Second Life Client is now Open Source

seclife-logo1.gifIn a blog post titled “Embracing the Inevitable” , Linden labs announced that they have Open Sourced the Viewer source code for the very popular online virtual world: Second Life.

The Viewer is the program that users install in their PC’s in order to access the world of Second Life. The viewer source code will be covered by GPL ver 2. The server side code however, which is the engine that runs Second Life, is still proprietary.

From the Site:

We are not desperate, and we welcome the inevitable with open arms…Releasing the source now is our next invitation to the world to help build this global space for communication, business, and entertainment. We are eager to work with the community and businesses to further our vision of our space.

In relation to this, a Town Hall Meeting (with Cory Linden) was set at Second Life’s Pooley Stage on January 9th, 3-4pm PST/SLT, to discuss further the announcement.

Source Code for the Client is available here, further information regarding the code and its use is available here.

Original article here

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  • Very interesting. I will be curious what this will do to the community. Is anyone concerned they might open up the server side (i.e. potentially disrupting the value of land)? Also, what is the penetration of SL in the Philippines anyway?

  • I really think that this won’t matter. What matters in the MMORPG industry is content. The source codes are merely the artists’ brush and canvass.

    It’s the creative genious of the mind that creates the Mona Lisa.

    Methinks the industry will head towards user-generated content where the players get to create the world. This is where creativity plays a major part. Rather than a few developers banging their heads to find the “perfect solution” it will the gamers that do it for them.

    Win-Win. Online gaming of the future

  • I’ve seen many Pinoys in Second Life but one Pinoy told me that many are members of the elites. SecondLife is nice, it kinda breaks you from the daily grind of traditional MMORPGs although right now it’s more like a glorified 3D chat program but you’ll find fun things to do in-world just explore the 1000+ sims and you might find something that appeals to you.

  • Hi.register din po me sa Second Life.pwede add sa friends name ko acarlos32.