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Samsung Punch gives you dual-sim on a QWERTY phone

Trying to cover all the bases on mobile phones that would appeal to the mass, Samsung brings you the Punch which is a dual-sim capable QWERTY phone that only costs Php5,199. Not bad huh?

samsung punch c3222

The Samsung Punch [email protected] features dual-active SIM which allows you to receive text and calls from both SIMs at the same time. Switching between SIMs is done with the click of a dedicated switch button. And if you think that QWERTY phones makes you look corporate and all that, the Punch got you covered on that as well.

Other features include a 1.3 mega pixel camera, quick links to your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and Bluetooth connectivity. Sadly no WiFi.

The Samsung Punch is already available with an affordable price tag of Php5,199.

Samsung Punch GT-C3222 Specs:

  • 2G: Dual – GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • 2.2″ TFT display (220 x 176, 256k colors)
  • QWERTY keypad
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Internal memory: 54 MB
  • Expandable up to 8GB microSD
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • FM Radio
  • 1000 mAh battery
  • SRP: Php5,199

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  • Jene

    Is the switch button for selection of SIM when calling?

    • yes it switches the SIM when you want to make a call or send a message.

      • mike

        i suggest you buy a torque trinity, you get tv, wifi, 3 sim all active (no switch), fm radio, looks like the punch, a lttle more expensive, php6500, but hey you get more for your money, torque has others with wifi that are cheaper, im using and have no problems at all!!

        • may mp3 po ba to paki answer nman po PLSSS..

    • Juan

      No need for a button to select/switch SIM. Its dual-active.

      On another note, no wifi on this phone. Add Php500 and you can get a Nokia C3 qwerty phone with wifi.

      • uhmm… so how can you tell the phone which sim to use when sending a message?

        • You have to switch first to which sim you want to use (there is a switch on the right side of the phone to toggle between 2 sims)

          • maika

            magdadagdag kalng 500 mgiging Nokia C3 na yung phone with wifi? πŸ™‚

          • von

            amazing.. i wanna buy 1 if my wifi na cya.. kailan p kaya???

          • di naman yon dual sim… panget pa…

      • James

        But the Nokia C3 does not have dual sim capabilities. If you have a laptop or a pc, might as well go with this phone. Take a breather. (That’s just for me…)

        • jimweLL

          why should i get c3 that featured wifi capability, since i have my laptop..what i need is dual sim feature! *_^

          • Rodz

            yeah, i have a wifi ready phone already, just bought this phone for dual sim features and its really worth the price. its samsung and you are assured of its quality rather than buying cherry mobile, torque or myphone. gone through that and they are not that reliable unless its a branded one like samsung. :))

      • Nokia C3 does not have dual sim feature πŸ˜‰

        • but nokia c3 has wifi haha while the samsung bunch does not have wifi πŸ™

          • duo

            C3 looks cheap and plasticy . its wifi is catchy but internet is limited, can’t play youtube vids, can’t view other sites which requires flash. better use a laptop for browsing. punch is best when you don’t have to carry two phones.

        • but it has wifi while the samsung bunch does not have wifi wahahaha

          • Maika

            magdadag ka lang ng 500 magiging C3 na yung phone with wifi?

          • charlie

            mahina naman yata magpickup ng signal nyan nokia c3 mo

    • ross

      may fm recording po b yan

      • yes it has, a wonderful phone with 2 sim, and you can connect on the internet via modem of this phone.

        • boom

          when u connect on the internet using modem how much load will it take?

          does it also support loudspeaker? what is the size of the jack?

          • andorei

            Size of jack is 3.5mm (The standard for most gadgies)

  • Looks coll!We are actually planning to buy new phoes this coming Christmas and i think Samsung is a great choice.

    • I think you should, it is the best gift for you this xmas.

  • RaiLeNe

    guysz… do you know where can i buy housing of this model? too bad samsung website was not updated πŸ™

    • crank_shaft

      you can visit any authorized samsung service center and ask or reserve so they can order.

  • Marco

    No wifi? But you can go on twitter and Facebook? That’s confusing.

