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Samsung Mobile number 1 in the Philippines according to GfK research

When you think of the number one mobile phone in the country, first thing to pop into mind would probably be Nokia due to their affordable feature phones? Well, not anymore according to GfK Retail and Technology Philippines, Ltd., one of the world’s leading market research groups.

samsung number 1

The research shows that the highest market share in unit and value sales of mobile phones in the Philippines belongs to Samsung which has 37.3% of the market share’s volume with a value of 46.6%. The research covers the period of July 2011 to June 2012.

Samsung not only trends in the purchasing masses for the entry-level, affordable phones but it is considered to be the brand to have when going with smartphones. Samsung has always been eyeing more growth in the market, especially with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III, the smartphone that goes head to head with the Apple iPhone.

As a way for making them number one, Samsung is having a “œThank You Sale.“  From August 04 to September 02, 2012, you can purchase your choice Samsung mobile phones at great discounts with exciting freebies!  One can own a Samsung Galaxy phone for as low as P4,790.  Also, during the sale period, the latest Samsung Galaxy S III comes with a free Enjoy Club Membership and a case protector. Other Samsung mobile brands are also offered at specially-discounted rates.

Hit this Facebook link for more details about Samsung’s Thank You Sale.

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  • sinned

    galaxy tab 7.0 plus

  • John G

    Reminds me of a recent PR release from Nokia saying they’re still the number one in the country. The “study” didn’t account for sales in recent years, but merely phones owned – of course almost everyone has an unused Nokia phone lying somewhere in the house.

    Would be interesting to see credible research on top OEMs showing percentages for each.

    • Griswold

      i think i remember this. pero yung study na yun is based on interviews eh. i think GfK uses books from companies as basis. instead of owned, the market share here are those that were shipped.

  • Jon T

    I didn’t know that the Samsung mobile phone was that great. I use a Optimus 4x Hd from LG and I really like it. You can actually apply on a event called Quick memo and win one for free on LG’s Facebook page.