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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra 1.5TB external drive review

The FreeAgent GoFlex is Seagate’s line of simple and compact portable external drives but the one we have here is slightly different. It’s a bit chunkier and heavier but it also packs a whopping 1.5TB of storage. Watch your friends’ jaws drop when you answer them how much storage it has.

Seagate GoFlex Ultra 01

1.5TB is the highest capacity Seagate has gone so far on this size and we’re looking at a couple of 750GB platters inside it that results to the added size and heft. What’s nice here is that your typical USB port (not USB hubs or USB ports from keyboards and accessories) can power this drive by itself so no need for a different cable for power.

The Seagate GoFlex Utra 1.5TB already supports USB 3.0 (also backwards compatible) although speed is slightly slower than your typical USB 3.0 drive. And just like the rest of the GoFlex family, the Ultra comes in two parts, the drive itself and the detachable SATA adapter for the USB cable that can be swapped with other tips that are sold separately, like FireWire or eSATA for instance.

Seagate GoFlex Ultra 02

You will be happy to learn that the drive is already pre-formatted to NTFS to remove that pesky 4GB file limitation. It also comes with a built-in driver to allow Mac users to read and write from it although you still need to format it to HFS+ if you want to use Time Machine on it. A Memeo Backup software is bundled with it but you’d rather opt for other third-party backup softwares unless you wish to pay more for the full functionality.

So what did we do with a portable hard drive? We went around asking friends to transfer all their HD videos into it. We weren’t able to test it with a USB 3.0 but on USB 2.0, average transfer speed is 27 MB/sec. for files around 1.5GB which took approximately 40 seconds to transfer.

The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra 1.5TB is not a new product but it still carries almost Php9,000 price tag. It might be steep for some but you will be getting USB 3.0 and the option to use other connectors for different systems. If the price is still too much for you, the 1TB version will set you back around Php5,400.

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  • be sure to take care of the connector cause it cost around 1.5k 🙂

    • haha madali bang masira yung sayo? or nawala mo lang?

  • hi ptb!
    can you do a group review on all the 1TB+ portable drives out there now for budget conscious consumers?
    been searching for a 2nd HD. My WD 1TB external drive is full already.


  • We were very impressed with the
    speeds of the Seagate FreeAgent
    GoFlex. Additionally, its backup
    software and Mac compatibility make it
    very versatile.

  • Cat

    I’ve had this since 1st Q of 2011 but with usb cable.
    27-32Mb/sec transfer rate with usb 2.0

    The idea is you can change cable depending on your PC. Unfortunately, the cables are not readily available locally. I had to get my eSATA abroad. eSATA is very fast at 80Mb/sec, though at times, it can be unstable. The cable is not flimsy. Just be careful not to lose one if you have 2 or 3 types.

    SF that came with it is not good. The older ones are better. However, there are 3rd party you can get for automated backups.

    I got this close to P10k but not regretting the price drops because the flood in Thailand makes HDD now astronomical. Now this HDD is a bargain at that price.

    Aside from the price, bit larger form factor, and 1.5tb, there is nothing special about this drive.

  • alan

    tanong ko lang po kung merom
    n sa atin na nag re-recover ng files sa HARD DISC? kasi yung external hard disc ko ayaw na basahin ng laptop ko. please help me. tnx