Samsung’s Twintray DVD Recorder

Samsung Twintray

Samsung, having announced its newest product, will seem to reap out the benefits of being the first ever to release a Twintray DVD Recorder. It is a combination of a DVD player (supports playback of DVD, MP3, DivX) and a DVD recorder (supports the following formats: DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM). At a push of a button, direct duplication of DVDs is made possible. A 2-hour DVD movie can be duplicated at about 20 minutes. With this technology, the entertainment industry will be wailing more. An added bonus for those who own camcorders with a DV output (IE1394) is that you can stream directly your videos there and record it.

Price and release date: TBA.

Via Ubergizmo and MobileMag.

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  • Does that need a license from the Optical Media Board?

  • Magugustuhan yan ni Kahlid, yung friendly neighborhood “Boss, DiBiDi… clear copy…” vendor…

  • Interesting thought: does this device make perfect, 1:1 copies? Because the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) makes any attempt to bypass CSS encryption illegal (witness the proliferation of T-shirts with the DeCSS source code on them)… it might actually be better to use some “magic software” (can’t mention names here! *winks*) and a DVD+-RW drive to get the job done; at least the recompression will introduce only minor artifacts and the software tools do not embed digital watermarks or employ mandatory downsampling.

    Just to cover all the bases, this post is made on the assumption of the context of FAIR USE (that is, making ONE archival copy of a DVD you legally own). When that right disappears, then something has gone terribly, terribly wrong…

  • Shaun

    I think we have been here before with the VHS revolution.

    If I buy a DVD machine that allows me to copy off the TV, or transfer my fav DVD for back up purposes of course what law have I broken.

    The letters CSS in a past mail mail mean nothing to me as a layman.
    I am just taking advantage of the tech on offer and the salesman will show me that all these products are good for my home without a mention I may be breaking international law by using it.
    I say to the people who produce them, mainly from Japan, this is your problem when you put them on the market as the latest tech for me to play with will be used to its full extent of course.
    I will copy, copy, and copy and I might even make a copy of a copy.
    All confusing to me.
    At least VHS was understood with the remote and I also abused it by making a copy of my fav TV show.
    After all that is why some salesman sold it to me from a stand working for a British company a lot of years ago.
    His words were, while you view one show you can copy a movie, so I bought it.

    The new DVD machine will be complicated for an old person to find out how to break a copy law without knowing it.
    Bring on the confusion of added CCE, PPTI, YYXX, and so on in the instruction manual and who will care they are breaking some law.

    I am really confused, but will buy one as soon as I can from a salesman who shows me that this machine from Japan is better than the other one from Japan and is a slightly cheaper all singing and dancing machine that will copy until your heart is content and will of course bypass region coding (what is this I ask) you do not need to know sir the people in Japan thought of everything.

    It is a bloody joke as we all know it was back in the days of VHS.
    Look out discovery channel, I for one will copy everything you put on there because a nice person in Japan sold me a machine to do so and said not to worry about it unles I get caught.
    It sounds like a case of shoot the person when I give you the loaded gun.

    This is just another gimmick to increase the cost from Hollywood and then put it on to the person who will go to a cinema to listen to a cell phone wring half way through a decent movie.
    It is done on purpose by Hollwood, they still make a fortune and alaways will do.
    I for one will wait for the DVD version to view in my home where I control the options on the confusing remote control and tell the kids to go to bed while I make a sneaky copy of a product I own after buying in good faith from a DVD shop and pass to my best friend in return for a sneaky copy he made.

    Really funny world we all live in.

  • joseph_abri

    how much ang standalone dvd recorders, where can i buy them im looking for one