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Seagate GoFlex Satellite WiFi portable drive review

It’s common for people nowadays to own multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, portable media players, and laptops. Sometimes, there’s just the need to sync your media files between them or just expand the storage capacity of such devices.

seagate goflex satellite 1

Seagate offers a solution for such situations in the form of the GoFlex Satellite hard drive. Essentially it’s just a portable hard drive but at the same time, it has a built-in battery and WiFi to stream/share content across devices when on the go. Perfect during family trips to keep the kids occupied during a long drive.

The GoFlex Satellite looks like your ordinary Seagate GoFlex portable hard drive, just a tad chunkier. It comes in only one capacity model, 500GB and works with both PC and Mac out of the box. It comes with a miniUSB 3.0 cable and just like other GoFlex drives, you can change the adapter for Firewire or eSATA if you have them.

seagate goflex satellite 2

Transfer speed is just average compared to other USB 3.0 portable hard drives. I tried copying a 4GB folder with hundreds of event photos into it and got a transfer rate of about 35 MBps which is a bit slow for USB 3.0. Transferring from it was much faster but still just average compared to others with a rate of 51 MBps.

This drive also serves as a WiFi access point with the sole purpose of sharing its content to connected devices via the GoFlex Media app (Android and iOS). By default, its WiFi is set to open but if you wish to change the security settings, you may do so from the GoFlex Media app.

seagate goflex satellite 4

Only three devices can connect to the GoFlex Satellite at the same time to ensure that the streaming experience won’t degrade. Do note that since you’re connecting to the Satellite’s own access point, you cannot use your device to surf the internet. UPDATE: The new firmware update now allows five devices to connect¬†simultaneously and you can also use the Satellite to piggyback on your wireless router so your devices can still use the internet while connected to it.

There’s also no way you can upload files from your device to the Satellite, you can only stream or download (with restrictions for iOS) content from it when connected via WiFi. And to watch those downloaded Xvid videos you stored in the drive, better use an Android device for it. The GoFlex Satellite iOS app can only play media files that are natively supported by iOS.

seagate goflex satellite 3

To power the WiFi of the GoFlex Satellite, it comes with a built-in battery that is rated to last you for about 5 hours, which it did in my test. Good enough for two movies and a TV show to keep you occupied during long trips. A power adapter is included in the package to charge the drive so keep that in mind when packing it for trips.

The Seagate GoFlex Satellite is priced at Php7,995 which is about right for a 500GB drive with the added WiFi feature. It’s clearly not a portable drive for anyone but if you often find yourself wishing you can extend the storage of your iPad or Android devices, or you wish you can view your photos without having to put them in each of your devices, then getting the Seagate GoFlex Satellite makes a lot of sense.

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