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Samsung To Launch Galaxy S5 on February 23?

Here’s to add to the growing excitement and anticipation over Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5. Aside from the rumored specs and features of Galaxy S5 there has been some speculation as well on when Samsung is going to officially launch it.

Eldar Murtazin, a Russian blogger recently posted that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S5 on February 23. That’s one day before the Mobile World Congress 2014 opens in Barcelona, Spain. But some folks doubt whether that launch will push through since Samsung is known for launching major products separately from any major public events. Recently though, the same blogger tweeted that he got an invite for an event happening on the closing day of the Sochi Olympics Winter Games 2014. And yes, you guess it right, the date happens to be February 23.

So, can we now safely say Samsung will formally announce the Galaxy S5 on February 23. It might seem so, if not for another tweet by Eldar saying that Samsung is now hesitant whether to push through with the February 23 launch since everybody is now anticipating it to happen.

Of course, these guessing games and rumors are all part of the excitement over another great smartphone coming from a top manufacturer. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S4 didn’t create too much impact in the smartphone market, our dear old Sammie must do everything to build up the hype over the Galaxy S5.

So, let the guessing game continue. Of course, we’ll stay on top of the information chain to update you of the latest information that we can gather about the Galaxy S5. After all, we’re as excited as the rest of Samsung fans for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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