    • via EDGE (2G data connection)

    • whats confusing for connecting to twitter and facebook even without WIFI, there are still other means to connect like GPRS or WAP.

  • hazelnut

    this phone rocks!!!!!

  • karthi

    it has the feature of dual active?.. which means i can get a call on sim2, even if i am talking with sim1

    • clarebear

      yes.. you can take a call from sim2 even if ur on sim1..both sims are active ingoing.. but if you make outgoing calls or texts. you have to switch on the sim ur going to use..

  • clarebear

    I just bought my samsung punch and the manual doesn’s say how long should i have it initially charged… πŸ™‚

    • clarebear

      and I couldn’t find applications on my phone on ph.samsungmobile.com .. please help.. πŸ™

    • i can give you the link if you want. I already have it downloaded in my computer. I can send you the file. just give me your email add.

      subscribe in my blog if you like.

  • deckarer

    can samsung punch save sent messages automatically?

  • pink

    when can i buy the samsung punch color pink??? its still out of stock…:-(

  • tinapay

    dual active po ba ung at the same time pwede silang maka recieve nang txt messages and call? how would you reply? so interested with this phone. hope you can help. n_n

    • yes, it can, you should select first which sim you want to use to make a call. regarding the receiving text or call both can receive regardless if sim 1 or 2 is active.


  • dul

    meron po bang conversation messaging ang punch n k2lad ng sa C3?

    • what do you mean by conversation messaging?


      • kath bondeguinio

        Does it have threaded messaging? Like bb phones and iphones. When your texting someone for a while all msgs from that person and all the msgs you sent to that same person is stored in one msg.

  • Milesssy

    Hi, does it have chat logs or thread messaging like BB?

    Thanks. Sorry if its stated here, I just scanned the write up.

  • alvin ramores

    does it have a conversation feature? ung parang sa C3 at blackberry..

  • does it have a mp3 player?

  • nyx

    is this wifi ready?

  • much better if it has wifi…. i love dual sim but i want wifi also so much better to choice c3 πŸ™‚

  • cris


    • zyrus_khane666

      how about OS? my OS ba to? baka naman daig pa ng N70 to na kahit na baun na sa baul eh my OS naman???

      • ronron

        what are you talking about??? all phones have OS.

      • ric

        Of course meron tong OS, otherwise it would not work. Proprietary nga lang ang OS (meaning made by Samsung) and it’s not one of those famous OSes out there.

  • Yu

    No wifi, incomplete phone.

    next phone, with wifi, no bluetooth.

  • elf

    can i ask, does it require to plug 2 sims?… or can 1 sim will do?.. and does it have mp3?… pls answer me .. tnx πŸ™‚

  • klfeo

    my mom gave me a Nokia C3 but after 3 months its processor has been damaged so im not going to own any Nokia phones from now on.. I also have Samsung D600 which is really old and im still using it for how many years..5 years i think, and still it’s working great..

    I LOVE SAMSUNG and i hate nokia.. im gonna buy a qwerty phone like samsung punch as soon as possible..

  • klfeo

    Yah, walang Wifi tong Samsung Punch, you can connect your phone to the internet using GPRS/Edge, meaning you must have sufficient load to use the internet. But Im not going to use internet on the phone if i have one, may PC naman eh.. The good thing is, it is a dual sim phone.

    While Nokia C3 is WIFI ready and can connect to any wireless networks. But I got problems with this cellphone.. the cellphone’s processor has been damaged and it really needs to repair by Nokia company.. So, Im just gonna sell it nalang in Greenhills. Then I’ll buy this Samsung Punch..It’s kinda cute kase..

    • prue

      yeah…tama ka jan dude….. may laptop naman kung gustong maginternet…..it dominated the metro…..laging out of stocks

  • Mhery

    does it have a mark text feature…where you can copy and paste it as new message or at a note pad…thanks

    • kriz99lau74

      yes you can mark, cop, cut features on texts

      • chenelas


  • kath bondeguinio

    Does it have threaded messaging?

