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Samsung Philippines announces “bada”, their new mobile OS

Samsung Philippines announced yesterday their own open mobile platform called “œbada” (Korean for ocean) to compete with the likes of iPhone OS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows 7 Phone.

Had a firsthand look of their upcoming Samsung Wave which will be the first handset that will carry this new mobile OS and the interface reminds me of an iPhone and an Android. iPhone for the menu screen and Android for the widget screen.


Samsung bada has quite a list of impressive features that you can  see from different mobile OS out there. Best feature I saw was the social media aspect (IM, E-mail, SNS) which is very much streamlined. Reminds me of HTC Android phones.

Right now Samsung is encouraging local app developers to try and create apps for the new bada platform. Register for free at developer.bada.com and be among the handful bada App developers in the world. Bada has its own compiler based on C++ and a simulator to test your app. The site is quite extensive when it comes to support and resources for developers. IDE kits, APIs, tutorials are aplenty and one-on-one support from bada engineers is also available. You can sell your apps all over the world via Samsung Apps.


Bada apps is also supported by Samsung Kies, their own version of iTunes where you can download apps and manage your data but much better because you can natively use your phone as an external drive with it.

To further boost app development for bada, Samsung will be holding a local developer challenge this June with cash prizes to be won. Stay tuned for that info.

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