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Samsung’s brand ambassadors for Galaxy Tab “Life 2.0” campaign

The 7-inch Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet from Samsung released on September 2010 and consumer feedback was overwhelming since then. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was able to change the way the consumers lived their everyday lives. It was able to enhance their ordinary, everyday experiences, from the little things to the most complex tasks.


Such was the inspiration for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab campaign, “œLife 2.0″ and Samsung revealed 13 ambassadors from fashion to business, art to philanthropy, and more, who have tapped into the power of Samsung Galaxy Tab technology to access knowledge, improve skill, and connect with peers or reach audiences much better and faster.

Part time runner, full-time mom
Editor and publisher, The Bull Runner Webmagazine


“œI’m a gadget freak. Most of the time I need my watch, my footpad, and my music player. Wi-Fi is a must whether in the car or at home. I need to do a lot of things but I do not want to take time off the kids. Much as I am very active with my online life, I also want to enrich my “˜real’ life with family and friends.”

Part time rogue traveler, full time detox queen

“œI’ve been chronicling travels in my own little space in the web, called The Dyslexia Chronicles since 2006. I see the tab as a dependable travel companion that gives a lighter and richer travel experience.”


part time business owner, full-time gourmand
Pro-blogger, Pinoy Eats World


“œI’m beginning to like the fact that I don’t have to connect to any computer to use it for whatever purposes. The Galaxy Tab is a great stand alone machine to bring along with you, and is okay for numerous things. Android is interesting!”

part time fashion consultant, full-time designer

“œWe have to design with the local market in mind, but still be aware of what’s happening in other parts of the world. Technology helps us define our local identity from what’s happening globally. We can be unique, but not be off in our own little world.”

part time dreamer, full-time geek
Founder, Underground Logic


“œMy day starts at 10:30 and the first thing I look at is my mobile device, where I check all my updates. People think I like Android because I’m a geek, but for me, Android is a lifestyle.”

part time athlete, full-time entrepreneur
Owner, Island Rose

“œAbout seventy five percent of my business in online. For this, we use data intensive, Cloud computing technology, which helps us take advantage, for example, of online spreadsheets and the likes. I constantly have to be online to access information and effectively run my business. Now I do it with a Galaxy Tab.”

part time performance artist, full-time cultural activist
Founder, Walk This Way


“œMy favorite thing about the Galaxy Tab is that it’s sturdy. It’s not delicate. And it is strong enough to withstand all the hits and bangs of my lifestyle.”

full-time fashion editor
Style Weekend

“œI like the Galaxy Tab’s size, weight, and its sleek form factor. I may have to rethink the gadgets I currently bring when I travel or have to work on the go, like when I’m stuck in traffic or waiting around during shoots.”


part time musician, full-time adviser
Vocalist, Sponge Cola


“œI might not be a techie right now, but with the Galaxy Tab, I will be soon enough.”

part time blogger, full-time entrepreneur
Owner, Style Break


“œI have so many gadgets with me everyday. It’s something that people in our generation can’t seem to live without.”

part time antique collector, full-time painter
Master Abstract Artist

“œI’m glad that technology has enabled us to spread the love for the arts, traditional or digital. Twenty years ago, the Philippine art scene was different and a painting was a luxury. The style of interiors has changed dramatically that, these days, a painting is like a fixture””if you have an accent piece, you need to have a painting to balance it.”


part time inquisitor, full-time Filipino
Founder, RockEd Philippines


“œThe toughest part of my job, I think, is even when I’m in a concert I’d find someone screaming his idea on me. In as much as it is difficult because I have my moods and I need to rest, I also find it very edifying that they believe they can tell me””that they don’t think it’s useless for them to tell me.”

Full time cultural influencers
Owners, Team Manila

“œWe’re keen on using the Galaxy Tab in sharing information about Team Manila online. There are also many graphic design apps in the Android market, which we hope we could utilize in the near future. “

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  • Casey

    I have to say, Galaxy Tab is really awesome! Just got mine nung isang araw. Hindi ko mabitawan sa sobrang astig!

  • Nice post! 🙂

  • Google Maps usually pinpoints your location within seconds, unlike Ovi Maps

  • jojo

    Consider checking this unit on their showroom, and compare it to others like iPad, before buying..

    Id rather wait for Motorola Xoom

    or buy iPad2

  • Good post. I think this is a good selection of ambassadors – great job by Samsung