Seagate GoFlex Satellite gets a juicy firmware update

The Seagate GoFlex Satellite is a fine hard drive for extending the storage space of your mobile devices. It can act as storage for your multimedia files such as photos and videos which you can view or stream on your iOS or Android devices wirelessly.


We reviewed the GoFlex Satellite recently and found some limitations. However, the new firmware update made a few but critical improvements over the current version.

For one, you can now join the GoFlex Satellite to your existing wireless network so your devices can still use the internet while connected to the Satellite. Before, you can only join the GoFlex Satellite’s own WiFi network to access it. Battery life was upped from five hours to seven hours which I think is already a huge improvement by itself. Then the three-device limit was lifted so you can connect more devices to the GoFlex Satellite.

These are the major improvements the new firmware update brings GoFlex Satellite owners and it’s enough for them to be happy about. Here’s a list of all changes made by this Version: update.

  • Ability to join an existing Wi-Fi network (Internet access while connected to the GoFlex Satellite)
  • Support for more than 3 users
  • Password change option located on main screen
  • Support for M4A (MP4) meta data (album art, song title, artists, etc are now displayed in the various menus)
  • A-Z scroll bars added to Movies and Documents screens
  • Option for extended battery life when combined with the current iOS GoFlex Media App (download/play feature on settings page)
  • The ability to toggle between the native video player and GoFlex Media video player for Android App on the settings page
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