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Samsung Z700 – 3MP Cameraphone

Samsung Z700
Credits: http://www.mediamms.de

This mobile phone from Samsung could be the one that you have been waiting for or not at all. With a 3-megapixel camera that has flash and an 8x digital zoom, there is no need for you to buy a digital camera anymore. However, photography enthusiasts may rethink of buying this phone which will be released this coming fourth quarter of 2005 for they will never ever be contented with just a digital zoom since they have released a cameraphone with an optical zoom at CeBIT 2005. As for those who have narcissistic tendencies when it comes to taking pictures, the frontal VGA camera was especially designed for you. A large TFT display of 240×320 pixels in 262,000 colours is indeed more mouth-watering than your present handset.

As what I have mentioned earlier, a VGA camera that is located just above the main display makes this phone ideal for making video calls. With this functionality, you may communicate and see your loved ones at the same time at the reach of your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. However, it’s still more practical to connect to the Internet with your webcam on for a videoconference.

To make most out of the 3-megapixel camera, the mp3 player and the RealOne player, an internal memory of 90MB is made dedicated for the rich multimedia content such as images, videos and music files. If 90MB of internal memory won’t be enough for you, an expansion card slot is made available for this ultimate 3G phone. For the record (as of 2005), the TransFlash card is the world’s smallest flash RAM memory card format. Right now, the maximum size available for this particular memory card is up to 256MB only.

A Dictaphone, otherwise known as your regular voice recorder, can record up to an hour. On the other hand, this won’t let you accomplish an ala Hello Garci fiasco for this won’t work while you’re connected to a voice or video call for that matter.

Like the other mobile phones that are readily available in the market, connectivity was never compensated despite of its astounding features. It is enabled with WAP 2.0, GPRS, Bluetooth and IrDA. Connect to your PC via a USB cable or via Bluetooth and synchronize contacts, calendar, among others with your PC. Z700 has an integrated e-mail client for the highly in-demand person. The web browser included would change your mind at stopping over at the nearest net café especially if it won’t take you that much time. Instant messaging is also made available.

Even with the outstanding functionality of this mobile phone, its overall design would not easily appeal the consumer at first glance especially if he/she hasn’t read its full specifications. Its duo-tone that is highly contrasting with each other would make you wonder if they live in a grayscale world. They could have opened their eyes in a red-green-blue perspective and have come up with a duo-tone of shades of blue that are light to the eyes and at the same time, are not highly contrasting with each other. Or, they could release two available sets of duo-tones where it is categorized to a dark duo-tone and a light duo-tone. Additional curves could have been added so as to look more sophisticated.

Find more specifications here.

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