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Should AdSense Be Displayed on FHM Philippines?

I posted about this on my blog way back almost two years ago, but it seems FHM Philippines is still publishing AdSense ads on their homepage (screenshot after the jump). If you refer to the Google AdSense policies, it’s clearly stated that sites displaying mature content may not use Google AdSense.


Sites displaying Google ads may not include:

  • Pornography, adult, or mature content

Now I’m sure some of you would argue on the “pornographic” aspect of FHM, but as for having mature and adult content, I would say FHM definitely falls under that classification.

I’m pretty sure this has already been reported to Google, but I’m wondering why action has not been taken yet. I’ve heard of AdSense users getting suspended or banned because of simple violations (like images beside ads, or ads posted on foreign-language sites; I know, that has happened to me several times). But this seems to be a more serious violation, and nothing has been done about it. I’m wondering about the mature nature of the link ads, too.

Is Summit getting preferential treatment because of their being a big publisher, at least in the Philippines? If that is so, then it’s one case of “everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others,” a la Animal Farm.

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  • I don’t think FHM is consider a softcore or xxx site. It’s an art…so adsense is okay.

  • I think there’s a BIG difference between art sites like domai.com, for instance, and fhm.com.ph. If you’re using the art-vs-pornography argument, then I think FHM leans more toward the pornography side.

    Still, the ToS says mature or adult content. That means if your content is not for general patronage, then you are violating the ToS.

  • ace cast

    If you think naked pictures is an art then it is art. If you think adding stories about sexcapades is art, then it still must be art. If you think adding sex pictures, sex drives, and sex positions is art, then we do not have any worries because it still is art.

  • @ace cast & Dexter Zaf:

    There are graphic novels with violent and/or sexual content that do not necessarily fall under ‘pornography’ and most certainly can fall under ‘art’, but nevertheless these graphic novels are very sensibly rated as ‘Mature’.

    Now, FHM obviously has mature content, and cannot possibly be rated GP in any way shape or form. You can believe (fantasize, more like) that FHM is ‘art’ all you want, but even granted that that is true, it is still in violation of the ToS for having mature content.

  • I do remember The Man Blog having Adsense before but a certain editor got us kicked out of Adsense because of mature content. And TMB is nowhere near as reisue as FHM. I wonder why FHM isn’t getting the same treatment.

    Also, FHM is NOT art.

  • Google is hypocritical. Plain & simple.

  • Ade, who might that certain editor be? 😛

  • Jozzua

    Actually people can report it on [email protected]. Anybody interested in emailing them?

  • There’s no doubt that FHM violates the ToS. it’s an adult site dishing out mature, almost-pornographic material. The rules of Google AdSense are good since it tries to keep the service out of less-than-decent sites. I just hope they will enforce it properly. You certainly can’t expect FHM to do something simply because it’s the decent or right thing to do. Summit Media is too low for that.

  • Well they can try Microsoft’s ads.

  • whoever categorized fhm as art is probably daft. look up nude art in deviantart, and you might learn the difference.

  • Eileen

    FHM is an art, fashion and fun to see that fantastic beauties

  • Whether FHM an Art or Pornography, it is still mature…

  • Advertiser content appearing on the google ads seems ok… so why wont’t they allow FHM? 😀

  • adsense TOS says mature or adult content. I can’t understand their TOS, really. I think FHM goes against that craft. But, i can still see the ads on their site. Maybe it’s just okey.

  • FHM is an art? no way! you are geekporno boy =)
    small publishers got kicked out because of sexy pictures, asian pics etc but fhm never got kicked out? its not fair dude.

  • leela

    have you ever considered that maybe it was google who asked fhm to include the ads? because fhm has very high traffic, it is enticing enough for google…

  • If you are comfortable with your child watching on FHM website then we can say that adsense is ok with your site.

    • But sometimes they can have their own agreement like ezinearticles so they have different rules compare to smaller sites.