  • yammie

    you indicated that samsung CT-C3222 active both SIMs at the same time.
    Here a question:
    1. When Im engaged on the line on 1st SIM, 2nd SIM line will it be wating tone?
    2. By switching the line with the button on the side, Will the phone reboot ?
    3. Can i choose which SIMs to send for message?

    • Dani


      1. No, sadly 2nd sim line will be recognized by the caller as ‘out of coverage area’. Not a busy line.
      2. No, the phone will not reboot.
      3. Yes. You can choose which sim to use when sending messages and making calls.

    • here’s your answer

      1. No… your 2nd line is not active if your engaged in a phone call in 1st sim,

      2. No.. It will not reboot.. It will just switch from the 1st sim to 2nd sim and vice-versa..

      3. yes by switching the button which sim will you use for sending text message.. but the 2nd line will still be active for receiving text and call

  • vanessa..

    pwede po bah na maglaro dyn?..

  • Sujatro

    Does this samsung phones comes with the multi tasking feature like the lg gw 300??

  • maimi

    i like this phone and i wanna have 1 i dont care as long as i want it…. samsung is the best and has a long life battery…

  • Jerry

    this phone will compete cherrymobile, myphone and all cheap china phones out there which are known to be dualsims and cheap querty phones. but samsung is offering quality and brand which is worth your money. sana next time lagyan na nila ng analog tv hehehe., anyway samsung now is the top mobile phone seller in the world, because of its success in the touchscreen versions.

    • popoy

      Have you confirmed the dual active function of this phone? Could I receive a call on SIM 2 while on a call on SIM 1 just like call waiting?

      • jun


  • popoy

    Has anyone confirmed the ‘DUAL ACTIVE’ function of this phone?

    Will it receive calls from SIM 2 while on a call on SIM 1 and alert you like with the “CALL WAITING’ function?

    This is the only thing that is preventing me on buying this phone. I hope you could help me.

    Thanks in advance!

  • kathleen ystar

    MY MP3 PLAYER PO BA ITONG PUNCH? camera, video, fm lang nabasa ko eh.. please reply.. i’ll by punch b4 mag FEB πŸ˜€

  • jeez

    i just bought my samsung punch today and its really nice. the dual sim feature is really up to expectations. with just one click of a button (no lag or processing time), you can change your preferred network to use for outgoing calls and messages. of course, for incoming calls and messages, you dont have to switch to a certain network. both sims accepts calls and messages at the same time. too bad it doesnt support wifi. but really worth the money. even has separate themes for each sim so its easier to know when your on sim1 or sim2.

  • saimon comla

    maganda sana ung phone..ORIGINAL NA 2 SIM..i hate cherry coz the battery is short time -_-!
    –my problema lng sa smsung punch..like..
    *ang liit ng size ng screen 2.2 lng..dpt 2.8 ok na like e61i
    *1.3 mega pixels ang baba..malabo yn
    *no WIFI..panu ka ko-connect sa net..?? My gprs/wap kaso gagastos ka pa.??
    *my video ba yn.??

    Request ko lng sana pagandhin pa..
    Lagyan ng konting apps..

    • Angelhersheys

      kuya.. i suggest u buy Iphone5 or any smartphones. u can use nmn internet, esp. FB if ur a fan.using fb zero feature ng suncel.. hihihi

  • anne

    hi.. pwede ba makapag download ng themes for punch? thank you..

  • tisay

    its an all in 1 fone.. parang blackberry .. malaki ang font, madaling magswitch ng network optical track pad user friendly, and the best thing about it is ang tagal ng life ng battery

  • lalie

    i bought a GT-C3222 and im a globe user.. how do i activate my phone’s gprs/mms/wap

  • peach

    panu mg change ng welcome note???
    kc hnd q tlaga mkita sa settings…

  • Redd

    Coming na siguro sa philippines yung samsung punch na wifi version ito yung website nila


  • neha

    do samsung punch supports java games

  • Giftzy

    Can you remove the inbox, yahoo, facebook, etc. and the speed dial from the screen?

  • tina

    is this mms capable?

