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Samsung To Launch Metal-Body Smartphone together with Galaxy S5

One of the things we’d like to see on a Samsung smartphone is a metal-alloy case similar to some of its competitors. Samsung has been consistent in introducing new high-end features on its new smartphones but clearly focus less on the materials.

Samsung Galaxy F and Galaxy S5


Perhaps Samsung has finally paid attention to its consumers and maybe we’ll finally be seeing the first Samsung smartphones with metal body.  Reports have it that Samsung is set to launch the Samsung Galaxy F at the same time with the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy F being its first smartphone to feature a metal body.  The Samsung Galaxy F will also kick off a new “œsuper premium” line of Samsung smartphones a class higher than the S5.



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  • mas ngustuhan q na ungLG phone specially LG G2

  • Jell

    What is the main purpose of this? Anybody can buy a case for their smartphones 🙂

  • Marc

    LG G2 is better than this 🙂

  • joy

    I dont think so it will work.

  • dondhie

    I want Quick window case 🙂

  • carlo

    parang ang weird..yo can easily buy cheaper cases para sa phone..i guess expensive pa toh.

  • ben

    Samsung Galaxy F? New line of premium Samsung phones more premium than the S line? hmmm.. Galaxy F1, F2, F3?.. parang pang racing ang tunog ahh.. hehehe