Samsung WB100 super-zoom camera review

I’ve recently had the opportunity to test out Samsung’s WB100, a 16.2 megapixel super-zoom camera that provides an impressive 26x of zoom, costs Php9,990 and is available in black and red.

Samsung WB100 1

Out of the Box

The camera accepts SD cards and comes with a 4GB microSD card with adapter, a microUSB cable, a camera strap, lens cover, four AA batteries and a quick-start guide and warranty documentation. The user manual is downloadable from their website, which is rather odd, but for the purposes of this review I will assume that it’s because this camera would be easy enough to figure out as to not need one (more on this later).

Best for Travel

Samsung WB100 2

The WB100 seems to be a camera well-suited for travel, not for rugged features (it doesn’t have any), but for the fact that it has an impressive optical zoom range, from 22.3mm up to 26x.

Paparazzi shots anyone?

Samsung WB100 zoom

Also, it uses AA size batteries that makes it easily replaceable. I would have wished that they used AAA instead, the size is easily available almost anywhere, plus the fact that it would have helped make the camera lighter; the camera already weighs near half a kilo even without the battery.


This camera has a 26x optical zoom range which I find really great (see pics). As we know that the bigger the magnification, the more harder it is to keep things sharp; this is solved with their Dual IS (Image Stabilization) feature. It help keeps the the photos reasonably sharp even when I use the longest focal length (26x).

Samsung WB100 dual IS

Somehow I find that the whole experience of using this camera is a little sluggish. I would often encounter “Processing Image…” notifications on many of the shots that I take. Switching between modes prompts the screen to display an intro screen about that mode, which is a real drag when you want to take shots quickly between modes.

Samsung WB100 3

Smart mode allows you to take pictures without having to fumble with the settings. The camera determines all of that for you. This works mostly as advertised, but I did notice that it tends to shoot portraits with a yellowish cast on low-light situations so white balance correction is not that smart in this mode.

Samsung WB100 smart portrait

One of the fun features of this camera is Live Panorama. This allows you to take panoramic shots by simply sweeping the the camera from top to bottom or from side to side as you press on the shutter, and the camera will do the stitching of the photos for you when you’re done. It handles this impressively and I find it a delight to use. The only downside is that it scales down the photos every time.

Samsung WB100 panorama

The camera also includes a slew of photo editors and effects, which is standard with most of their cameras. While this is a great add-on on paper, I find the implementation a little hard to use, as you have to press a lot of buttons to scroll and then dig through menus to be able to do the work. A touch screen implementation would be easier for these settings.

Samsung WB100 4

720p video recording is a decent and a welcome feature, but you again get that processing notification when you press the shutter halfway to compensate for exposure during recording.

Samsung WB100 6

Overall, this Samsung WB100 is a good camera to take with you on your travels. It provides a decent feature set with its 26x zoom, Dual IS, Live Panorama and photo effects, with the only letdown being the sluggish performance and slightly obtrusive notification screens. Still, at only Php9,990, it’s already quite a deal for the features it can give you.

  • 26x optical zoom and ultra-wide lens
  • Dual IS
  • Live Panorama
  • Built-in effects and editor
  • Relatively affordable price for its capabilities
  • A bit sluggish performance
  • Pesky notification screens

Editor’s note: This review is contributed by Ferlin Hicarte with some slight revisions by the editor. Ferlin is a digital designer who moonlights as a hardworking corporate worker. He likes long bike rides at the beach, a road or anything that has a path on it. He loves to take photos with his Canon G12 (not like the hipster kids who bring along their DSLR wherever they go). He would one day be a great chef that also does triathlons, if he ever gets time off from designing websites and user interfaces. Visit his site at

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  • Wow, gusto ko nito.. Maganda rin ang price..

    • k_pink4

      Ilan na kaya ngayong Buwan ng Desyembre?

      Sa Samsung STORE?

  • co0ljade

    26x zoom on a CCD sensor? good luck. id rather buy a camera with little zoom but with a back illuminated CMOS sensor for better photos and video on low-light because its faster

    • bluenature12

      Alin po mas sulit bilhin? Samsung WB100 or WB150f? PLease reply, I’mplanning to buy next week. Thanks.! πŸ™‚

      • if you don’t need the wifi then get this na lang.

