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Samsung launched 10.1″ and 8.9″ Galaxy Tab in the country

Along with the Galaxy SII, Samsung also launched the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 last Wednesday. We featured the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 early last month and we were told that it would be available early June. Unfortunately, we just learned that it still won’t be available until by the end of July and the 8.9 version will follow a few weeks after.

The reason for the delay? Samsung upgraded the OS on both tablets to Android 3.1 and this would allow the 3G version to send and receive text messages and have support for microSD card (via an accessory). For some reason, we were told that calls aren’t possible yet with Honeycomb 3.1. Samsung also included their TouchWiz UI into the device to give it some distinction from other Honeycomb tablets. Initially, it was supposed to only have the bare Honeycomb UI.

Both the 10.1 and 8.9 Galaxy Tab have the same internals. Dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 processor, 1280 x 800 display, 3MP rear camera with flash, 2MP front camera and a 16GB internal storage.


Personally, I think these new tablets look really nice and I also like how the UI is presented. The form and weight is just right for a tablet. Actually, even if it’s bigger than the iPad 2, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is lighter by around 37 grams. It follows the iPad 2 route though by limiting the ports on the device. There’s no microSD expansion slot nor an HDMI out. You can get accessories that you attach to its charging port if you want to use an HDMI cable or read from a USB stick or an SD card.

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There’s also a charging dock / keyboard accessory (very first picture) if you’re going into some heavy typing. Then there’s the leather case which has a Bluetooth keyboard as well making your Galaxy Tab look like a slim netbook.

The 10.1 version (3G version only in the mean time) will be the first to be released by the end of July. Our source said it will have a price tag roughly the same as that of the Galaxy SII, Php29,990.Ā As for the 8.9 version, expect it to be available by August with a price tag of around Php25,000 for the WiFi version. Samsung is still planning whether to bring in the 3G version.

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  • Messie

    I was a bit disappointed because the price of these are not as low as Samsung promised it to be before. IIRC, it was first announced that the 10.1″ will be priced at $499 while the 8.9″ will be priced at $459. Now it seems that both of these will be priced higher than the ipad 2 which is 23,990 here. Tsk.

    • 499 probably for the wifi version ng 10.1. sa ibang region wifi version yung 10.1 eh. pero sa atin 3G version ang unang ilalabas.

      those are still estimated price na binigay ng samsung. may time pa para magbago.

      • ver

        so it’s official na 3g sa philippines? that’s great news! puro wifi pa lang kasi, even sa amazon ang available…

        • yup. all the 10.1 i’ve seen has a microSIM slot.

          • ver

            this is really great news! I can’t wait! Is the P29,900 price estimate for the 16GB? Do you have an estimate for the 32GB?

          • we don’t know yet if it’s 16GB or 32GB or if they will be releasing models in different storage space.

          • ver

            i hope it’s already 32GB kasi the wifi version same storage size sells for 599USD in amazon, roughly about 26K. Anyway, i guess patience is a virtue and i might regret it if i buy the wifi version now online since what i really want is the 3g version. i will end up paying around 30k anyway since may shipping fee pa. thanks for all the info. this helped me decide that i should wait na lang. šŸ™‚

          • ver

            any recent news on the release date of tab 10.1 3g?

  • Is this the new slim version or the chunky old version released earlier this year? I’m looking forward to this tablet. Any word if it will come with phone capabilities on later updates?

    • this is the slim version. only the 10.1 is expected to support microSIM. depends on google if they want to put call functions on their honeycomb.

  • nothing sucks like touchwiz..they should not have incorporated that layer on top of the honeycomb.. pffft.. i’d wait for LG’s rather..

    • Neiru

      Actually, Touchwiz for me is the most useful custom skin on android.. If you’ve had first hand experience with touchwiz before, then I would like to know how it has become troublesome for you because in my experience, Touchwiz has been great.

  • PJ

    If Samsung will price the new products the same way they initially put a price on Samsung Galaxy tab (P30-32K), I think those new products would also go the same route as with the first Galaxy Tab, with samsung forced to lower their price to as low as P21K just to compete with the discounted sale of Ipad1 (at that time).

    Those who are not particular with the OS might rather get an Ipad2 for 23K that currently has more apps available.

    Eventually, if Samsung’s release would be delayed even further, then the same thing might happen, where they are forced to lower their price to compete with a possible Ipad2 discounted sale in preparation for the Ipad 3 release (rumored to be in Sept 2011). The same thing all over again.

    • yeah… samsung cant afford any more delays especially that the Asus and Acer tablets are slowly picking up steam.

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