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Samsung launches affordable AMD-powered Series 3 laptops

We first saw the AMD E-350 processor on the Sony VAIO Y a few months ago and we’re wondering where the rest of the brands are with these sort of laptops. Yesterday at Chocolate Fire, Samsung launched their Series 3 305U1A AMD-powered laptops that will surely give the VAIO Y a run for its money.


So what can you expect from the Samsung Series 3 305U1A? Well first of all, just like other Samsung Series laptops, the Series 3 exudes class and style with its brushed metallic duo-tone finish on its lid. This one comes in 5 colors for you to choose from: black, silver, pink, blue and purple. The inside is plain aluminum finish with a decent-sized touchpad and island style keyboard that’s comfortable to type on. It also sports a slim bezel so you’ll get an 11-inch display on a netbook-sized body. With a thickness of just 27.5mm and a weight of 1.21kg., you would find this easy to bring along with you wherever you go.

On the inside the Samsung Series 3 is powered by an AMD E-450 APU. To make things simpler, the E-450 is more powerful than the Atom and feels like an ultra-low voltage first generation Intel Core i3. What’s nice about this APU is the AMD Radeon integrated graphics that blows Intel’s current integrated graphics out of the water. You will have no problem playing Full HD videos with this laptop whether it’s online streaming or offline viewing.


Samsung is claiming that the battery here can do up to 8 hours so it’s safe to say that in reality, it translates to 6 hours. Still an improvement over the VAIO Y’s measly 3.5-hour computing on a single charge. All colors are available right now with a suggested retail price of P23,900 which is a few thousand lower than Sony’s.

Samsung Series 3 305U1A Specs:
AMD Dual Core Processor E-450 (1.65 GHz)
11.6″ HD LED (1366 x 768), Anti-reflective
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Basic (64-bit)
2GB DDR3 RAM at 1333MHz
AMD Radeon HD 6320 integrated graphics
500GB S-ATA II HDD (5400RPM)
Bluetooth 3.0, VGA, HDMI, Headphone, Internal Mic, 3x USB 2.0 (Sleep and charge), 4-in-1 (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC), RJ45(LAN), DC-In (Power Port)
4 Cell / 29Wh battery
Colors: Black, Silver, Pink, Violet, Blue
SRP: Php23,990
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  • Good specs and affordable. Way to go, Samsung! I guess it’s true what they’re saying, that it’s Samsung’s decade and that the company is giving other firms a run for their money.

  • dapat 6 cell man lang para mas matagal battery

    • oo nga eh but i guess reason din yun kaya bumaba price. they’re selling battery upgrades din naman for this one.

      • geneviere

        OMG…4 cell?!

    • mark

      di naman kasi katulad ng mga atom processor yan ee look amd yan lower batt comp. then ang power ng typical batt ng laptop 4hrs. lang talga. kahit 6 cell.. benefits naman ng samsung mas ok compare sa ibang units,,,

  • mary

    Wow. This is looking to be a really good buy…

  • Griswold

    Wow! Parang tempting ah. Windows Basic and not Starter. 500GB HDD. 2GB RAM. Just wow! i think i want this for Christmas.

  • jp

    maraming reklamo about after sales ng samsung. 😀 since bago pa lang sila sa laptop/netbook industries, stick muna ako sa mga matagal ng gumagawa nyan gaya ng mga taiwanese manufacturers 😀

    • Griswold

      ano raw problem ng samsung support?

    • mark

      f.y.i po 2005 pa po ang samsung sa mga ganito .. bago palang sa phil. market.. pero kung maki2ta mo un mga bumabalik na unit sa DEALER ung mga naka sanayan kahit sabay lang na binili sa mga na experience ko ..

  • Bouie

    Can’t wait for the review! 🙂

  • Edrei

    Hi Sir Calvin,

    Pa-advise naman po, im choosing between these 3 11-inch netbooks:

    Samsung series 3 305U1A

    ASUS Eee PC 1215B

    or SONY VAIO Y E-350

    I’m bound to get the Samsung series 3 but wud ask for your opinion first. Am i making the right decision? thanks Sir!

    • among the three i would get the Samsung then Sony then Asus. samsung has the design and price factor going for it. sony has the brand… asus well… parang ordinary notebook lang for them. but if you can get the asus on a cheaper price then go for it.

      • Edrei

        thanks for the reply sir. i can get the samsung @ 21k cash from its orig price of 23.9k that’s why i got really interested with it. anyway, can the battery of samsung be upgraded coz i heard it’s just 4-Cell. and how much for the battery upgrade? thanks again.

        • Jeremiah

          I actually got mine for P17,900.00 last December, 2011. It includes a Buffalo Optical Disk Drive and an 8GB Apacer Flashdrive. Indeed, the best deal I got.

          • hey that’s cheap instead!

          • Joel

            Can i ask where did you bought such at 17,900? You two freebies included that’s why i’m also interested.

          • mark

            i think u buy that at octagon ?

