Sharing links and PDFs

As a librarian I am really fascinated with social bookmarking services such as, furl and spurl. I have an account on both furl and although I have to admit that I am more of a user than a furl user because of the ease of sharing the bookmarks and the other features of the service. As for spurl, I am subscribed to the RSS feed of the latest links that have been saved by spurl users.

I like using these services because I could save the URLs of my favorite links, references I have and other URLs that my friends recommend to me. I could browse them even though I am in an internet cafe, at a friend’s house or anywhere for that matter. As opposed to the bookmarks you have on your computer’s browser, these URLs are on your account page. For example, my account is this: Everytime I go to that page, I can see my saved URLs. Furl has an equivalent user page. In that case, my furl account’s page is this: On these pages, you can see my “online bookmarks” so to speak. Aside from that, you can see how I organize my information because the categories I have filed them under are also visible.

Recently, when going through some of the URLs on furl I saw a link to Yummy! and I just instantly got drawn to it. Yummy! is a shared PDF library of sorts. There are various references that you could find there actually. So far the topics I have noticed are tech-related like programming books, etc. The users of Yummy have tagged/categorized these resources. I plan to tag some PDFs here instead of on because of the ease of sharing the links to these PDFs 🙂

Information is something that we all have varied uses for and we sometimes stumble upon things that we need or might be needing in the future. Maybe the link you have been looking for has actually been “tagged” and saved by one of the users of these services. These services are easy to use and doesn’t require so much tech-savviness. The instructions on how to use them are quite clear and direct.

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  • Yummy sounds pretty interesting. I have not heard of it before and will have to check it out. Given your interest in personal and social bookmarking tools, I thought you might be interested in checking out

    It is a new site that we just launched so we would be delighted to have an experienced user like you check it out. If you do, it would be great to hear from you on how we can keep making the service better and better. Best wishes,


  • Thanks for the link, Mike! Will check it out soon =)

  • Clair, why don’t you also try — it’s a social bookmarking-slash-tech news site (slashdot meets Great RSS support too!

    And every week, they feature the top dugg stories on (a pod/video-cast by Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose).


  • Hey, JAngelo! Thanks for the link 🙂 Will check it out too. I am still checking out Blinklist this week. Maybe next week? 😉

  • Jason Figster

    Yummy is a great resource, I have been using it for a couple months now. I will say though the best part, IMHO, is the ability to us PrintFu (the parent company) to order printed version of the larger high pagecount PDFs. Printfu printed PDFs are killer considering the price.