Samsung Yepp not iPod is most popular in Asia

Yes, the Samsung Yepp mp3 player is more popular than Apple’s iPod in the whole of Asia. The study was conducted amongst over 8,000 consumers from all socioeconomic classes in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines and Thailand.

MP3 player distribution for the whole region is as follows:

  • Samsung Yepp – 14%
  • Sony – 13%
  • iRiver – 10%
  • Apple iPod – 5%

In Singapore, the Creative topped the lot with 40% followed by Apple’s iPod at 18%. The Samsung Yepp was vastly popular in China.

No specific figures were given for the Philippines though but I have this gut feeling it’s the iPod.

Source: Marketing Magazine

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  • Interesting.

    I’d tend to think the iPod is the most popular media player brand in the Philippines in terms of mindshare, but not necessarily market share.

  • Koko

    I agree. Popular? Yes. Affordable? No. I think installed base-wise, the Philippine market is dominated by the Taiwan-made unbranded/knock-off mp3 players.

  • Ahhh yes, you are right! I guess CDRKing outsells everyone else.

  • Pinoy Cock

    What do you expect from a bunch of losers who think Honda CR-V is da bomb? Back in the States people think CR-V is a piece of crap but here people think they are some hot shot because they have one. This kind of mentality permeates through everything.

  • Oh c’mon guys! Give the iPod a break…

  • the answer to the question is simple, why would someone buy something that is not compatible with their OS..?


    do mac OS comes with a chinese japanese korean language software and keyboard..?

  • Take away the iTunes interface and all you have with the iPod is a cool-looking music player.

    I hope this is a wakeup call for Apple. They have to enable the capability for Asians to purchase music from iTunes.

  • Kin Enriquez

    The study is misleading. They should have based their conclusions on sales figures,not survey results.

    YEPP? what’s that? some kind of a suppository?

  • samurai

    asian technology are more advance than the westerners.
    ipod is a brand name from the west but look inside 95% are made from east asia… why?
    because only asians are capable of doing that “technos”.
    philippines bought ipods because of the popular brand name and filipinos usually buy popular or signature brands which are tested by millions…

  • I think the cheap MP3/MPEG4 players are still more popular than the iPod. iPod is mostly Asian not because of the tech but because of the price.

  • i think yepp is more fancier but ipod looks more simple but its the price that is so not applicable to the item

  • Samsung’s players are actully physically more attractive than Apple’s. Also, Samsung is a known pioneer in technology which is why I am not surprised if they, if any, would be the company to eventually outsell IPod. The only gripe I have with Samsung is their lack of a solid and impressive software that easily integrates with their player (eg. IPod’s ITunes)

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to buying Samsung’s bluetooth enabled player which is capable of Bluetooth Stereo Streaming (A2DP and AVRCP) 🙂