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Sennheiser teams up with adidas to bring four new sports earphones

Sennheiser, one of the leading brands in audio technology teamed up with popular sports brand adidas to deliver four new sports earphones. Geared towards those who like to listen to music while training, working out or running, these earphones are suitable for an active lifestyle.

The Sennheiser | adidas sports earphones are first and foremost, sweat and water resistant. You don’t have to worry about your sweat seeping into the mechanisms to ruin your device. You can even wash it under running water if you need to.

The cables on these earphones are reinforced with ultra-durable DuPont Kevlar that gives it a superior build quality than regular earphones. The volume control on these earphones are detachable in case you want a shorter cable for a simpler setup.

Sennheiser adidas earphones

The MX680 (Php2,399) is your basic earphone that comes with an ear “œfin” for a more snug fit.

The PMX680 (Php3,299) is the neckband type which is lightweight and features a single-side cable.

The OMX680 (Php3,299) is the clip-on type with flexible ear clips for a personalized it.

The CX680 (Php4,499) is an internal ear monitor or canal earphones that can also be outfitted with the innovative ear “œfin”.

You can check out these Sennheiser | adidas earphones at Adidas Greenbelt 3, TriNoma and Cebu branch and also at RUNNR Fort Bonifacio and Urbant Athletics at Greenbelt 5.

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