock-ung friend ko isang buwan nang mahigit xa ngaply wla pa rin ung handset—hay naku sana wg clang mglabas ng plan kung hindi nila maacommodate

          • hmn.. base sa smart kpag naooverdue ang byad at may mga pasaloads and something dun ndadagdagan un babayaran sa 349 plan..

  • Les

    I will go for the plain(unlocked) Galaxy Y if using prepaid. I’m not gonna be tied with Smart Network. Plus ang dami na kasi offer by different telcos na unlimited text to all networks. All I have to do is load up and register.

    With Smart’s Postpaid naman, its unlitxt offer is only limited to Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Red Mobile networks only. So talo parin.

    No need for Smart’s Netphone feature since this phone has WiFi. Take note that Smartnet’s free FB and Twitter is only ’til December 31, 2011. After that, who knows how much Smart will charge you for that social feature!

    • anonymous

      hello ! eh ano naman kung smart,talk n’ text and red ka ? kaya ka nga sa smart nag avail kase ndee ka globe subscriber ? common sense naman ! wifi nga ! may wi-fi ba sa bahay nyo ? wala naman siguro ! nabasa mo ba ung article ? dba nakasulat dun pede ka magcheck and mag update nang status mo kahit 1 peso lang ung balance mo ! duh ! ur a dumbshit ! u cant even read ! magpapakahirap ka pa magpaload at magregister eh kung pede naman automatically unli na and monthly mo na lang babayaran tsaka its cheaper than the unlocked version ! use common sense kase ! nang hindi ka nanghuhusga !

  • rayukem

    my friends and i are going to buy this some time this month, this is perfect because it’s so affordable that even us students can well, afford it.

    • yeah that’s what Samsung and Smart are aiming for when they released this phone.

      • rayukem

        nakabili ako nung wednesday nito. Last prepaid unit nung smart center na yun yung nakuha ko, wala kasi sa una kong pinuntahan at hindi na ako makahintay pa. So far maganda sya, nakakatanggap ako ng updates sa facebook at twitter pati gmail ng 0 balance. Nakapag e-mail pa nga ako.

  • ranQueeuQnar

    Another reason for me to have the Galaxy Y over the Netphone is the brand that it’s printed on. 😀

    • yeah.. Samsung commands more respect than… Netphone 701. 😛

      • jr

        hai what are the requirements sothat I could avail this samsungalaxy y..thanks..

  • Griswold

    I’ll wait till next year if i would be getting one as a secondary phone. pag-libre pa rin smartnet next year sige go ako.

  • carine

    i have already purchased this unit a week before this Samsung Galaxy Y was officially featured by Smart and when i saw the ad i was a bit sad coz it is under a very affordable plan and i am currently a smart prepaid subscriber. but, nevertheless, its fine coz i wouldn’t want to be tied up for 24 months and sometimes i don’t spend that much on prepaid load. Plus, i have a DSL and wifi at home so i am connected all day too! As to the phone, i am very much satisfied and i am able to save on electricity somehow (“,) since im only using my Samsung Galaxy Y to surf sites and socialize and even do calls overseas thru skype instead of using my laptop! unless otherwise some of the sites and files i need are not accessible on the phone. But anytime i need to transfer a file or a photo from my Galaxy Y to my laptop or vice versa, its so easy thru bluetooth! i am even able to do my excel file in my Galaxy Y! and i am also starting to get addicted to reading e-books from an app i downloaded! I am really enjoying this phone plus its really a value for your money and is affordable at P5990! I love it!

    • that’s nice to hear carine… welcome to the world of smartphones. 🙂

      • hello , i want this thing xD ! but i need to ask you guys i am student then im gonna try this thing .. i just want to ask HOW to inquire to smart ? what are the requirements?, mag kanu ang babayaran para makuha ang phone ?? and kung mag kanu lahat lahat ang babayaran sa 2year ??

        • mas maganda if you go to smart center. i think kelangan ng billing statement as proof na kaya mong magbayad monthly. initial cash out mo is 349 for the first month of the plan. total cash out mo in 2 years is 349 x 24. That is if plan 349 nga yung kinuha mo. if you don’t have the requirements, get the prepaid version na lang para isang bagsakan.

