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Shake Raffle Roll Android app can make decisions for you

Here’s a neat little free app for Android devices that we’ve been meaning to share for the longest time.

Shake Raffle Roll is a handy tool that will randomly choose something out of a list for you. It was meant to be an app for drawing raffle winners but it can be applied to different scenarios as well. My friends and I using to decide where to eat every Friday night. A teacher uses it to call out his students randomly.

shake raffle roll

This app has 4 modes.

  • Number mode is based on a minimum and maximum number.
  • Name mode is where you input a list of names into a group which can be saved for future drawing.
  • Face mode lets you pick something out of a bunch of photos if you want to get fancy.
  • CSV mode lets you import data from a .csv file in case you’re dealing with a huge list of items.

It’s simple, handy and easy to use. Choose a mode and shake your Android device to pick the winner. I just wish you have the option to turn off the “œsuspense” feature because it gets rather old quickly. You’ll know what I mean once you used it.

Anyway, Shake Raffle Roll is a proudly Filipino-made app so kudos to for coming up with this excellent and free app. Now you will never hear “œKahit saan” as a response when asking your friends where to eat.

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