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Send Cheap SMS To USA Subscribers

This is the season to be jolly and spread the love and warmth of Christmas, so what better way to do this is to send a text / SMS message to your loved ones in the United States. But international texts don’t come cheap. A single 160 character message to international users costs about P10 – P15. So you P300 prepaid credits would only convert to 20-30 messages. What if you could send as many messages as you want for just P1 or even FREE?

Most of us don’t know, US-based mobile operators like Cingular and T-Mobile have an email address attached to their subscriber’s mobile numbers. Each email received on their mobile email address is immediately diverted to the subscriber’s phone as a text or SMS message. All you have to do is send an email to their phones and presto! The following are the email domains by each provider in the USA:

Tested 100% working by me:

[10-digit number]
Example: [email protected]

[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]


[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]

Boost Mobile
[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]

[10-digit telephone number]
Example: [email protected]

Sprint PCS
[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]

[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]

Virgin Mobile USA
[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]
Now how do I send emails using my mobile phones?

Globe Telecoms Subscribers – you can use GlobeXTM, MMS, or a direct TextMail. But Globe subscribers might be in bad luck since GlobeXTM is EXTREMELY unreliable and most of the time inaccessible and I don’t know if their textmail service is still working. You’ll be left with the P5.00 MMS method.

GLOBE XTM – P1.00 per message
Your mobile phone must be at least GPRS capable to access GlobeXTM. Each message sent costs P1 to any Globe subscriber or email address. To activate, just browse the myGlobe WAPsite and click Services > Globe XTM. Follow the instructions on the succeeding pages and you’ll be sending P1.00 international texts in no time.

GLOBE MMS – P5.00 per message
Globe MMS is also capable of sending MMS messages to an email address. But each message costs P5. Not bad compared to a P15 international SMS right? Again, your handset must be GPRS/MMS capable to send an MMS. To activate, just send GO {handset model} to 2951 and save the settings. Once the settings have been saved and activated, compose a new Multimedia Message and enter the email address of the recipient(10-digit mobile number+service provider domain). Limit your text to at least 400 characters then send.

GLOBE TEXTMAIL – P2.50 per message
I don’t know if this still works. Last time I’ve tried this was in December 2000. Compose an SMS using the following format: email address{space}(subject){space}message and send to 2300. (ex. [email protected] (hello) how are you?). Try to send a test email to yourself first.

SMART Subscribers – REJOICE!! Smart MMS is only P2.00 per message sent to any email address. They also have 2 other TextMails working perfectly. Buddymail (powered by Chikka) and Smart TextMail.

SMART MMS – P2.00 per message
Activate your MMS by sending MMS{space}ON to 333. Wait for the confirmation message and you’re ready to send international MMS to USA mobile subscribers for just P2.00. Same routine as Globe MMS, compose a new Multimedia Message and enter the 10-digit mobile number and domain of the provider.

SMART BUDDY MAIL – P2.50 per message
To activate, send REGISTER to 409 and follow the instructions on the messages you’ll receive. Registration is FREE. To create new email, follow this format: Text TO{space}email address{space}message to 409. More information about BuddyMail here

SMART TEXTMAIL – P2.50 per message
Registration is optional. To send a message, type in email address{space}(subject){space}you message and send to 200.

This is not related to email but Smart Communications is currently offering a promo to all its Smart Buddy subscribers. Just send ITEXT {package type} {party’s number} to 4090

Package A – P20 Good for 1 day with 20 texts or P1.00/text
Package B – P55 Good for 3 days with 60 texts or P0.90/text
Package C – P90 Good for 5 days with 110 texts or P0.80/text
Package D – P125 Good for 7 days with 170 texts or P0.70/text

Bad luck for SUN Cellular subscribers though. I haven’t heard any textmail service they are offering and their MMS is limited within their SUN network. But since US mobile subscribers are gifted with mobile email addresses, you could always use your own email address and send text messages for FREE! Gmail or other ISP provided emails are recommended. Yahoo, Hotmail, and other free email providers tend to insert ads at the end of every message you send. You don’t want those kind of trash to be included in your text right?

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