          • ADMIN can i ask something? because i am very interested ?…i am still student i am 16 years old ? its okay ? and what is the billing statement ? anu ang requirements na dadalhin ko po ?? hmm like what ? like I.D ? biodata? birth certificate? or what po ? THANKYOU PO 🙂

          • billing statement… like a meralco bill, or cable bill or telephone bill… basta nakapangalan sayo. since mukhang wala ka pang ganun, it’s either you ask your mom or dad to get the plan for you. or go prepaid na lang nga and pay the full 5999.

          • yeah hehe now i know.. no i dont need to ask mon and dad for that thats why i am asking you admin thankyou very much ..i am going to smart shop .. 😀 to get that thankyou !

          • sir admin can i ask again ? mag kanu pu ba ang unang bayad para makuha ang cellphone and ilang days bagu to makuha ?

          • last question makukuha ko po ba agad yung ? hmm

          • pag prepaid binili? yep.

          • e kapag di prepaid ? kapag monthly ? ilan days bagu makuha ??

          • agad din.

          • jr

            what are the requrements po pra dito???

  • Cyril Viernes

    ahmmft nag ask po ako khapon sa Smart center ang requirements daw ung ID,billing statements and ung financial statements and credit card pwde lng po na khit wlalang billling staements un lnag po kasi wla skain

    • importante yung billing statement kasi yun yung kelangan para maprove mo na kaya mong magbayad monthly. prepaid ka na lang if wala kang billing statement.

  • johnpaul gomez

    ano po mga requirements po ng smartplan galaxy?

    • johnpaul gomez

      pwede po bang wlang credit card?

    • pwede naman cash.

    • johnpaul gomez

      ganyon po hindi pwede 349 per monthly ayun lang po ksi wala ko

    • hello… sir can i ask again how about my mom is dentist and may dad is engineer ..wala daw silang financial statement sa bank daw kasi yun.. panu yun ??

      • mas maganda ask mo Smart sa mga ganyang questions. kung pwede billing statement lang.

      • johnpaul gomez

        pwede po bank book ksi wla akong credit card po.

      • johnpaul gomez

        magkano po pag cash. .

  • hi, im really interested to get the phone and service of smart but although im working i dont have pay slips and all other reqts. so, if i go on to prepaid how much shall I pay to get the phone? and I must assume the reqts are not like those who applied for a plan..

    • yep… pag prepaid walang reqs as far as i know. 5990 ang prepaid.

  • John Gavile

    Nag apply naq last tuesay hangang ngayon wla aqng balita kung anu na ngayare…sbu ittxt daw aq eh wla naman…

    • johnpaul gomez

      pag nag plan na po mom ko pwede ba ako ang mag ba2yad monthly sa smart store

      • yup… darating yung bill sa mom mo, dalhin mo sa smart or any other bills payment then ikaw magbayad.

  • rainier

    helow admin…!i hav my work bt i’m stil leaving wd my parents,can i use d electric bill w/c s registerd n my parent’s name?

    • Griswold

      pasagot ako, ang alam ko pwede but the plan should be under your parent’s name.

      • yup… until now i still have my old postpaid number na nakapangalan sa dad ko. pero ako na yung nagbabayad.

  • pwepe tanong?,, eh pano kapag hndi kah nakabayd kukunin bah nla sau ang phone?,or tatanaggalan nlang nang cgnal ung phone?

    • puputulan ka ng linya. tapos di ka na makakaavail ng plan ulit unless hindi mo bayaran utang mo.

  • pwepe tanong?,, eh pano kapag hndi kah nakabayd kukunin bah nla sau ang phone?

    • haha hindi ko alam. malabo ata na may kumatok sa pinto para hingin ang phone mo. siguro blacklisted na lang yung pangalan na ginamit for the plan. di makaka-avail ng plan in the future unless bayaran ang utang.

