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Samsung Wave release pushed back to July

A lot of people are anticipating the release of the Samsung’s Super AMOLED smartphone sporting the bada OS, the Samsung Wave (S8500). What’s supposed to be an early June launch didn’t push through but dummy units are being displayed already in mobile shops around the metro.


Went to a bunch of Samsung stores yesterday and they were told that the Samsung Wave will be available this July. When in July? They weren’t told.

Maybe Samsung’s ironing out some kinks with the bada OS. Or finalizing the first handful of apps available for the Wave? I sent out an e-mail to Samsung’s PR but still haven’t received any reply.

It’s too bad that they couldn’t follow through after building a lot of hype with the Wave. Will keep you guys posted if they do reply.

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  • John Barry

    you know what..I’m really disappointed with samsung..I already sold my old phone just for this..I thought they were gonna release it on the promised date..wew..now I know why other companies can’t beat the iphone..its simply bec. they know proper strategies on marketing their products..I’m so sad..I’m googling the samsung wave almost everday..and been dreaming of it every night..haha! yeah..i may sound funny..but its true. LOL.LOL.LOL! xD

  • I think they don’t want the Wave to compete with the Galaxy S this month.

  • Just had a talk with a Samsung rep and they said that the cause of delay was some minor glitch with the Social Hub (bada’s version of HTC’s FriendStream).

    Anyway, they’re already out in the market.

    • u sure that it’s already out in the market? i just visited a store in robinson’s pioneer yesterday and they told me that its not yet available.

      • that’s what the rep told me during the samsung galaxy launch earlier. they said it’s already available just this week. maybe not to all samsung stores yet?

        i checked tipidcp and saw people there with their Waves. i think they pre-ordered or have them reserved.

  • ac7

    Just got mine lastnight! the samsung wave display is awesome! truly a great phone from samsung!

    • Very nice! Ganda talaga pag Super AMOLED. Parang ayaw mo nang tumingin sa mga AMOLED or TFT screens. Hehehe.

  • ivan

    Hi guys, how’s the samsung bada experience? i’ve been googling samsung wave almost everyday since May to find feedbacks. i found out it doesn’t support multitasking of 3rd party applications. is it really that bad?

    • Same here… 1/2 of multitasking might be a pain.

  • edison

    hei just want to share my experience with samsung wave. just bought mine here in amman jordan last week. the samsung gt-s8500 was truly as of now the crown jewel of samsung mobile electronics no wonder samsung reached 1 million units for this phone in just a span of 4 weeks. the super amoled screen was really stunning in terms of sharpness and contrast of display its the best screen i have seen in a mobile phone, the display is so rich and alive. it seems samsung has lend some of its technology in making lcd or plasma tv on this phone. in terms of graphic this phone could go upto 89 million triangles per second. the 1 ghz processor under the hood as of now truly provide simultaneous and seamless function usage for me. i had nothing but praises for this phone, samsung has really poured out all its effort for this phone and somewhat raises the bar in cell phone technology. not to mention the pricing is not really that much insane compare to other high end phone such apple and black berry but still pretty much can do the same thing.

  • Nick

    Just bought the new samsung wave 525 with bada OS 1.1
    Nice phone.