        • bluenature12

          Hi Calvin, wifi lang ba ang difference between wb100 and wb150f? how about sa video quality?

          • pareho lang video quality, 720p ang max ng pareho. pati syempre zoom. mas malakas zoom nito.

          • bluenature12

            ah thanks Calvin, how about the features? like split shot, magic shot, brushing? Sorry if I have so many questions ha, gusto ko kasi final lahat yoko manghinayang eh.. Thank you.. πŸ™‚

    • k_pink14

      Read it’s Specifications or watch on Youtube πŸ™‚

    • SNAPS187

      i think thees nothing wrong with the sensor. SOME DSLR cameras have CCD sensors like Nikon. 26x Zoom? still good with CCD sensors. at a price of 9,999 or cheaper. i think its a done good deal for a persons who has a tight budget. having a point and shoot camera like this at a low price sounds cool.

  • nieron80

    which one is better? Nikon Coolpix L810 or that one? please reply asap coz I’m planning to buy one 4 xmas and in sulit the price is only 8K+ tnx!

    • SNAPS187

      if i were to choose i would rather choose Samsung WB100. i saw one of these that only cost @6,999.

  • Jiron

    Is there a sample for the 720p video? If the quality is great, this could be my next do it all camera.

  • ChrisP

    Agree on CONS: A bit sluggish, pero mas sluggish yung GE X500. πŸ™‚

    Yung LCD display average quality. Minsan akala ko mukhang pangit yung kuha pero pag sa PC tinignan OK naman pala. (Nasanay lang siguro ako sa LCD quality ng mga smartphones πŸ˜€ )

    Nabili namin to P9,900 may libre ng 4GB SD, 4 AA eneloop batteries with charger + other freebies sa photoline.

  • Griswold

    Nice review… mura na pero pag nakagamit ka ng ok na point and shoot parang di ka maiimpress sa image quality ng samsung.

    • k_pink14

      mura na at maganda pa ang kanyang specs at functions…

  • bluenature12

    Alin po mas magandang bilhin, Samsung WB100 or Samsung WB150? Or any brand with image/video quality? My budget is only 9k, can you refer me a good one? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • mai dee

    im planning to get one po.. which is better talaga this one or yung GEx500.. i need your reply asap po.. better pix quality and movie which do you prepare.. thanks in advance

    • gale

      which one is better the wb150 or wb100? in terms of performance and image quality.. thanks po

      • k_pink14

        wb100 is amazing read its specifications πŸ™‚

  • k_pink4

    how much it cost now…
    for the month of December?

    if you buy there’s a bettery, carrying bag & Battery Charger?

    Please reply πŸ™‚

    Thank you Very Much! :*

  • k_pink4

    by November it cost Php 9,990

    I hope this December it cost Lower than it so I can Buy…

    In samsung STORES…

    i love Samsung <3

  • Rakib

    Is the battery of wb 100 rechargeable??
    If not i wont buy it

    • you supply your own batteries, you can choose to put regular AAs or rechargeable ones.

  • Rakib

    Thanks calvin.
    I m going to have it inshaallaah.

  • Dee

    Hi, I’m planning to buy a bridge camera, and I’m considering Samsung WB100. Basically,I’m gonna use it for travel and maybe blogging as well. I have a budget for 10k, maybe you could suggest more bridge camera, or thus Samsung WB100 is already recommendable.

  • prince royette

    alin po ba ang mas maganda, SAMSUNG WB100 or NIKON COOLPIX L810?.please reply bibili na po kasi ako πŸ™‚

  • agent.decipher

    why don’t you try fujifilm finepix hs10? i own one and i’mpretty satisfied with it πŸ™‚

  • Howard M Beers

    I suspect that if you search the user manual you’ll find that you can turn off the “Help Menu” function. Several cameras offer this as an option.

  • melchor

    Hello…san po ako puede bumili ng ganito…ung mejo lower ang price sa 9990??hehe,,thanks

  • do you have anymore sample pictures taken with the camera

  • The best thing about this camera is its resonable price. Camera with these specs in this price is hard to find.

  • Paul Coverley

    I have this camera ,and it's excellent ,the problem I have is the function dial ontop of the camera has come off ,and I cannot attach it ,any ideas please?