  • Roy

    Nag aalala po ako sa mga nabasa kong comments sino po ba dito nag avail sa smart center sm muntinlupa at ganu po katagal nyo hinintay kaka avail ko lang nung Monday…. sa mga nag avail sa sm muntinlupa smart center please reply thanks

  • Roy

    Nag aalala po ako sa mga nabasa kong comments sino po ba dito nag avail sa smart center sm muntinlupa at ganu po katagal nyo hinintay kaka avail ko lang nung Monday…. sa mga nag avail sa sm muntinlupa smart center please reply thanks ganu po katagal exactly

  • yung 5999 prepaid po b ilang may expiry? ilang buwan o ilang taon?

    • pag prepaid di nageexpire. kasi parang binili mo yung unit sa store. sa samsung store 5999 din ang galaxy y, unlocked version.

  • one last question po, kasi nakitako sa internet ang reqts lang na nakalagay if you are an employee are: photocopy of company ID, certificate of employment or latest pay slip and the application form completely filled-out, tama po b?

  • one last question po, kasi nakita ko sa internet ang reqts lang na nakalagay if you are an employee are: photocopy of company ID, certificate of employment or latest pay slip and the application form completely filled-out, tama po b?

  • one last question po, kasi nakita ko sa internet ang reqts lang na nakalagay if you are an employee are: photocopy of company ID, certificate of employment or latest pay slip and the application form completely filled-out, tama po b? looking forward for your reply tnx

  • Yen Chua

    ask ko lng po, pg inavail ko yung prepaid sa smart, may libre ba tong memory card?

    • yup may 2GB microSD dapat kasama sa package

  • Roy

    Pasagot naman yung tanong ko please thanks i really need answer

  • hello, ive availed the thing. but i dont know to register to internet connection. please inform if you know..

    • you can connect via wifi… or if you want to be charged for mobile data connection, you should turn off smart browsing… there’s a widget for it.

  • dheo

    ok ba ang maps nito? gumagana ng maayos ang navigation?

    • ok ang maps… walang google navigation for philippines yet

  • pano kung sa proof of billing e sa papa ko nakapangalan. pero payslip ng mother ko. pede ba yun? plus, di ko kasama parants ko pag-avail tomorrow sana 🙂 need ng authorization letter? ano dapat isulat? THANKS 🙂

  • HI 🙂 halimbawa po un MOM ko eh naka plan na sya sa SMART pero gusto ko po kumuha ng plan na 349/samsung galaxy young pwede ko parin ba gamitin ung name ng moma ko??…po?^^

    • i think pwede naman 2 plans under one name

  • IZZA


    • yup… meron dyan widget which lets you switch to smart browsing para iblock nya yung mobile internet things that will charge you. you can still view those photos and videos via wifi though

      • IZZA

        where can i find that widget ur referring to?gusto ko nga ma-block ung ibang internet things that will cause me extra charges.help nman po kung panu.yoko matulad sa mga officemates ko na nagugulat n lng cla thousands na ung bill nila..tnx

        • swipe left sa homescreen… meron doon widget nakasulat internet or Smart. or check the manual… may nakasulat dapat dun about Smart browsing

          • IZZA

            may charged dn po b paggamit ng wifi..ung officemate ko kc nka plan sa globe..may charged ang wifi..

          • nope no charge pag wifi, if you want to be sure turn of mobile data sa settings.

          • Roy

            IZZA may tanung ako kailan ka nag apply nang smart samsung galaxy plan 349?? please need your answer thank you

          • IZZA

            @roy-i forgot the exact date..2week yta ng november.nakuha ko last week ng november.

          • IZZA

            @calvin- i tried mag create ng account sa smart.net thru computer.nagsend skin ng verification code thru sms pero hindi ko alam kung anung account number?..wala kc nakalagay sa txt e…

          • Roy

            Thank You But what branch? what do you think around November 1-10 or 1-20 thanks wait for your answer

          • IZZA

            @roy- sa sm bicutan ako nakakuha..
            3 weeks yta bago nkuha ung unit..kc tagal ko na e-mail cert. of employee ko e a week after pa..cguro kung na e-mail ko agad mga 2weeks lng..