    • its nice but its too expensive

  • Suremate

    Meron na Samsun Punch Wifi d2 philippines pro single sim at 2mpxl na cam nya..mms capable, may video recording rin, mp3 at bluetooth. Wow!


  • hahaha ang ganda ng phone q na to…..magaan xa at madaling gamitin!!!!

  • limp

    mga sirs my problem ako sa chat 3222
    kinonek ko po sya sa computer tas nilagay ko sa memory card ung mga file ko sa computer peo nung tinignan ko na po sa phone or khit sa memory card wala ung mga video na nilagay ko ang nkalagay ehh hnd supported gnun po b tlga un?? limited lng ang slots ng mga videos khit maluwag pa ang memory plzz help badly needed T.T

    • chuck

      yap,me too..
      games,apps pti .pdf files unsupported..
      is there any way pra masolve to..
      puede ba maupdate ang fon nato???

      –nga pla,kailangan mu pang iconvert yung vidz na dinownload mo sa 3gp converter..pra maview mu sa at masave sa fon mo..

  • layla

    i already have my samsung punch. the pink one πŸ˜€ it’s kinda cute and nice.

  • katlovis
  • is it contain GPS in samsung GT-C322

  • Jef

    Gs2 q tlga toh samsung punch dhl s dual sim anD qwerty n keypad, ok lng kht wlang wifi,aanhn mu nman ang wifi qng pili lng nman ang wifi zone..besides may mga free n proxy nman for gprs.. so theres no nid for wifi n abilty nung fone, i have a samsung star wifi,pro d q rn lng nggmt ung wifi,, free proxy nlang..u cn surf anywhere anytime.^^

  • Diane alonzo

    Hi I Just want to ask,What is the security code for samsung punch because i accidentaly clicked the security and it activated i need the reply. asap ty:)

  • xboxtechsupport

    nakakatawa naman ung mga nagtatanong ng features ng phone dito.. halatang hindi binasa ng maigi ang article… =)

  • Lei

    Just got my phone today. The best ang Dual Sim function niya. I can receive messages from Sun kahit yung Globe yung active sim ko. I just have to remember what sim I’m using when I reply lalo na kung naka Unlitxt ako.

    I don’t think it has thread messaging. Not that I’m complaining though.

    It has a music player that can play .mp3 and .wav files. Di ko pa natry ang .aac

    Wala siyang WiFi, pero pwde via EDGE mag net. Not really a big deal kasi I have a laptop naman. 1.3 MP camera, also not a big deal kasi I’m planning to get a digicam naman.

  • berlin

    how can use my other sim? i already switched but i can’t send a text using my other sim :((

    • nikki

      It has a button on the right side. When you press it, the whole display will change color which means your 2nd sim is activated to call and send sms.

  • myharhi

    is the picture taken by this phone low quality? malabo ba talaga? it’s really a big deal for me coz i love taking pix and i don’t always carry my camera..

    answers needed immediately coz i’m gonna buy the phone next week:) ty;D

    • yup… lower quality than your average point and shoot.

    • clara

      hindi naman masyado e. magandang gamitin! πŸ™‚

    • peach sophia

      for me.. you just need to learn it and get used to it. i like the camera… compared to other 1.3megapixel camphone.. this one’s better. you can even manipulate the effects and the short are clear as though you’re really using a digicam instead of a camphone. i don’t know about you, but mine’s nice… it’s not that flashy so you won’t need to worry about crooks tailing you around.i even ditched my iphone for this. hehe.

    • Leah Bitch

      Ditched an iphone for this junk??! I’m certain about 2 things only… 1 – you really dont have an iphone to ditch to begin with.. or 2 – your a total FOOL!

  • Casey Abrams

    Have that phone. It’s nice and handy. Has a cute font.

  • justboughtpunch

    hi! just got this phone. really like it. BUT HOW DO YOU ADJUST THE SMS CAPACITY?? 😐

    • hanx

      you just have to check the message settings. it is there ! πŸ™‚

  • hindi ko nagagamit ang internet ng samsung punch ko,ive already installed the configuration message but network error talaga…HELP PLEASE

    • I got the same error! πŸ™ Naayos mo na ba ung sayo? Pa-share how to troubleshoot that error!

