The Samsung Mirror Pop MV800 lets you take creative shots easily

Here’s a tip for taking creative photos, don’t take the shot from the eye level. Take it from different angle, like from the ground perhaps. The Samsung Mirror Pop MV800 digital camera lets you do just that and easily thanks to its 3.0 inch flip-out touch screen that can rotate 180 degrees.

Samsung Mirror Pop

I had a similar camera that allowed me to take shots from various angles with its swivel lens and it was fun taking shots from knee level. I would see people lying down with their DSLRs just to shoot the Petronas Tower in Malaysia from the ground while I simply crouched and adjusted the LCD display to point upwards. Then you can also use it to easily take overhead shots like when you’re in a concert. You can also use this to take self-portrait easily. No need to ask for strangers to take photos of you when traveling alone. Such is the advantage of cameras like the Samsung Mirror Pop.

The Samsung Mirror Pop has a touchscreen LCD and with its Smart Touch 3.0 feature, you can freely delete and move menu icons depending on your preference, somewhat like having a favorites screen.

It also has a Smart Filter feature which gives your photos a creative touch right then and there. There’s the Cross Filter (expressing light from the sun and other sources in crosswise patterns), Comic (expressing comic images), Oil Painting, and Ink-and-Wash Painting effect modes.

Samsung Mirror Pop MV800

You can also take 3D shots with this camera which you can view on your 3D TV. Then there’s also the Live Panorama function which enables you to take wide-angle photos of landscapes and large groups in both 3D and 2D image formats. The One Push and Sweep function allows you to take photos on the move after setting the desired mode and pressing the shutter button.

The Mirror Pop MV800 camera features a 16.2-megapixel CCD, a 26mm Schneider 5x optical zoom lens, Dual IS for less shaky photos, and an ISO 3200 light sensitivity range.

This Samsung Mirror Pop MV800 digital camera is set to arrive in the country this October with a price tag of Php14,990.

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  • Griswold

    Looks fun to use pero kamusta naman yung photo quality. hope you can do a review of this camera sir.

    • sige will try to ask for a review unit.

  • Bought yesterday.
    Nice to have one. Good quality♥