Samsung is giving away 24 printers in 12 days

Ok listen up. 12 days before Christmas, Samsung is giving Facebook users the chance to win 24 limited edition Samsung ML-1660 printers. This ultra-compact printers will have a skin designed by Electrolychee.

All you need to do is register at the Share the Good News Facebook page and wait for a photo to be posted. Tag yourself on that photo and share it to a friend to qualify. Only 50 taggers are allowed per photo so better be quick and always check your Facebook for the photo announcement. Via a raffle draw, you and your friend will get to own a Samsung ML-1660 printer.


Click the image for a bigger version. You can also visit the Facebook page to see the whole mechanics.

Right now the 4 photos have already been posted with the 5th one appearing on Sunday. I don’t know what’s the 12 day is all about since the contest just started on the 20th. Anyway, join up to win a free printer.

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