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Vyew is something like Windows Live Meeting but the best part about this is that it is browser-based. You do not have to download anything. Just make sure that your browser has a Flash 8.0 plugin and is Java-enabled. It is still in its beta version and all you have to do is to register (no membership fee required””it’s free!) in order to use it. Notable features of Vyew are:

– Screen Capture/Sharing (duh!)
– View file types such as PPT, DOC, XLS, PDF, JPG, TXT, GIF, SWF (VyewSlide)
– Page Controls such as Zoom in and out
– Whiteboard
– Shared photos

And the more interesting features are:

– Shared maps (Google maps)
– Shared Google Search
– Email and save VyewSlides
– Text Chat (something like private messaging and something similar to the conference in Yahoo Messenger)

And the catch here is that you’ll use it for free for the next two years and you will only be allowed to have 20 users per meeting. In addition, you’ll only have 10 megs of remote storage for meetings. Check out this website to view a demo of Vyew.

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  • I visited the site but it says “Express Install is not supported by this version of the Flash Player. To upgrade, please visit: Flash Player Download Center.”

    Isn’t it weird that companies would claim their product is web-based but then requires you to install “web-based” technologies. Is there a difference between download and install? Ok, download means you download the file to your computer and then run setup. Web install means you click on a link and it will install it for you. Where’s the difference?

    These kind of applications are not web-based. They just want to ride on the bandwagon that if you want to be cool, you must call your product web-based even if it is not.

    Will it work in my officemate’s browser?
    Will it work in my neighbor’s browser?
    Will it work in my wife’s browser?

    A web-based application can say ‘Yes’ without the “but you need to have blah blah” crap.

    This reminds of Office Live, which according to Microsoft is their web-based office application, but requires a Microsoft Office 2003.


  • Hi, I am getting unusual behavior in my browser so if I posted the same comment twice, I’m sorry. Just delete this comment.