Send SMS through Googletalk

I just got this email from a friend of mine who works in Chikka.  You can use your Googletalk client to send to Globe/Smart/Sun mobile phones.  To send to a mobile phone, simply add a new contact on your Googletalk client, using the format [email protected]  I just tried it and it does work.

According to the email, the rules of Chikka still apply (P2.50 for replying from your phone).  Sending from Googletalk remains free but from what I experienced, if you don’t respond through your mobile phone after 3 messages, your number is blocked from Googletalk.

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  • wow it works 😀

  • Works even without the googletalk client. I used to log in to googletalk, added my cell number and sent a messege, it works.

  • Works great!

  • I actually was trying an experiment where I tried to forward email from my gmail to my cellphone. Didn’t work. :C

    Will try again tho.

  • Remember unimobile??? 😛 😛

  • Unimobile and its peers were using SMS modems – not authorized by the telcos. Chikka does partner with them and the telcos get a share.

    Google Talk + Chikka == IM Federation in action!

  • silkshadow

    Thanks for the heads up! I am tired of the Chikka client ;).

  • Delfive

    This is Just great!!!!

    Our company has blocked the use of chikka messenger giving me the reason that it eats up a lot of bandwith (i duno if that’s true and i didn’t try to find out if it is)..

    This is a big help..

    (i’ve posted this in my blog.. )

  • kast1812

    You can also do the same with Missaticum’s messaging software available at

  • anyone here try sending sms from cell to googletalk

  • > anyone here try sending sms from cell to googletalk

    I tried. Didn’t work.

  • junwebhead

    works also using gaim (jabber). sends/receives chikka msgs almost instantly. finally an alternative to the buggy chikka client. thanks for the info!

  • Ryan Rudolf

    hey guys! this works and its awesome. anyways, have any of you found a way on how to forward emails to a celfone number??

  • Prakash

    it really works but the users are blocked

  • Jonny

    How many different ways can Jabber/Googletalk SMS a cell? I know this service is free but are there other carriers/phones that will allow SMS messaging back and forth through this type of network?

  • Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  • Jitendra

    Dear Sir

    I want to talk through google talk or SMS Cell Phone Or Land Line Phone If possible than reply me how kindly email send me

  • harsh


  • Randy

    Inquiry lng if anybody can help me why there is a message always popping out whenever I send a msg to a mobile it goes like [email protected] is offline and can’t receive messages right now.

    Please help..thanks..

  • slt

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    It was truly informative. Your website is very helpful. Thank you for sharing!