  • dariel

    Bro, diba 349 a month for 2 years? unlisocial din ba talaga ito for 2years?
    Bro, have you tried using twitter? pag ba may mention ka, iaalert ka ng galaxy y?

  • chow

    how to register the samsung galaxy y on smartnet.com.ph?? there are mmany options..what will I choose to register my number?

    • just follow the directions.

  • may

    hi admin ask ko lang po if ok lang wlang financial statement pero may billing naman?pwede ko po ba tawagan smart center dito cebU?thanks po

    • i think ok lang yan pero call smart center to be sure

  • kimbaduds

    sir.. ask ko lang, which is better ba talaga? retail version or the netphone version? napansin ko din magkaiba specs nilang dalawa..

    • hmmm what do you mean im not aware of that. i got the netphone version and pareho lang specs nya with the plain one

    • kimbaduds

      ay hindi pala specs.. kasi netphone phone mem. nya ay 150mb lang, yung sa retail version 180mb..

  • kimbaduds

    eto sir.. last question. kasi i really want this phone, and this is my first time to have a plan. sa globe = retail version of galaxy y, and sa smart netphone edition. so what do you think? should i go for smart or globe?. same 349php/month.

    • if marami kang kilala na may smart netphone, mas ok ung netphone edition. i not totally up to you kung gusto mo globe or smart. siguro kung ano yung majority of your friends na lang.

  • jrunciano

    hello po want ko po sana mag avail ng postpaid sa smart to get a galaxy y…

  • kate

    what will be the requirements in having smart samsung galaxy 349 plan?

  • ask ko lang po boss. Kunwari nsakin n ung galaxy y. Pde po b palitan ng prepaid sim? Ung post paid n sim ilipat ko s ibang fone

    • yup… lalo na pag unlocked yung unit… pero pag smart, smart sim lang rin.

  • NOEL

    nagpasa na ako ng application sa smart for plan 349 pero hanggang ngaun di pa rin sila tumatawg? 2 weeks na…bakit kaya?

    • han na dou

      ung ate ko din eh nung nov 18 pa sila nag apply ng bf nea sbi 2wiks lan daw makukuha na pro wala pa din hannggan nagun .. so matagal excited na kmi sa galavy y tsk kelan kaya nmin makukuha un ?

      • nagkakaubusan daw eh sabi ni Smart. hintay hintay lang.

        • han na dou

          SANA DIS X-MAS MERON NA .. >.<

  • NOEL

    asked ko lang admin hanggang kailan kaya ako mag-aantay para makuha yung phone? next year? tnx

    • baka naubusan ng stocks si Smart? try mo si Globe na lang? hehehe. mabenta pala itong Galaxy Y.

  • khaizer

    kung magsatsat kayu para kayung may pera mga pulubi~!!! salita salita walang pera…bili kayu mamahalin marami jan more than wat samsung has. kachepan!

  • NOEL

    ok sabi mo eh!

  • Dimple

    bat ganun.. nag’apply ako plan 349 sb nung sales rep. w8 lang aq for 2 weeks makukuha ko na.. but then tumawag sila sakin d daw aq qualified dahil wala pa ako 1 year sa work.. pero nung nag apply aq wala naman cla cnb ganun.. umasa tuluy aq.. nakaka dissapoint!

  • NOEL

    sa akin nga di pa tumatawag eh…buti kapa tinawagan…

  • JmBalicano

    lol. 104 comments on a post that’s more than a month old.. astig..

  • baphomet

    ask lang po

    pag mag aavail ka po ba ng plan 350 nitong galaxy y eh may kasama pong 2gb micro SD?

    • yup.. lahat ng package may kasamang microsd.

  • maya

    sir, i would like to ask if this phone has pdf reader and other quick office?

    • you can install a reader and polaris office or documents to go but i don’t think it will look good on its small screen.

  • kimberly ann araño

    i want to have this one, but i dont have any documents to prove na ako ung nakapangalan sa mga electric bills or what. pede ko ba gamitin ang postal ID ko? currently employed ako now. thanks..

  • Reniel

    Ask ko lang po if fixed napo ba ung 349 monthly? bka kac kgaya ito ng ibang plan na pag nawrongsend ka sa other network ay additional payments na naman?

