Samsung makes one tough microSD

I’m not sure if there’s a market for rugged or durable SD cards but I’ve seen Sandisk SD cards getting stomped at, dropped in a bowl filled with ice water and still performs perfectly. I didn’t know microSD are also capable of it until I came across this one from Samsung.

Samsung microSD

Got this Class 4 8GB microSD from across the pond (UK) and it says in the packaging that it’s waterproof, shockproof and magnet proof. I’m not sure how this would prove useful in your daily life but if you often find yourself dropping your phone in the pool and ruining your microSD and its contents then maybe you should get one of these.

Stomping on a microSD is lame and I don’t have a magnet with me so I did the waterproof test instead and as expected, the card still works. If you’re interested in seeing a microSD card getting dunked on water, watch the video below:

I guess microSD that are built-to last should be a priority if you’re after those expensive, high-speed, high-capacity Class 10 cards. Or if you just store a lot of sensitive or precious content on your card.

I’m not sure if the Samsung microSD like this one is available here locally. I got mine from MemoryCardZoo but the Class 4 8GB is now missing from their site. They have a Class 10 8GB though which goes for £11.99 (around Php810). Include the £3.99 (Php270) shipping fee and you’re looking at around Php1,100 for a Class 10 microSD that holds your content for life or until you misplace it.

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  • So strong! 🙂

  • Griswold

    i think this would not really be device dependent like for waterproof cameras but more for your lifestyle. if you’re always in the outdoors and have the risk of dropping your phone or camera then microSD such as this should come in handy

  • calvs as what you have said sandisk has been doing this before way back in 2006 when compact flash are mostly used for dlsr (sandisk extreme cards) also check out this vid an sd card frozen to ice

    • yeah i’ve witnessed nga yung sandisk …. i just didn’t know na kaya rin sa microSD. kaya pala. 🙂

  • Is not even bad, it’s waterproof, shockproof and magnet proof.

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