  • akoCborg

    sir calvin.. just wanted to make sure.. yung sure na sure talaga…hehe

    mas maganda ba talaga tong Samsung series 3 305U1A kesa sa SONY VAIO Y E-350 ?? im planning of buying SONY VAIO Y E-350 na kasi eh kaso nung nakita ko yung tanong ni Edrei, napaisip ako bigla.

    dami ko na kasi nakita reviews about SONY VAIO Y E-350 pero sa Samsung series 3 305U1A kunti pa lang..

    ano ba advantages of having Samsung series 3 305U1A kesa sa SONY VAIO Y E-350 kung SPECS ang pag uusapan??

    sana maka reply po kau.. salamat poh!! ^_^

    • mas lamang si samsung sa hdd at 500GB compared to 320GB ng sony, other than that identical sila. nagkakatalo lang talaga sa build design, price and brand. kung brand conscious ka go for Sony.

      • akoCborg

        cge poh.. hehe salamat po talaga sa reply..
        i will go for Samsung series 3 305U1A nalang po siguro.. atleast mas mura. hehe

        • Edrei

          I bought the samsung last week. mura compared sa Sony. Maganda design. it’s thin and light. go for the samsung na!

          • akoCborg

            hehe.. cge2, im planning of buying one this december.. sure na talaga, Samsung series 3 305U1A..weeeeeeee!hehe thanks man!

    • igotek

      you might also interested with the Dell inspiron M102z.
      11.6″ display @ 1366×768 pixels
      AMD E-450 1.65GHz dual-core
      AMD Radeon HD 6320
      4GB DDR3 RAM
      500GB SATA HDD
      1.3MP webcam
      WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
      Bluetooth 3.0
      LAN port
      3 x USB 2.0 ports
      HDMI port
      7-in-1 card reader
      6-cell battery
      Ubuntu 10.04

      Price: P21,900

      • john1111

        WHERE could i buy that Dell inspiron M102z??

  • Jeremiah

    I have been using the computer for weeks now since December 2011. I got mine for P17,900.00 where it includes a Buffalo Optical Disk Drive and an 8GB Apacer Flashdrive. I am telling you this for you to be informed about the current price of the product. I am satisfied to the specs and the design. The only problem I see is that, if one is not too careful, it is easy for the computer to be detached to the power cable, thus, you must be careful in computing without a battery especially when you are installing something. This is a better deal than that of SONY Vaio Y if you are not conscious to the brand. Above all, this is cheaper than that of Vaio Y and has specs way too better than SONY’s.

    • Jeremiah

      I have had the deal at SM Megamall’s Octopus. That is located at the Cyberzone. Happy computing!

      • octagon you mean? 😉

        • Jeremiah

          Yes, Calvin haha! I stand corrected for that… I do not know that for how long I am going to that place, it is just that now I called it as Octopus haha! Probably my mind now is tied to so many things–probably school work : )

          • joey

            ask ko na rin…
            i heard na meron syang card reader sa front. is it true? how’s its performance w/ regards to multi-tasking? and how’s the buffalo ODD’s performance?

          • Jeremiah Grafia

            I do not know if that is in front… I believe it is located at the side.. Sorry, I am on my desktop.. kakatamad kunin e to check hehe. About the Buffalo ODD, I am not familiar pa to the overall performance… I have just used it once for installing Microsoft Office. If you have a laptop, it is rocommended to have an ODD… this would help you install things you want to be installed. About the multi-tasking, I am not yet again familiar over-all but it has a dual core system.

          • jefff

            Stay away from that Buffallo ODD, its to noisy compared to Samsung’s DVD Writer Model SE-208 slim drive.
            So silent, so sleek, so slim!

      • sandr

        Hi po! Why is it here in Negros, ang Samsung series 305U1A would cost up to 24k? Planning to buy 1 this week but can’t get over with the price that you got. I want to pay it in cash pa naman. *justsaying* sigh

    • joey

      hirit pa…
      sa actual.. how’s the battery’s performance? gaano tumatagal at ilang oras inaabot ang charging? thanks!!

      • Jeremiah Grafia

        They say, as far as I remember, that, if fully charged, you could have eight hours… However, in reality, you could just have six hours… I have noticed that you’re not reading what is written above…

        “Samsung is claiming that the battery here can do up to 8 hours so it’s safe to say that in reality, it translates to 6 hours.”

        Just a friendly advise, this is a good buy… better than SONY Vaio Y provided that you are not brand-conscious.

        • joey

          Bro… i-rephrase ko ang questions ko, seems di mo nakuha…. i have read the laptop’s specs several times already… halos kabisado ko na nga eh … ang tanong ko eh…. IN REALITY BA, based sa experience mo sa unit… kapag ginagamit mo ba, ilang oras tumatagal? kapag i-charge mo, gaano katagal bago mag full charge? Ok ba ang buffalo ODD compared sa ibang brands? kapag ginagamit mo ang unit sa work mo, kumusta ang unit? mabagal ba sa booting? start up? multi-page browsing?

          • hehe parang kulang na lang gumawa ng review si jeremiah ah.

            buffalo is a trusted brand naman so wala kang dapat ikabahala sa ODD nila. besides, minsan mo lang naman siguro magagamit ang ODD.

            if you want basahin mo review ng sony vaio y namin, halos ganun lang dapat ang experience since same specs.