  • Laurence

    Tnung q lng poh qng pd ito ipa unlock? Pd poh bah?

    • Laurence

      Tnung q ndin qng ilang GB ang Free Micro SD Memory card n2?

    • please no text speak…

      bili ka na lang ng unlocked unit sa samsung store kung gusto mo unlocked.

      • Laurence

        Ahhhh Ok Pero pag nag bago isip ko tapos gusto ko ipaunlock pede poh bah?

      • Laurence

        I mean Ipa OpenLine! Para makagamit ng ibang simcard? Kasi nag applay ako ng Samsung galaxy Y Plan 360 Then May isa pa akong Phone Parehas silang nka Offline ng smart Gusto ko ipa openline yung isa para magamitan ko ng ibang sim card ung isang phone? Pd poh bah?

        • pag yung sa smart gagamitin mo… nakalock sya sa 1st sim na ginamit mo doon dahil sa smartnet. kuha ka na lang yung sa globe. tapos ipa-openline mo. or bili ka na lang sa samsung store para kahit anong sim pwede.

  • arch

    pwede po bang ipa unlock ung phone na to na nakaplan ng 349 sa smart? and then pag naunlock na pwede ng saksakan ng ibang sim like globe? hindi ba mawawala ung plan ng simcard ko pag napaunlock ung phone? thanks!

    • pwede pero mawawala yung smartnet feature.

      • arch

        ano na lang pong matitira? meaning mawawala ung free facebook and twitter? pero ung unlitext to smart hindi? thanksss!

        • yung smartnet is an app sa phone. hindi affected yung plan ng SIM mo. mawawala syempre yung free FB and Twitter updates kasi dumadaan sa smartnet yun.

          • arch

            ah okay po 🙂 thanks! pwede po bang idownload ung smartnet na app? 🙂

          • pwede rin pero for smart sim card lang sya gagana.

        • arch

          ahh so pag naunlock na siya ung phone di na pwedeng gamitin ung smartnet na app kahit nagdownload kapa? aw 😛

          • pwede as long as smart sim card mo. smartnet requires you to be on the smart network.

          • arch

            ah ok po 🙂 maliwanag na thanks! 🙂 ipapaunlock ko nlnang ung phone pra pde sa globe, di pla mawawala ung smartnet eh bsta ung simcard na smart ung ggmitin na nakaplan 🙂 ty

          • kahit naman prepaid smart pwede sa smartnet. basta important makaconnect ka sa smart network para magamit ang smartnet.

          • arch


  • Hi po, naka-pag-renew ako ng Plan 500 consummable ko, pero pinag-cash out ako ng P1,000 para sa Galaxy Y, parang natalo ako dun, kasi libre lang siya sa Plan 349.
    Nagpa-renew ako ng November 2011, pero December ko na nakuha yung phone..
    Parang natalo ako ng P1,000 dun..

    • baka iba yung set up pag renewals and bagong subscribers? or baka tumaas price ng Galaxy Y? Didn’t you ask Smart?

  • IZZA


  • hi, wat if ung parents namin is both working abroad? then our lola and lolo namin ang guardians namin? rhey dont have any proof pf employment … panu kami mkakapag avail? anu nalang iprepresent namin? if ever ung sim ilipat sa ibang phone like ihpne pwede padin ba magamit ung unli social sa ibang phone?

  • sharon esmilla baniega

    nakaraan pang nov.2011 pa ako nagpasa ng application bakit til now wala pa response sa result ng application ko?

    • john b

      ako kakukuha ko lang last Saturday..almost three weeks din akong nag antay….

      • I POH ano ba mga requiment para makakuha ng plan

    • rjhay

      Ako nag pasa na ako nung january 24 pa.. till now wala pa.. matagal ba talaga?

      • sawako

        matagal po talaga yan ~ si papa po nagintay nan 2 mos bago niya po nkuha.. kala nga po namen di na maaproved

        • Furry

          bkit sakin 3 days lang approval kuha agad.. depende ata dun sa middle person…

    • xtian

      ako kakukuha ko lng nung smin nung gf ko knina. naubusan daw ng stock since december kc madami nagavail kya nashort sila sa stocks pero now OK na raw, try re-applying or go to the nearest Smart Wireless center sa mga mejo nadelay ung application nla.