      • you just have to go to the setting and find the sns profile either of the following choices;
        if your handling a globe sim u should choose their the my globe connect or still if it doesnt work then maybe you can ask to a software engenirer or the samsung company otherwise:) i hope this help

  • Jef Tamondong

    Does this phone has a “block number” feature like other samsung phones? this is one feature i like with samsung. If you don’t want to receive any message from one of your contacts, you could block his number.. ill wait for a reply. thanks πŸ™‚

    • Gia

      yes it does have that feature. just click options before you view the message then u’ll see there “block by address”. the phone also has the reject list in calls πŸ˜€

      • cynthia

        how do i unblock?cant seem to find any information about it

  • nayomi

    how to select the sim that your going to use in sending message?coz it automatically sent thru sim 1 only.

  • bt laging network error ang fon ko pg ggamitin ko pra mg internet?

    • lady gagels

      it is because of the gravity of the earth sampak to your face .. wahahaahaha

  • marlyn

    what is the capacity of the phonebook of samsung punch? thanks

  • lad

    bat ganun pag nag sasounds ako na nag ttxt na mamatay ung sounds nag popause xa..pag nka earfone e pag nka connect sa speaker ok nmn!!!!!!!!!

    • jen

      ehh ksi po ayaw nea sa local.gsto ng punch earphone na original :))

  • may iba pbang samsung punch ?

    pareho din ba yan sa Samsung [email protected] 222 ?

  • tristan

    may ask ako. nung bumili ako ng 2 gig na mem card then nag file transfer(mp3 files)sa aq pc from mp3 to my phone then when i open the my files ndi lahat nababasa ng phone and minsan nag kakaroon ng unsupported file type. sa phone ba un o sa mem card?

  • shelly

    im gonna buy this phone next week .. hope that there r no malfunctions on this phone πŸ™‚

    • Me :D

      Enjoy! πŸ˜€

  • yrehs

    ang samsung ba may made in china?

    • halos lahat ng mga bagay ngayon lalo na consumer goods made in china na. May Samsung quality check naman yan eh.

      • chan

        agree, what important is how it made and who made it. if you want to assure you got an original, then look for the warranty card, most of CHINA phones doesn’t have warranty at all.

  • roi

    Im gonna buy this phone, Is it ok?

  • Leah Bitch

    myharhi – malabo yung pagkakuha ng picture kse 1.3 megapixel lang sya noh! if you want a clearer pix bumili ka ng mas mahal kaya nga nsa 5k lang yan.

    Roi – ayos lang sya, nothing so special.

    • Leah Acalal

      true.. nothing special talga.. but sad to say this is my current phone.. to lang kse kaya ng budget ko huhuhuh

  • I’m considering this phone vs. the nokia c3. the advantage of this one that i might actually buy it is that its dual sim, but the thing that’s taking me aback is its optical track pad. I’m not actually sure if its durable enough. Is it? I don’t want to waste my money on a phone that won’t last for years just because the little box on the center lost its sensor and suddenly the phone got unusable on all its entirety. Anyone who has a helpful review on it? Thanks

    • chan

      I already have it for more than a year now, the track pad is working smooth, no deffective kahit grabe ako gumamit kung minsan, so nothing to worry about the durability, knowing SAMSUNG. πŸ˜‰

  • Naty

    Please help. I can’t call or text anyone… I have a postpaid line so it’s not that I don’t have load or anything like that.

    This happened to me before and I just did a master reset. Now, it’s happening again and even after master reset… I still can’t call or text.

    My text won’t send and calls end up being ended automatically after dialing. Please help.

    • Rico

      Mga kapatid, tulong naman…ano po ang master reset code ng gt-3222? Thanks ng marami!

  • Hanna Precillas

    what will i do? my samsung duos GT-C3222 will say error when i’m going to use the camera?

    • Leah Bitch

      Better throw it away.. that’s what i did with mine!

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    I like all of the points you have made.

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  • Kriz

    Hi still available im planning to buy one please response thanks