          • joey

            @Calvin: after sales review or shall we say… customer feedback lang sana…. na mismong nanggaling sa end user….. kilala ang buffalo sa HDD… i dunno sa optical drives…..

          • Jeremiah Grafia

            Ahh, ok. I charged it in a Battery Life Extender feature of Samsung so that would be 80&… 80% lasts for 2hours… provided that it is in the brightest screen… you need to set the contrast at the lowest level in order for you to be able to use it longer… In conclusion, this would probably only be best for presentation purposes only bro… not meant for long-time usage. For the charging… From 35% of battery life, it took me about an hour or a two for the battery to be full (80%-since I am in a Battery Life Extended Future)… I have not used it much pa since at home, I am using my desktop… I will be using this lang for presentation purposes… About the ODD, I have used it once and, for me, it is ok, classy. Sa booting, ok naman, just as normal as other computers… start up, ok lang din, binago ko lang yung msconfig-startup services… multi-page browsing-it is really good kasi it has a 1.75RAM e 2 pa nga ata… Yun lang, I am not using it pa ng matagal… However, still, this is a good decision for such price bro. @Calvin hehe, yeah, probably I could be a contributor in your page in the next possible time I could 🙂 Sorry for the delay of my reply, it’s midterm week…

      • joey

        Thanks lots brothers… done… i’ll get my blue one at octagon festval mall tomorrow… 🙂

        • Jeremiah Grafia

          That’s good! I also have the blue one!

  • don

    di ko magets ung sa battery e. ang ibig sbhn ba talagang hangang 80% lng ang machacharge?

    • may ganung feature mga laptop na hindi i-fully charge ang batteries para tumagal ang lifetime.

      • joey

        thanks sa review.. i already got my blue one and currently satisfied. mabilis na nga sya for a notebook. suave sa tasking. plus pogi points sa starbaks at sa karinderya… he he

        seriously, ramdam mo ang power ng small gadget na ito… 3 hours of continuous operation ang battery w/ optimal settings. panalo sa picture quality… i got it for 17.9k plus a buffalo ODD, a kingston 8gb flash drive, and 500php worth of accessories!! thumbs up!

        • nice!! good deal ah.

          • joey

            sa OCTAGON brother.. the best deal in town!

  • kier

    I got mine just the other day for 17,900 then i upgraded from 2gb DDR3 ram to 4Gb DDR3 ram.. add lng 1500 total= 19,400 not a bad deal.. with free 8 gb flashdrive wala lang ODD pero ok na rin..

  • John

    I also got mine the other day worth P18,000 sa SM north. Walang ODD but may free mouse, headset and 4GB flashdrive. If I have read this site sana sa Octagon na ako bumili and pina-upgrade ko din sa 4GB RAM. But I’m happy that I have bought this netbook because I think its far good (design and performance) compared to other brands.

    • Chie


      I just bought mine at Automatic Center in Market Market. They have the best deal compared to Villman or Abenson. I bought it at P19,900 card kasi for 6 mos 0%. I just added 200.00 for the ODD imation brand. Freebies included: 4gb USB and cooling fan genius brand. I guess yung 17,900 and 18k is cash basis?

      • joey

        yup… it’s paid in cash.. i also had the m/c upgraded to 4gb…. costing me 1.1k… got the kingston brand at pc express….

    • sandra

      Hi there! Why is it here in Negros, ang Samsung series 305U1A would cost up to 24k? Planning to buy 1 this week but can’t get over with the price that you got. I want to pay it in cash pa naman. *justsaying* sigh

      • where is that? is it from an authorized reseller?

  • Brian

    I bought mine last January 23 and after one week, had it sent to the service center due to wifi issues and screen flickers. Up until now, I haven’t gotten it back yet.

    • Vincens

      Mine has the exact same problems, did you get your back, and how long did it take? Is it fixed now?

  • pia

    just bought samsung 300e4a-a04….maganda n yung specs nya kaso parang di ko mramdaman…ang bagal parang tulad ng luma kong acer….start up p lng tagal umaabot ng 90sec. nauna p nga yung acer ko mgopen eh npakalotech ng acer ko.magagawan ba ng paraan yun pra bumilis?….aba tera bite n nga di ko nmn mramdaman 2.3 p processor.

    • joey


      update mo muna lahat ng software nyan… esp the OS… then check again…..

      • pia

        windows 7 home basic yung os ko….ang isa p naiinis ako pg magopen ng icons ang tagal may umiikot p n bilog s cursor n indicating ngre-read cya…nkakabagal lng yun.

        • joey

          like i said, wait mo muna mag settle down ang OS mo through automatic updates.. eventually, bibilis din yan…

          • Jayson


            natry mo na ba gumamit ng model ni @pia???
            @pia… I plan to buy kasi like that. hanggang ngaun ba… mabagal pa rin ung performance nia??

  • Ram

    Ganito rin ang unit ko, nabili ko last summer , satisfied naman ako sa notebook but the only thing is madilim ang webcam neto pag gabi, halos wala kanang makita, i dunno kung sa software ba talaga to ng Youcam or sa unit mismo.