      • ang bilis nman kung ganun..anu ba kelangan nila pra ma approved yung request?…i want to have the plan also eh..but?nalilito ako parang sa tingin ko lugi ako sa mbabayaran koh..any comment or that guyz?..is it affordable?..and xtian?what are the requirements for that?…

        • Aljay

          ,Lugi ka nman tlga eh, kc bnilang mo ung price pro qng su2litin mo ung unlitxt arw2 bawi kna!:)

  • christopher

    bkit wala pa din reply sken ang smartnet . . pra sa unli social k . . nka dam n aq resend pra sa confirmation . .
    pano k maga2mit ang unli social k kung d ma co2nfirm un..

    • jhamaica

      kailangan pa ba nang confirmation para gamitin ang unli social? kasi naka plan 349 ako.. unli social diritso na ako naka facebook, YM at Skype.. wala na confirmation..,

      • khaye

        ako po…di ko din magamit un unli social
        ..di daw kasi magagamit yun…bakit kaya???yun kasi yun sabi nun nagbigay ng galaxy y

  • colleen

    paano ba magagamit yung unli social strean ng plan349 ng smart,samsung galaxy y?help me pls

  • Last Feb. 7 pa ako nag apply for 349 plan.. Hanggang ngayon wala pa rin.. Sana naman may text or kahit na anu na ipapadala, kung comfirmed or hindi para di umasa yung tao. Kasi they have the customers number naman..

  • Laurence

    ede tanung anu poh ibigsabihin ng running balance kasi ang taas ng Running balance ko???

    • Reynell

      i just got mine last feb17, i applied for it around dec 30 last year. sad part about it, they told there’s no unlisocial anymore, main reason why applied for a plan….. haist!

    • irish

      Running Balance – is your unbilled usage for the billing period. Once you reach your billing cycle cut-off, unbilled usage is refreshed to zero. The value presented is VAT-exclusive.

  • Reynell

    i check it out, and apparently unli-social is still being offered until march, which i should i believe? the agent who told me theres no unli-social in the plan anymore or the site, http://smart.com.ph/netphone/plans/galaxy-y-plans.htm, that says unli social is still being offered till march.

  • jonah

    anu mga req nila pag nag apply?pag may line na ba sa smart halimbawa smart broadband pwede kaya yun?

  • mavric

    bakit yong sa akin ang laki ng bill ko… bakit lamost 1,500 a month…

  • zell yuzon

    gusto ko ng ipa cut ung line q pero paano kaya?

    • kelangan naka 2 years ka na or else may termination fee. have to contact smart for that.

  • carlot b. deque

    sir/mam, please send my monthly bill payments for my plan thru my email add so that i will know much my monthly bill consumption..and i can pay as soon as possible, as early..tnxs & hoping you can reply me emmediately.

  • jose

    mga tanga cno ng sabi sa inyo na libre ang samsung galaxy y na unit sa plan 349 tulog kba o tanga kang talaga,…,…,… tingna mo ung bill mamang tanga 311 ang price ng unit na binabayaran mo d pa ksama ang vat kuha mo? at sa bawat tawag mo aditional un sa 349 mo na plan hndi accumlated ung 349 na bnabyaran mo sa kol………..

    • rhayne

      god…..anong petsa nah nong dec.9 pah ako ngapply ne txt wla ngffollow up nmn aq pero out of stock lang plgi kng naririnig.anoh bah…?

      • rhayne

        i need answer you know….

  • mike

    gusto ko magkaroon nian pls help me kung pano

  • ano ba mga requimnet para makahu ng mga plan

  • paano ba makakakuha nito?

  • Steve

    i want this.! how to apply to get it?

  • Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers?

    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing many months of hard work due to no back up.
    Do you have any solutions to stop hackers?

  • shain ann mae merginio

    gusto ko mag plan samsung galaxy y smart plan po paano ?