Sanyo Vizon LCD-24K50 Review

The Sanyo Vizon LCD-24K50 is a 24-inch LCD TV/Monitor, meaning that aside from a TV, you can also use it as a display for your PC or laptop. It is HD Ready but not Full HD. You won’t get the whole 1080p (progressive) display here but it supports 1080i (interlaced) though. It doesn’t matter anyway since you won’t be missing much detail from a Full HD on a 24″ display.

Sanyo Vizon LCD-24K50

The design on the Vizon 24K50 is very minimal. The only thing you would see on the front frame is the brand logo and LED indicators at the bottom center. It’s not as slim as newer LCD monitors but it can still save a lot of space. It is pretty light for a 24″ monitor so installing won’t be a problem for one person. You can choose to attach it to its base or have it mounted using VESA Standard wall hanging bracket (not included). One thing’s lacking here is the ability to adjust the viewing angle of the monitor. Base attachment is fixed and you cannot tilt it nor adjust the elevation whatsoever.

It has some pretty standard connections at the back. There’s one for a composite connection, another one for a component video and audio, an HDMI port and a D-SUB port for your PC’s VGA cable. Let’s not forget about the aerial jack for your TV cable. I do suggest using a digital signal cable on this LCD TV for a better viewing experience. You will be using the AV1 terminal (composite) for the “œdigibox” however so you can’t use those for other devices anymore (e.g. DVD player, game consoles). You can use AV2 terminal (component) for those though.

Sanyo Vizon LCD-24K50 Sanyo Vizon LCD-24K50 Sanyo Vizon LCD-24K50

The left side of the monitor houses the physical buttons: Power, Menu, Input, Volume and Channel, in case you can’t find your remote or you ran out of batteries for it.

The Sanyo Vizon 24K50 can accommodate up to 1366 x 788 WXGA display resolution and has an improved dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000:1. A significant boost from the 24K40’s 12,000:1 DCR. Blacks won’t be as black in close scrutiny but it’s hard to notice it from a normal viewing distance on this 24-inch display.

Sanyo Vizon LCD-24K50

On actual performance, the 24K50 gave me very good sharpness and clarity when viewing 720p to 1080i HD videos. It has what they call Dynamic AI that automatically compensates picture contrast and brightness level and reproduces bright and high-contrast ratio. Do expect pixelation when viewing your non-HD videos, it’s normal on a high-resolution display. Sound is quite decent. It can go loud without sounding clanky perhaps due to its Bass Expander.

Attaching my laptop via VGA and HDMI cable didn’t pose any problem as the monitor automatically adjusts its resolution based on my laptop’s capability and the cable that I used. However, it won’t exactly use up all the the monitor’s resolution so sometimes you would get some black space around your display. You can switch to Full View but it will just stretch your display. As for gaming, the 6.5 ms refresh rate is fast enough for your PC and console games.


The Sanyo Vizon 24K50 won’t be your main living room TV but it could be an appealing yet affordable secondary TV which you can wall mount on your kitchen or use it as a TV / Monitor for your kid’s room. It doesn’t try to be fancy but it will give you the basics that you need from an LCD TV or a monitor for only Php15,999. Oh you can also choose between a black, red or white finish.

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  • Rob Brooks

    I was just looking at this TV in PureGold Sucat yesterday. I Liked the P5000 discount, but the picture looked really harsh to me. The other sets were playing the same video but this set showed a really harsh black contrast. I was mainly interested in it as a computer monitor which I couldn’t really test there in the store. In the end, I had to say no.
    Besides, recently the true 1080p prices have started falling so there i s really no reason to settle for this old thick model. If you can’t come up with the extra few thousand pesos to buy the real deal and this is your only choice, I’d have to say wait and save some more.
    I will admit, I didn’t play with any of the sharpness controls which could be a cause, but I did look at 2 different sets and both exhibited the same harshness in the picture.

    • Arniel Ramos

      same here. my monitor is so dark

  • I bought this TV a few weeks ago. It’s quite good for its price, although it’s a bit slow when changing channels. I also don’t like the idea of pressing the -/– button first to enter multiple digit channels. They could have just used LG’s method for channel input (which is pressing the numbers first then Enter). But other than that, this TV delivers above average performance.

  • Meron din akong LCD Tv tulad nyan 37 inch yung nabili ko kaso heavy gamer ako mukhang ang bagal ng response time ng mga LCD tv.

    • stocke

      Meron ako nito, anu ba magandang settings? Ang pangit ng Picture Quality.


    one year plus konang binili ang red finish na tv .. aywan kong bakit bigla lang nawala ang power wla …kaya di maganda..ang kanitong klasing tv

  • ed

    I’m actually using it now as a main monitor(testing), it can go as high 1680×1024, problem is its color and tonal range, it can’t display as wide color data as a pc monitor, the missing gradient tone range is displayed simply as black, not good for photo or video editing if your concerned about color accuracy, my video card is a 9400GT dunno if higher video card will help. Whats its good for is games, text is crisp if you use the HDMI connector from your video card. Sadly poor color range display. I’d say its just fine not comparable to full pc monitor. As TV? fair not the best.

  • Magnificent website. Plenty of helpful information here. I’m sending it to several buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks to your sweat!

  • Juan Carlo Solidum

    I have this TV and consider selling it! The reason why I have the need to replace this one because it only has one hdmi port and I couldn’t even use its audio output for my home theatre except for composite/component ports. Bottomline, when using HDMI, the audio output feature is not available for your home theatre system.

  • anye

    pano ba gagawin dito. pag kinonek kasi sya sa computer bala ko sana syang gawing monitor but sobrang dilim nya kahit naka todo ung brightness baka meron may alam